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Return To Rapture In ‘BioShock Infinite’s’ First DLC, ‘Burial At Sea’

If you’ve been craving more BioShock Infinite, the game just received its first DLC today. It’s called Clash in the Clouds, and it’s essentially a wave survival mode that takes place in four maps, where you fight to survive against waves of increasingly powerful enemies. If you’re looking for something a little more substantial, you’ll need to wait for Burial at Sea.

Burial At Sea will take us back to the underwater city of Rapture. If you’re expecting to see the same Rapture the original BioShock introduced us to in 2007, that won’t be the case here. Because this takes place in 1958, before the city crumbled to ruin, we’ll get to see what Rapture was like before the Splicers took over. Trailer after the break.

The DLC will be divided into two parts, with the first charging $14.99. If you purchased the BioShock Infinite season pass, that will unlock Clash in the Clouds and both episodes of Burial at Sea as they become available.

As for what Burial at Sea covers, check out this amazing new trailer to find out.

Other than the fact that we get to return to Rapture, which is always something worth getting excited over, what makes this DLC so interesting is that we’ll be able to control both Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth. I can’t wait.

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