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New ‘Friday the 13th’ Series to Explore Voorhees Family Origins!

Bloody Disgusting literally exploded yesterday with the news of a new “Friday the 13th” television series. In fact, it appears that you guys would rather see the Voorhees family on the small screen these days…

Speaking of the Voorhees family, after the story broke, producer Daniel Farrands, who helped conceive the series with Geoff Garrett, responded to fan criticism over the alleged “storyline that re-imagines Jason in multiple time periods.”

We will be exploring the origins of the Voorhees family,” Farrands told F13Franchise, “namely Pamela and Jason Voorhees, but doing so in flashbacks to past events that will be running concurrently with present day storylines.

There is absolutely no time traveling of any kind,” he clarifies. Not that he should have to, because the press release in no way implies there would be time travel (come on, guys).

According to the announcement, the series is mostly contemporary, focusing on the eclectic characters of Crystal Lake who are forced to confront the return of the killer, as new secrets about his wacky family are revealed.

Paramount and Platinum Dunes are currently in talks with David Bruckner to helm the Friday the 13th reboot for a 2015 theatrical release.




  • Francesco Falciani

    paramount and platinum are still in talk with David Bruckner???????? WTF didn’t rich an agreement yet?

  • I think I may be more excited about a television series over a movie because it just seems like they could do a lot more with it. They could explore the origins of the Voorhees family, go deeper into character development of the camp counselors and to top it off, we’ll see a lot more Jason then just an hour and a half long movie.

    Recently the Jason movies haven’t been the greatest. Jason goes to Space, Freddy Vs Jason or even the remake. Some people like the remake, but it’s a “remake” that had so many things missing like the classic score and stupid things added like ninja Jason. Now they’re talking about found footage? Bring on the tv show!

    • wolffearpain6336

      I liked the remake. It could have been a lot worse and Jason was really bad ass in it. He wasn’t ninja but just athletic which makes sense in the canon. I am not excited about a found footage Jason though. I will watch it with an open mind but I cant shake the feeling that no matter how they do it that it just wont work. As far as this TV series goes I have to say I am in the middle. It can either work out great and be interesting or it will be watered down and they will make the origin story horrible.

      • The remake wasn’t bad by any means, but it wasn’t great either. For me, it just felt unnecessary. It was lacking the classic chi chi ah ah score. The new generation teens were more dumb then ever. Not too sure about Jason’s hideout either. Some things should be left a mystery.

  • Full Frontal Squashing

    I guess everyone is going to follow in Bates Motel footsteps………..
    When is the Halloween series coming out, along with Krueger; Teenage Years! We can also do a show about a young Leatherface, or pre-teen Hannibal! Drama at its finest. How about the origins of Pinhead.

    • wehoaks

      Bates is excellent so if they take a similar path then hell yeah bring me all on!

    • Charles Zippel

      I always wanted a Krueger movie about his time before being a literal monster, something like Silence of The Lambs.

      I’d drop the child molester shit from the remake, and focus on the family man, kid loved janitor, turned child murderer. Child murderer is far scarier than child molester. Why does he only target children, why does he hate children, what drove him to be the way he is? How did he become so evil, was he involved in the occult, what about his wife, and daughter?

      Lot’s of unexplored territory.

      • Adam Clifton

        The pilot episode of Freddy’s Nightmares did a loose version of Freddy doing his thing, getting caught and then getting free in court and then getting lynched. But a tv series of A Nightmare On Elm Street could be good except for one problem. They would have to recast the Freddy role because if Robert Englund didn’t want to play Freddy again in a new movie, I’d doubt he’d want to play him again every week. But the recasting worked for ‘Hannibal’…

        • Charles Zippel

          There is no problem in Recasting Freddy to be honest.
          Zack Ward did an AMAZING Freddy impression in Freddy Vs Jason, where he played Mark’s dead brother Bobby Davis who was Freddy in disguise.

          The problem comes when you re-character Freddy into something different, like in the remake. He wasn’t the same character not because of the actor, but because of the writers.

          Robert Englund helped create a Lot of characterization for Freddy Kruegar, there was, and is no reason to throw all of that away.

