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6 Indie Horror Games You Need To Play!

Indie horror. It’s a thing. For every excessively big budgeted AAA horror title, there’s a dozen indie games that manage to be many times scarier. Think about it. What are some of the scariest games you’ve ever played? If you were to ask me what games scared me the most, I’d be able to list off a slew of titles that forced me to keep the lights on, and few would be from big developers. Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Slender: The Eight Pages, Paranormal, Kraven Manor (more on those last two in a bit), they’re scarier because they don’t need to check every box on a list of features that are required for a game to sell well, likely provided by their marketing department.

That’s why I’m such a fan of indie games, because the developers are free to be creative, to think outside the box. They’re making games they would want to play, rather than what some bigwig exec thinks we want from a horror game.

After the break I’ve compiled six incredible indie horror games I’ve played that I think are more than worth your time. If there’s a particularly enjoyable game you think I missed, feel free to set me straight in the comments!

Kraven Manor

I’ve been playing a lot of indie horror games on our Youtube channel, but one of my favorites so far has definitely been Demon Wagon Studios’ incredibly creepy Kraven Manor. It’s a brilliant concoction of white-knuckled tension, puzzles and exploration, all wrapped up in a visually stunning package that would’ve been an impressive feat for a larger, more experienced studio.

Get it here. (free)


Homesick is the work of a single person and yet it still manages to be one of the scariest games I’ve played. It’s also super short, making it the perfect horror game for people with short attention spans — like me — because it provides a terrifying experience that’s also mercifully brief. It lingers long enough for your adrenaline to kick in and your palms to sweat, than it’s gone, ready to be played again.

Get it here. (free)

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  • SlothyPunk

    The Among the Sleep demo was incredible! I promised myself I’d play it properly, so I waited until late at night (I live alone), turned off all the lights, plugged in the headphones and proceeded to scare the hell out of myself. I only just made it out of “my mothers” bedroom and back in to the lounge room before promptly sh*tting my pants and turning all the lights back on to check Facebook instead haha.

    • Adam Dodd

      With the exception of the Facebook bit (haha), that’s the way ALL horror games should be played!

  • xterminal

    Dude. I know it’s been around forever, but PENUMBRA!

    • Adam Dodd

      I LOVE Penumbra, the first is still my favorite.

  • morehorror4me

    love the idea for “Among the Sleep”, the demo was awesome, sign me up for release day.

  • ThunderDragoon

    Can’t wait to play all of these. Hopefully I can get a new computer soon to play them.

  • Mallows

    There’s something I really love about Indie Horror Games; they have something special, something “more”, a really different atmosphere… I can’t wait to try them, as I’m sure I’d enjoy it!

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