[From Worst To Best] Ranking Tool's Music Videos - Bloody Disgusting!

[From Worst To Best] Ranking Tool’s Music Videos


Progressive rock/metal band Tool is one of those groups that ensures that every aspect of their music is given time and dedication, be it the sound of their recordings to the artwork of their albums (evidenced by them winning a Grammy for Best Recording Package for 10,000 Days). And one aspect that doesn’t escape that microscopic attention to detail are their music videos. Rich, surreal, deep… These are just a few words that can be used to describe the videos that this band releases, many of which are full of symbolism and rife with layered meanings.

With news coming out that Tool is hard at work on a new album AND with not one but two groups featuring Maynard having releases out soon, I figure it’s that time of year to give a little bit of thanks for the music that these fine gentlemen have put out. With that in mind, I decided to take a look at each of their music videos to determine which one reigns supreme as the most artistic representation of the band’s artistic offerings. Head on down to check out this list.

A Perfect Circle‘s Three Sixty comes out tomorrow and Puscifer‘s What Is… coming out at the end of the month (trailer here).

“Hush” Opiate

The first of two videos on this list that were not directed by guitarist Adam Jones, its simple “one-take” style just doesn’t work for me, especially knowing what else the band has to offer. Their future endeavors simply fit the music and the aesthetics much more. Plus, it’s boring. It moves slowly and I’m not interested at any point.

“Vicarious” 10,000 Days

For all the delays and questions on when this video would come out, the final result didn’t resonate with me the same way many of the other videos did. Yes, there were some beautiful visuals but it didn’t seem to have as much of a soul behind it as the videos that are coming on this list. At the end of the day it felt more like a video honoring artist Alex Gray using Tool’s music than a Tool music video using Gray’s paintings as inspiration.

I will, however, admit that the last shot of the giant eye is super creepy.

“Schism” Lateralus

While I wasn’t a big fan of either the “Hush” or “Vicarious” videos, “Schism” is where I become an über geek fanboy for the band’s videos.

The fantastic mix between stop motion, CGI, and practical FX mixed with the contortion work of Osseus Labyrint creates an engaging, arresting video, one that draws the viewer in with haunting yet engrossing visuals. The dark, almost alien-esque aesthetics of this video are fantastically crafted and shot, each frame offering something unique and thrilling.

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