          • Adam Clifton

            I’d rather not see Zack Ward on the screen at all to be honest. But I do agree, Freddy the child killer was scarier than Freddy the kiddie fiddler. Especially since halfway through the remake, we weren’t sure whether Freddy actually did those things and was wrongfully lynched. The remake was a waste of time

          • Charles Zippel

            What you got against Zack? He was great in Titus.

          • Weresmurf

            Damn right he was. Loved Titus! Cancelled way too soon and there were far worse shows that should’ve gone before it.

          • Charles Zippel

            It was too ahead of it’s time, if it came out now, and was on FXX it would be doing great.

          • Weresmurf

            Absolutely. Even Zack believes that (and he’s right), I used to love the ‘headspace’ moments in Titus, but Zacks maniacal nature just made the show for me lol.

          • Adam Clifton

            just because he plays a good character doesn’t make him a good person. He talked shit about another actor on another show he did and it’s rubbed me the wrong way ever since. I just think they can find another actor to play Freddy should they ever recast the character again

          • Charles Zippel

            He’s only human, everyone talks shit about someone at some point.

          • Weresmurf

            Zacks a great actor, nothing wrong with him. Had the honour of interviewing him around six years ago now, one of the best I’ve ever spoken to. A legend on screen, a legend over the phone. Our 15 minute interview turned to 2 whole freakin’ hours of laughs, swearing and major fun. He was insanely good. He could pull off the role of a younger Fred Krueger easily.

      • wolffearpain6336

        Ummmm its also implied in the original that he was a molester or did you forget that? He was a horrible guy from the beginning and while it is never actually said he is a child molester in the orignal’s, it is obviously implied so yeah if they did that TV series but left that out then it be a slap to the face. Also Freddy is only interesting because of his method of killing, take away that and it will be a TV show about a child killer. LOL, doesn’t sound very interesting.

        • Weresmurf

          Nope, the original only ever says he’s a child murderer. It never implies rape. Wes Craven even said that Freddy was a murderer, that was it. If you feel it was implied that’s just you assuming… you know what they say about assumptions.

        • Charles Zippel

          Originally he was going to be a child molester, but Wes didn’t like that idea, and thought that character worked better as a child murderer, and it does.

      • Luke Knutson

        The original was gonna imply that freddy was a molester as well, but a story at the time came out about a molestation case, and he changed it after being unease about that idea and didnt want to stir up any bad feelings.

    • Nymfomania

      Not sure if your trying to be a smartass but i would love to see something like that come out. Krueger, Pinhead and Hannibal. Bates Motel isnt a bad series.

      • Adam Clifton

        I heard rumors of a Hellraiser tv series a while ago but nothing since. As for the new Friday the 13th tv series, this shouldn’t be a surprise either. Sean Cunningham said in a previous interview that there are plans for a series

        • Weresmurf

          A HBO Hellraiser sure. Anything else… any other channel and no way!

  • parsyeb

    Dude, fuck this… so much. What’s that F13 fans? You want the slasher formula? Oop, well here’s an origin story AND a found-footage movie (holding out hope because of the director there).

    Luckily for them, somehow our culture will suck up whatever glob the mainstream sends as long as it’s a ‘serious,’ ‘gritty,’ ‘well-told’ television series.

    • wehoaks

      Serious, gritty, and well-told are bad to you? Christ. Humans are so derpy.

      • parsyeb

        The quotation marks suggest sarcasm or, at least, qualification. The qualification is that the ‘serious’ness, ‘grit,’ or ‘well-told’edness of television shows is completely stupid. American Horror Story really pushes the envelope though, right? TV rules will surely improve on F13 by taking out everything that makes it fun and replacing it with the same crap on every network television show. Finally, you won’t have to change the channel to get your Criminal Minds fix during a F13 movie!

  • Ruben


  • wehoaks

    This is looking promising. Glad to see Farrands is involved. He has respect for the franchise and loves it. Wonder why they left him out of the press release… Bates Motel is excellent and it sounds like they are taking a similar path with a touch of Twin Peaks. And to the man who jokingly mentioned all the other series being turned into tv shows: if Scream and F13th are both as promising as they sound and draw an audience you bet your ass we will see series about Michael and Leatherface etc. in fact tv may be the only way to continue on these franchises. The movies are played out for the most part. And hey new viewers can possibly breed future films.

  • M M

    While I am intrigued I would still prefer a sequel to the reboot back at camp.

