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The First ‘Resident Evil’ Film Is James Cameron’s Guilty Pleasure

Today, I discovered I have something in common with director James Cameron.

Cameron recently held a Reddit Ask Me Anything, where a surprising amount of time was spent chatting about video games and virtual reality. The best part came when he was asked what his favorite guilty pleasure movie is, to which he responded with the first Resident Evil film. Before anyone could pick on him, he followed it up with “I just like that film! You don’t have to defend a guilty pleasure.” Agreed!

For me, the first three films are all guilty pleasures. Unfortunately, the last two are nigh unwatchable.

In related news, we once pitted all five of the Resident Evil films against each other. You can check that out below, if you like.

If you’d rather see the full AMA, you can head on over to Reddit.

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  • zigwardScissorHands

    I can’t argue with this as I really like the first film as well. If you can get past the fact the movie is virtually nothing like the game its a fun ride. Personally I don’t care about the changes as I never thought the game had an exceptionally strong story anyway.

    Oh and I also really enjoy the soundtrack.

  • Taboo

    Cool! I like all of the RE films, but Retribution was pretty underwhelming.

  • Aidan13

    I’m a fan of all the Resident Evil films and most of the games

  • ThunderDragoon

    “For me, the first three films are all guilty pleasures. Unfortunately, the last two are nigh unwatchable.”

    This! I feel the same way.

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