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The Scariest Game Of 2013 Is Coming To PS4 Next Month

Red Barrels’ Outlast is, to me, the scariest game of 2013. It may even be the scariest game I’ve ever played, but I’ve played a lot of great ones, so that’s a difficult crown to bestow it with. If you didn’t grab it when it came to PC last September, you’ll soon be getting a second chance when Outlast makes its way to the PlayStation 4 sometime next month. We don’t have an exact release date yet, so a somewhat nebulous February window will have to do for now. That’s okay, I’m patient.

If you’re a subscriber to PS Plus — I hope you do if you own a PS4, because it’s totally worth it — Outlast will be completely free. No word on its expansion, Whistleblower, but I do hope it remedies some of the issues I had with the original game.

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  • wildgator25

    OH YES!

    Was gonna PM you about this yesterday Adam, but you don’t check messages until months later….. HA!

    Just kidding dude.

    • Adam Dodd

      LOL, it’s the truth. I’m significantly easier to get a hold of via email or on Twitter (both can be found at the bottom of all of my articles, btw).

  • SlothyPunk

    Oh man, I won a PS4 over Christmas and I’ve been waiting for something awesome (That isn’t Assassins Creed 4) to come out on it. This. This is it!!!

    • Golic

      Battlefield 4 is epic.

      • SlothyPunk

        What’s the single player campaign like? I don’t play online so I usually avoid shooters like Battlefield and CoD.

      • Adam Dodd

        I heard very little that was positive about Battlefield 4’s campaign before I finally broke down and bought it. Once I finally dove into the single-player it didn’t take long for me to fall in love with it.

        Disclaimer: I don’t usually play modern warfare games, but if that doesn’t completely discredit my opinion, then I recommend it.

        • SlothyPunk

          Groovy. Might have to check it out! Cheers for the info.

  • doomas10

    This is great news! Just got my ps4 and I am looking forward to shit my pants!!! I take your word for it Adam. It better be scary!!!!

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