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Tell Us Your Thoughts On ‘GODZILLA’!

Evan Dickson received a brutal online beating for his review of Warner Bros. and Legendary’s new Godzilla, now in theaters and IMAX everywhere.

Being that this is the biggest horror-esque film in quite some time, we thought it would be fun to get a dialogue going and see what you guys thought.

Is Godzilla still the “King of the Monsters”?

Bookmark this page, go check it out this weekend, and then return here to tell us what you thought. There’s quite a bit to chat about, and I suspect it’s going to split audiences.

One thing I’m curious to hear is where you stack Godzilla up against films like Pacific Rim, Cloverfield and even the previous 1998 Godzilla?

The new film is the story of human courage and reconciliation in the face of titanic forces of nature, when the awe-inspiring Godzilla rises to restore balance as humanity stands defenseless.




  • LiamZH

    I was very disappointed. I didn’t go in with high expectations and considering the good reviews it has been receiving, I thought it was going to be a really cool flick.
    Terrible dialogue and script – Cranston was the best of the bunch, Olson, Hawkins and Strathairn could of been completely removed.
    Only cool parts were Godzilla’s “special moves” in the final act. A 2 hour film Godzilla showing up 1 hour in is not cool. 5/10 – Monsters is a better film with better depth and characterization.

  • Alex Lehew

    I liked it was it perfect? Hell no but it was miles and away better than the last time we saw Godzilla.

  • Remy M

    The “weakest” part of the film is not on the movie itself, it’s in the script. The visuals are awesome and Godzilla looks extremely badass but the plot and the short time of Bryan Cranston in the screen makes like something is missing.

  • marklola12 .

    ah I will say im glad i got my ticket free. Don’t get me wrong as a throw away movie to pass time it was ok but it was far far from spectacular. It was actually the usual summer blockbuster movie 90% bad acting, not so great script or plot and special effects galore.
    Im not some Godzilla fanboy who will give this 10/10 just because its Godzilla lol
    id give it 6/10 and its not something that i can say i would be bothered about watching again unless it came on tv in couple years time.

  • Roger Hayden

    I thought everyone but Cranston was weak but Godzilla was awesome everytime he was on screen as were the rest of the monsters. The story involving the creatures was strong enough, the human element blew unless it was directly related to the creatures, whether it was seeing them or interacting with them. I am gonna watch it again at the 3 dollar theater.

    • dirtyghettok

      Three dollar theater… and drunk.

  • Nicholas Branch

    I LOVED IT!!! It had great acting. The human element to it was much needed and used appropriately. The monsters were so cool and the fight scenes were amazing! It had emotion, action, and atomic breath. It was what every Godzilla fan needed. Hope for a sequel.

  • Dumb_Tim_Armstrong

    A drunk and high Finnish film critic has written the most hilarious “Godzilla” review you will ever read.


      Funny but horrible “review” … surprised that he has a job

  • lucscs100

    I thought it was nearly flawless. It had some amazing elements blockbusters rarely have like patience, build-up and and knowing how to manipulate the public. One might say the human element was “weak” and the characters “flat”, but that came to me as a resource in this film, it’s suposed to tell us we are NOT the real protagonists in this, that WE, humans, are just little ants in this giant nature, because after all, that’s what Godzilla represents in this, he’s nature, he uses our tries to kill him for survival and he proves us we can all live in peace, got that? After 2/3 of the film, we all understand who the film is REALLY about. It’s not about drama, it’s not about humans, it’s about HIM.

  • Rob

    Big G fan…this left me a little disappointed…every time the big G would pop up they would cut away to the ppl…..really annoying lol and I was hoping there was going to be a big pay off fight with big G at the end but nope….just a little bit shown on some tv’s and one up close fight scene….I’m going to see it again but as of now 7/10

