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Does ‘Spook Central’ Documentary Over Analyze ‘Ghostbusters’?

Director Ivo Shandor contacts us from Australia to share the teaser trailer for Spook Central, his Room 237-style documentary about the most succesful horror comedy ever made, Ghostbusters.

In the 2 minute 15 second trailer, interviewees decode, interpret and percieve meaning from the story, plot, character, cinematography and hidden symbols in the 1984 Ivan Reitman film.

Are they over-thinking and over analyzing the movie? You tell us…



  • GerryButton

    … They managed to make Ghostbusters sound very dry and boring. My christ. The trailer sure showed me not to go after the final product.

  • Lionel-Cosgrove

    Gimmie a break!

  • Christopher Tackett

    WHO are these idiots?

  • EvanDickson

    Yes they are overanalyzing it. Fo sho!

  • irrationalfilms

    Pretty sure this is meant to be a parody of room 237.

  • Ghoulstille

    They are reading way too much in to things once you see conspiracies everywhere you turn in a nut wad and these guys sound like grade A nut wads.

  • Michael_M

    Apparently I’m the only one to think this is great. Regardless of whether this is serious or a parody, their ability to imbue meaning into something so meaningless is brilliant. Does everyone think that is easy to do? Making these connections, even if purely as a creative exercise, is a challenge. If this is a real film and not just a trailer, I’m looking forward to it.

  • randomguysteve

    Ok I stopped watching at the smoking part. Micheal Gross is on facebook if you want to ask him yourself. He is the creator of the GB logo and it had nothing to do with smoking. It is a European street symbol that has been reversed. You don’t deserve to attach Shandor’s name to yourself, you haven’t earned what he has earned by building a tower able to summon demi-gods.

  • I as a hardcore fan am completely apallowed by this…

    I see others on various GB fan sites praising this, I however haven chosen this forum to leave my comments.

    really? are they that dumb to put this out there. this is terribly disgusting.

    it tries to over-Analise in a cool hipster funny style using a parody documentary format about Ghostbusters… does anyone else have a problem with that.?!

    Ghostbusters means a-lot of things to so many people, and god knows I’ve had discussions with various amounts of people about the theories of what Ghostbusters is and means.

    By no means am I saying you should not express yourself about Ghostbusters,

    however since we still “for now” live in a free world I can express my complete and absolute discontent for what you produced.

    You missed the mark BIG time. even Michale Gross the associate producer of the film has called you out and has made comments on Facebook at how much you missed the mark on being funny.

    nice job…

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