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6 Horror Films That Would Make Great Video Games!



More often than not, video game movies tend to suck. Few have seen much success, and fewer still have managed to successfully capture what made the game it’s adapting to the big screen so great. Of the myriad video game movies we’ve reluctantly watched, hoping, as fans of a novel-turned-movie have done for ages now, that this time, it has to be good.

To me, Silent Hill has been the only movie that’s retained most of what made the games great. The atmosphere, visuals, overly complex story were all there. Hell, even some of the monsters, music and camera angles were taken straight out of the games. So today, we’re going to flip the script and look at six horror films that would make great games. Because for every bad video game adaptation we’ve seen, there’s about a dozen awful games based on movies.

Read on for six horror films that would make great video games!

Resident Evil

Yes, I know, Resident Evil already has a hugely successful film franchise (very) loosely based on it, and while I’ll fully admit that I’ve seen them all and enjoyed each to a certain degree, what we almost had would’ve been far better.

Originally, George A. Romero — the motherfucking godfather of the zombie genre — was the man who would direct the first Resident Evil movie. This was back in 1999, so it would’ve been around the time the third game, Nemesis, was scaring the pants off us. Romero wrote a screenplay that would follow the events in the original game, with Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine starring as the film’s leads, and Barry Burton, Rebecca Chambers, Ada Wong, and Albert Wesker playing smaller roles. Unfortunately, Capcom wasn’t happy with the script, so they fired him, and Paul W.S. Anderson took his place the following year.

I don’t mind Anderson’s first film, in fact, it’s my favorite of the five. But knowing we almost had a Resident Evil movie crafted by George. A. Romero makes me more than a little sad. This why I’m giving it a mention here, because I’d still very much like to see something along the lines of what they originally had planned, after Milla Jovovich is done blowing shit up in the next flick, of course.


I can’t believe we haven’t seen a Poltergeist video game. Of the plethora of horror films that have been milked by the gaming industry, you’d think a (literal) haunted house flick would’ve made the cut.

So, with the Poltergeist film remake prepping to shoot later this year (ugh), the timing couldn’t be better to give fans a video game based on the series. Before you get pick up your torches and pitch forks, calm down — what I’m picturing is something on a smaller scale. Indie, even.

Matthew Cohen’s indie horror game Paranormal is one of the scariest games I’ve ever played. Something like that would translate perfectly to the film franchise, but for it to be successful, the scale needs to be small. A haunted house game with randomized scares and a little bit of that Poltergeist flavor would likely be a hit with fans of the films and the bevy of horror gamers out there who love games like that. You wouldn’t have to mess with the fiction, just scare us with freaky paranormal happenings.

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