  • VictorCrowley

    Monstrous improvement over ’98 (pun intended). But, still not nearly what it should’ve been as I expected. I looked at the clock on my phone at the exact moment when Godzilla finally fully appears and it was damn near the 60 min mark, then just as quick as he shows up, he’s gone again. Waaaaaay too long to make the audience wait and way too much story telling. Failed attempt at getting the audience to care about the characters. I couldn’t have cared less if all of them had died and the city was left a pile of smoldering ruin. That’s not why I went to see the film. Not nearly enough monster mania and destruction. Too many teases with Godzilla and ultimately a lackluster delivery when we finally did get some sort of climax. Also, I hated how Godzilla is assumed to be the hero and is portrayed as such. For me, the most ridiculous moment occurs when the main human hero (already forgot his name) is so relieved when Godzilla takes out the last Muto and “saves” his ass that he lays back on the boat and breathes a huge sigh and let’s his body go limp and relaxes. Dude, fucking Godzilla is standing right next to you. I’d be shitting myself, not rolling over and breathing a sigh of relief, some how knowing he’s not gonna harm me.

    Eh, so many other things I could nitpick, but ultimately this movie did what I feel it’s job was to do, and that’s piss on the shoes of the 1998 film and kick them out the door, and it easily accomplished that. The movie was not brilliant by any stretch and full of things that should’ve been done better, but all in all, it’s main purpose was fulfilled.

    • marklola12 .

      I agree, I find it pretty stupid that Godzilla is the size he is yet we don’t see him for 60 mins

  • Walter Whities

    there were definitely some things i thought could have been done better but overall it was good. the climax of this movie is so awesome. it made me remember how i felt when i saw Godzilla as a child.
    i wish we saw more of Bryan Cranston though. his acting is unbelievable. even without a lot of backstory i felt so sad for his character within the first 15 minutes

  • Ultrazilla

    Honestly, it was everything I had hoped it would be. Some of the human drama was flat, but the monster scenes were fantastic! People make it sound like there weren’t any monster scenes until the end, but that isn’t true at all…the MUTO’s were very present and done really well. I feel they should have focused a little more on Godzilla since this was the first in this potential series, but I was still happy with it. I loved Pacific Rim, but this was more of a classic monster movie. And ran circles around that Matthew Broderick turd…

  • Gregory Miller

    Evan Dickson’s insightful review was spot on, maybe a little generous even. I saw it opening day in IMAX 3D and the crowded house didn’t make a sound until the end when we were all shuffling out of the auditorium–low grumblings of unhappiness.

    • Adam Clifton

      you probably watched the 1998 version by accident lol

      • marklola12 .

        if this new movie had the action of the 1998 version it would have been way better and more fun to watch lol

    • Greg Benner

      Our packed audience was cheering throughout, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

      • Gregory Miller

        I’m glad you and the audience you saw the film with really enjoyed it. When it comes to movie reviews or opinions, the only ones that really matter are your own. ^^

  • Krug09

    At least that whining prissy little bitch Matthew Broderick wasn’t in this movie. I might go see it in theaters. I didn’t go to the theater in over a year though.

  • a very British hamster

    Perfectly delivered on my expectations! One of the better movies I have seen in theaters in a while.
    People were applauding in the theater.

    None of Evan’s complaints are really all that accurate honestly; I feel like he just waaay over hyped himself.
    Evan raves about some faaaaar shittier movies.

    • marklola12 .

      sorry but you can not say evan was wrong at all in his person opinion lol

      • a very British hamster

        Sure I can, “Evan’s personal opinion is wrong.” There see? I just did! :p

        You can hold the ‘opinion’ that the earth is flat, that doesn’t make it not objectively wrong.
        Though I never said his opinion on Godzilla was objectively wrong, just that it is mostly inaccurate in (MY) opinion.

  • Stitch_101

    While it did pull a few punches when it should have let them fly, in terms of its action sequences, I still walked away from the movie absolutely thrilled. While some of the human elements fell flat, the overall tone and look of the movie was flawless and there were sequences that were downright beautiful and exhilarating as a fan of the series to watch. And the entire San Francisco 3rd act of the film was truly one of the more impressive action sequences I have seen in a long time. Overall, I rate it a 9/10

    And one little observation/nitpick… I’ve seen some complaints about Godzilla’s lack of screen time in the film. It seems to me those people overestimate Godzilla’s screen time in many of the previous Japanese film. His screen time here (Which has been reported to be just seconds over 26 minutes) is about on par with the 1954 original (which didn’t had the added benefit of extra action scenes from other creatures) given the films differing run times and actually longer then his screen presence in Godzilla: Final Wars (He appeared in less the 20 minutes of the movie) which boasts an almost identical run time.

