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6 FREE Indie Horror Games You Need To Play!

Indie games are the future, man. It’s one of the gaming industry’s last remaining bastions of creativity, undiluted by the pesky hand of a marketing team, PR rep, or publisher. Last month we took a look at six indie horror games you really need to play, and because you all seemed to enjoy that, we’re doing it again. Today, we’re going to sneak a peek at another batch of indie horror games, only this time, they’re all free.

That’s right. Each of these games comes with a price tag of nada, meaning you can enjoy free scares — arguably the best kind — the only work you need to put into it is in downloading them. I’ve played them all, and I’ve decided to share my harrowing adventures with each with all of you. So sit back, snuggle under the covers and feel free to imagine me sitting in front of you with a flashlight under my chin.

Read on for my list of six free indie horror games you need to play!

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I played through Insanity fairly recently, but I’m sure I won’t soon forget how nervous I was playing this game. It’s built up masterfully, becoming more and more intense as you progress through the game. It’s basically Silent Hill meets Amnesia, with the monsters of the former and the unpredictability of the latter. The way it’s designed has you going through one level at a time, with each level getting progressively more horrifying and/or difficult to survive through. The above playthrough is from level 3 or 4 (of 50+) so I can only imagine how bad it gets later on.

If you decide to try this game out, I highly recommend not bringing along your smart ass friend to commentate on the goings on on-screen. It certainly didn’t help me.

Get it here!

Eyes: The Horror Game

Don’t have enough time for a horror game with 50+ levels? That’s okay, I know you’re busy and important. I get it.

If that’s the case, I’d very much like to introduce you to Eyes: The Horror Game — as opposed to Eyes: The Anatomy Simulator, I guess — a horror game that, if you play as poorly as me, isn’t likely to take more than five minutes of your time.

The objective is simple and probably a little familiar to anyone who’s played Slender: The Eight Pages. You run about a dark environment, alone and unarmed, collecting items (money bags), as you’re chased through the labyrinthine locale. This game brings with it a pretty nifty feature that’s reminiscent of the survival horror classic Siren, which gives you the ability to see through the eyes of the thing that’s hunting you. This ability has a limited use, it’ll require you to replenish your reserve by collecting the eye decals that have been strewn about the game’s world.

Get it here!

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