[E3 2013] Bungie Has Blown My Mind With This 'Destiny' Footage - Bloody Disgusting!

[E3 2013] Bungie Has Blown My Mind With This ‘Destiny’ Footage

The makers of Halo have been hard at work on a brand new IP called Destiny. It was officially announced way back in February, but it wasn’t until last night that we got a real good look at the game. Visually, it’s gorgeous, though that should come as no surprise. What’s particularly interesting is how it brings together dynamic co-op — your friends can join you via drop ship in real time — with MMO and RPG gameplay. There’s a deep skill system, multiple character classes, epic loot, and Public Events, which consist of many players partaking in large scale battles. Check out its new trailer and twelve minutes of gameplay, after the jump.

First, the trailer.

Now that I’ve whetted your appetite, here’s twelve beautiful minutes of in-game footage.

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  • DeadInHell

    The trailer looks cool, but the gameplay footage seems like FPS by the numbers. I hope this isn’t another case of brilliant concept art and marketing for a bland, stare-down-the-barrel floating gun fest.


    was actually really underwhelmed, kinda reminded me of borderlands, in a bad way.