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£50 Million Will Buy You Dracula’s Romanian Castle!

Count Dracula’s Transylvanian castle has been put on the market by its Romanian archduke owner – with a reported asking price of at least £47million, says The Daily Mail.

Hilltop fortress Bran Castle is the eastern European country’s biggest tourist attraction and attracts 560,000 visitors annually.

Previous owners of the castle, which dates back to 1211, range from Saxons to Hungarians and Teutonic knights.

Bloodsucking vampire Count Dracula may be fictional but he is said to have been based on the sadistic Vlad the Impaler, prince of Wallachia in the 15th century.

Bram Stoker is believed to have based his description of Dracula’s castle as ‘. . . on the very edge of a terrific precipice . . . with occasionally a deep rift where there is a chasm [with] silver threads where the rivers wind in deep gorges through the forests’ on that of Bran.

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Dracula's Residence To Be Sold In Romania



  • Charlie Kelly

    do want

  • Chandler Of-Adelaide

    Yeah Bran castle is about as much Dracula’s castle as Count Chocula is his cereal of choice…and when I say Dracula I mean both Stoker’s character AND Vlad Dracula (the Impaler)

  • Werewolf

    Now some globalist tool with a hairless cat will end up buying it.

  • SaltSlasher

    There are few places I would die to get to have, or have replicated on a site of my own choosing, and Vlad’s castle is one of them, there is only 1 other castle I love as much as it.

    Other ones I would love to have made are the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland Anaheim, just imagine all the original art replicated in a duplicate house for you to live in. The others are the Universal houses in the back lot on Colonial Street, specifically the Psycho House (Bates Motel House), The Mansion (casper), Chicken Ranch (house of 1000 corpses) or just the whole street replicated for myself.

    I also wouldn’t mind the mansion from the original black and white movie House on Haunted Hill, that house was cool, like a sand building. Others I love are Stratford-upon-Avon market town area, and it’s Ettington Park Hotel aka Hill House.

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