  • mobstar67

    This thing comes down to what network picks this thing up..even though some of these shows have been successful on network or free cable I’d much prefer this thing get picked up by a premium cable channel HBO,Showtime,Cinemax or even Starz..Anything less is gonna be bland and watered down not too mention the commercials….So many of these things going down now that by the time this airs the markets gonna be saturated with “made for TV horror”…
    F-13 needs a unrated premium channel for it too work and be anything of substance..
    Go big or dont go at all….

    • amp69

      Hannibal is on NBC and it’s far from being watered down IMO.

  • mobstar67

    If you dont think that the “MADE FOR TV HORROR” market isnt gonna be completely saturated and played out by the time this thing gets made your crazy…
    its the “In thing” and its already getting played out.. sh!t this is exactly what TV execs do..take something good and kill it..
    Walking Dead, American Horror Story now comes the onslought Bates,Hannibal, Under The Dome, Rosemarys Baby, Penny Dreadful and who knows what else there gonna water down and spew out…This probably will not end well…

  • Adam Clifton

    It’d be even cooler if they brought back Kane Hodder as the current Jason in contemporary times, have the music done by Harry Manfredini and the opening credits for each show done in the style of the opening credits from the first 7 Friday films

  • Joey

    Friday the 13th is a series that is know for lots of violence and nudity I don’t think it will work out as a tv series in my opinion!

    • Rick Bastardly

      Well the violence will be fine. Hannibal has plenty of nasty imagery and they get away with that on NBC of all places every week.

  • c-s-a78

    my guess is it will start off at the camp open and Jason’s mum working there.maybe she has a affair with one of the counselors and things get nasty!!it will lead up to the original opening!!!

    • Charles Zippel

      Jasons gunna be a rape baby, watch.

  • yellabonej24 .


  • Francesco Falciani

    here on twitter if u want to get some update about the tv series..

    it’s the sean cunningham crystal lake entertainment!!!

  • ThunderDragoon

    It COULD be good, but it can’t be tame like Bates Motel. There has to be the F13 carnage that we all know and love. It can’t just be a drama series with some jump scares and violence happening off-screen. Everything that would be in the movies has to be in the TV series for this to work.

  • Peter L.

    Seriously, F13 now. Come on quit being so fucking lazy. Is it so hard to say Friday. Everything nowadays doesn’t need to be abbreviated.

  • Daniel Sadler

    If the actual press release described the Vorhees family as “whacky” …that is red flag #1…..

  • Smiggles

    This sounds interesting, though I guess that other iconic villains in the horror genre are going to get television shows about them as this idea is a continuation of having famous monsters having a TV show with the series Hannibal and Bates Motel being popular.

  • Evan3

    OK, when the hell did everybody get obsessed with where horror villains came from and why they are so dadgummed evil? Enough. I blame Rob Zombie for this as that is the thing I can think of that started the “trend” by spending about 45 minutes trying to explain Michael Myers when Mike was already perfectly-well explained as “evil.” Since then, we have to watch lil Norman Bates and Portrait of Hannibal Lecter as a Young Man on the small screen, as well as Texas Chainsaw: the Beginning. Ugh. Enough, let’s just let Jason kill and revel in the unexplained horror.

  • VictorCrowley

    Honestly not sure how I feel about this. Regardless though, it will be nice to have a show on television with some form of “Friday the 13th” in the title that actually has something to do with Jason Voorhees.

  • marley’s chains

    No one s gonna read this anyway so lets have a laugh. Jason is a little sprog(maybe 6 or7) he has a madcap family, his older brother is a dartboard repair man with a penchant for buggery, his uncle is an ex umbrella salesman who drags around a shop dummy called denise, jasons mother is a toothpick farmer and the leader of a gang of ill tempered mice, jasons dad sells glowsticks all the time to people who need glowsticks, he makes about 100 quid a week, jasons grandad thought he was a war veteran but all he did was tip lemonade on snails(he called em shell coated ignorant slug bastards). Jasons granny was the first person to use mashed potato as a hair product. And that my friends is why jason is a bit weird. Ha ha ha my brother shouldn’t have left his account open( dickhead).

    • MrConfetti

      dont forget its gonna take place in 2014

  • Danny Valentine

    God… just… I really don’t want to see the Voorhees family origins. I want to see Jason giving people hell.

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