  • Dan Rodriguez

    I loved the film, really, really loved, I have to wait a little bit but I might not be exagerating when I say that it’s my fav monster movie. However, I think that most people got disapointed by Gareth’s choice of making a movie slow paced instead of the action packed frenzy we always expect from blockbusters. Personally I applaud his decision that was the only thing keeping the film from being just another Pacific Rim.

  • K-Dogg

    This movie fucking RULED ! ! !

  • nightraven

    Ok I can understand some people’s complaints about where is godzilla. It’s the age we are in people, not singling anyone out, but most movie goers want the cgi monsters right there with in 15 minutes or 20. Then your give them a movie like that and then they say it has no plot or characters. It’s just how the normal everday movie goers are. Now I loved this movie It harken back to the original Godzilla man’s struggle to rebuild after a disaster and Godzilla in all this is not a main character and really never was meant to be. He was more of a warning or nature then he morph to a protector it depends on where your are in watching the movies. If you have never watch a godzilla movie Godzilla is nature not good nor bad. But for this movie for me is perfect addition to the Godzilla movies. It’s 100 times better then that last one. If you wanted pacfic rim then you should have went to see it in theater and stop complaining because Godzilla is not all action packed, that is not godzilla. I would rate it 9/10 because yes I will agree characters are a little flat.

  • Werewolf

    A lot of people gave Evan shit just for having an opinion. That’s detestable by itself. A man has a right to his own opinion regardless of what you wiberals think.

    • allen

      what is a wiberal?

      • thedragon803

        A wimpy liberal…so you know, EVERY liberal. – BA ZING!

  • THEComedyholligan

    This movie was complete bullshit. 4 monster fights, 3 happen completely off screen, and the final one most of Which was also off screen. Who the fuck approved this idea? Also for a weapon that was supposed to make the atom bomb look like a fire crackerpretty much looked like nothing happened. This movie was a Godzilla movie for people who don’t like Godzilla.

    • HighDefJunkies

      But they were great fights! How many movies have we sat through that had wall to wall action and we were bored out of our minds. This is a true artist at work.

      • THEComedyholligan

        How do you know the first three fights were any good? They were complelty off screen. THe last right was ok at best and that was the only one we saw.

        • Master99

          “Ok at best”? Are you suggesting Godzilla should have did the tail sliding drop kick? Or maybe a suplex or two? Of course I would have loved to see those trademark Godzilla moves, but I’m not sure it would have worked in this movie. The last fight was awesome, and i loved that they made us wait for it. The only thing I wished they would have done (and it would have been perfect to me), is they should have gave us a little of Godzilla’s them music before the fight at the end.

    • Master99

      I have to ask, since you made this comment “This movie was a Godzilla movie for people who don’t like Godzilla”, have you ever watched any of the other nearly 30 Godzilla movies? Of course I can’t remember them all, but for the most part they all made you wait for the Godzilla battles, and it’s just more special that way.

      • Go Jira

        The guy is right, it’s a Godzilla film made for people who don’ like or have any prior knowledge of Godzilla. In other words, children, the same kids that go to see transformers. But t least in those films, they get to see what they paid for unlike here, where it seems they will be bored to sleep for two hours and the big G pops up for the last ten minutes, in a fight you only see bits of. Kids, the core audience of this film (and every Godzilla film since the first) won’t be impressed.

        • Master99

          So you are saying there are Godzilla movies out there that have entertaining fights throughout the whole movie? I have seen them all at one time or another. Being that there is nearly 30 of them, I’m sure I could have forgot one or two, but I seem to remember always having to wait for the big Godzilla battle.

        • Nick Harold Wojtowicz

          Maybe you should get your ADHD in check. You talk about it being for kids and yet complain that the movie was boring. I’m not a kid and I’ve watched every single Godzilla film to date. I grew up on the King of the Monsters. This movie was a perfect example of what Godzilla should be. While I wanted to see Godzilla more the slow-burn technique just made me that much more appreciative when the final fight happened.
          This film wasn’t meant to have an amusing Godzilla in it, and the old films don’t have him fighting throughout the whole movie either. Your comment makes me think you haven’t watched most of them.

