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Spike Lee’s Scary New Film ‘Da Sweet Blood Of Jesus’ Is Already Shot!

Spike Lee‘s reinterpretation Oldboy hits theaters on November 27th so he’s in the middle of doing some fairly epic press for that film. Even though he was court side at the Knicks game in New York last night, he somehow made his way to LA this morning to talk about the film. I sat down with him just a few moments ago, accompanied by a few other journalists, and got a lot of great stuff. I’m going to be posting the lengthy interview next week, but first I wanted to give you guys a quick update on his next film.

For the past few months, ever since Lee launched his Kickstarter, we’ve known that the project centered around humans who are addicted to blood. Prior reports also had Michael K. Williams (Omar in “The Wire”) and Zaraah Abrahams starring in the film. What I didn’t know until today was that Lee has already shot the film! It’s called Da Sweet Blood Of Jesus (changed from Da Blood Of Jesus) and the lead is Stephen Tyrone Williams, a young broadway actor who also appeared in Children Of God.

I asked Lee about the tone of Sweet Blood and he replied, “it’s scary. Humorous. Bloody. Sexy. Go for this one.” He added that the film uses blood as a “metaphor. As we all know human beings have many addictions. Drugs, sex, alcohol, power, money, Air Jordans [laughs]. In this one they’re addicted to blood. We shot in New York, Martha’s Vineyard and we’re editing now. We shot it in 16 days, and we were one day ahead of schedule.

As a fan of Lee’s work I’ll definitely be checking it out. While we wait for that make sure to take your parents to see Oldboy on Thanksgiving!



  • torsch

    that movie sounds cool 🙂

  • Spike0037

    If I knew V was going to star in it day one I would have joined the kickstarter fund.

  • chambertlo

    There are fans of Spike Lee? He is such a horrible director!
    I cringe in thinking about how he has ruined Oldboy. His new “film” just sounds dreadful.

  • jim.b.vishous

    Who wouldn’t want to go outside, brave the winter weather and go a few days without food to pay and see a film entitled “Da Sweet Blood of Jesus”.
    I’ll be honest, I’d rather have the luxury of beans and toast without the film rather than smart price noodles and a waste of the average film time taken from my life.

  • minya

    A lesser man would have called it simply The Sweet Blood of Jesus but to bravely use the title Da Sweet Blood of Jesus proves what a true talented genius Spike Lee is.

  • Fangs_for_-the-_memories

    IT sounds as though he’s tapped into the remake catalog again. This sounds VERY much like a film from the 70’s called “Ganja and Hess”.

  • Evan3

    While I am no Spike Lee fan, this does seem somewhat promising.

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