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Full Trailer For That Random Found-Footage Flick ‘Skinwalker Ranch’

THR broke the news a few weeks ago that Deep Studios, the Utah-based production company, will release Devin McGinn’s supernatural thriller Skinwalker Ranch through its new domestic distribution arm both theatrically and on VOD on October 30. It’s weird coming out of nowhere, and literally has zero hype – maybe the newly released trailer will pique your interest?

In 2010 “Skinwalker Ranch” gained media attention after experiencing a wide range of unexplained phenomena. Reports ranged from UFO sightings to livestock mutilation, but maybe most notable was the disappearance of ranch owner Hoyt Miller’s eight year old son, Cody on November 11, 2010. Close to a year later, Modern Defense Enterprises (MDE) has sent a team of experts to document and investigates the mysterious occurrences, which only escalate upon their arrival. The incidents become more violent, causing tensions to rise as the team must decide how far they will go to unlock the mysteries of “Skinwalker Ranch.” The group debates whether the answers are worth risking their lives for, or if they should just call off the investigation and leave the ranch – that is, if leaving is actually an option…

McGinn stars in the film and also makes his directorial debut.

He also produced alongside Murphy Michaels and executive producer and Deep Studios founder Ken Bretschneider. The film was written by Adam Ohler and also stars Jon Gries, Kyle Davis, Erin Cahill, Matthew Rocheleau and Steve Berg.

Deep Studios will release the film day-and-date in theaters and VOD in more than 20 markets across the country including Los Angeles, Phoenix, Miami, Dallas and Houston, with a DVD to follow.



  • djblack1313

    FUCKING AWFUL CAMERA WORK!!!!! Jesus Christ!!

    this movie actually has some effectively cool looking shots in it (the creature at the end for example) but it’s ruined by what appears to be the most horrible shaky cam/intentional camera glitches ever. it’s makes the BOURNE movies look like they were filmed with steadi-cam.

    shame because again, there’s some cool shots in this and i like the cast overall.

  • WolfQueen

    I agree about the horrible camera work, hoping it’s a little cleaner when the final cut hits. The pixelation alone made me want to punch someone. The movie shows a little promise (werewolf or “skinwalker” at the end was cool), but they really need to clean it up, “found-footage” or not.

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