  • KevinR1990

    I give it a 3 out of 5. The parts that actually have Godzilla and the monsters fighting in them just make up for the fact that all of the human characters are either painfully uninteresting, or don’t get nearly enough screen time. Had this film had a better human side, then it would’ve been the perfect Godzilla movie, not just in the final battle but in how it teased the monster. But the human drama was just so dull, especially after the first twenty minutes, that I was checking my watch way too often.

    I’ve seen this compared to Jaws by other critics in terms of its buildup, but whereas Jaws had great characters like Brody, Hooper, and Quint and an interesting human story before it brought out the shark, here the human story was nothing but a dull protagonist and a whole bunch of wasted opportunities. That said, when the film finally decided to stop following them and started focusing on Godzilla and the Mutos, it was so awesome that some was forgiven. (Some.)

    My full review can be read here:

    • marklola12 .

      haha this movie is crap if you compare it films like jaws

      • woodchuck

        Markola, I think you’re letting nostalgia influence your opinion. I watched Jaws recently for the first time in a long time and it is no masterpiece

        • marklola12 .

          well watch again because all the acting in jaws is far better than whats in this movie lol

          • Go Jira

            Godzilla eats Jaws in one bite.

          • Master99

            Yeah, I’m not really going to see a Godzilla movie for the “acting skills”. The majority of the 29 or so Godzilla movies had bad acting. They also made you wait to see Godzilla, and gave us long boring parts (human scenes) of the movies. This would build up the anticipation, and make it more special when Godzilla showed up. I’m going to agree with woodchuck about Jaws. I loved it when I was little, but trying to watch it recently wasn’t very easy to do.

  • woodchuck

    The movie was fucking awesome, made me feel like a little kid again. Don’t listen to anyone bitching about monster screen-time, it was done perfectly and people would bitch either way. The 3D was awesome as well so screw the write up on here I read the other day saying to save your money and see it in 2D. If you don’t go into the movie with a cynical, snarky attitude there’s no way you wont enjoy it. People need to keep in mind when reading Evan’s review that this is the same site that told everyone how great Devil’s Due was going to be, I guess the makers of Godzilla didn’t buy enough BD ad space for a good review

    • marklola12 .

      it was not perfectly done but that’s your opinion when you say it was,
      we don’t get to see him fully till 60 mins into the god damn movie which is pathetic, the size of Godzilla and we have to wait 60 mins
      tbh it would not have been as bad if the human characters were written well and the rest of the story was good so when we did always cut to the humans it would have been enjoyable was not

      • woodchuck

        it was written just fine

      • Joshua

        I guess I am just confused about the “waiting to see him” complaint. Pacific rim had monsters right out of the gate and it got kind of boring fast. I agree with the human characters being boring and them being more exciting would of definitely made the film better but I feel the lack of Godzilla made him all the more great in the end. I wish there was a bit more of him but not too much, then he would just be a boring CGI fest like transformers.

      • Nick Harold Wojtowicz

        You complain that it’s not jaws and yet you didn’t see the shark fully for a long time. The full reveal of Godzilla was far more interesting than the reveal of a damn shark. What about the characters was written poorly? A distraught husband trying to find the truth about his wife? Oh yeah, jeez that was so silly and unrealistic. A recently returned from duty soldier doing everything in his power to help stop something that could potentially destroy his family. Again, why’d they put that in there?
        People bitch just to bitch these days. Plus, with the exception of Quint there wasn’t a single actor who could hold a candle to Cranston’s performance even with him not being in the whole film.

        • EvanDickson

          JAWS had great characters and an amazing script — this does not.

  • Gerald Button

    When I first saw Evan’s review, it irked me a little. Gave me some doubt about the movie that it may not live up to my wildest expectations, but I still respected his opinion and knew in my mind no matter what any critic comes out and says about the film I will still see it day one.

    I saw it at a Midnight showing with a packed theatre of horror and monster movie fans. People were talking about the original series, the first film, and other monster movies, it was awesome. It was IMAX as well so we had a huge screen and amazing sound so that added to it all.

    The movie was awesome. I thought it is exactly what we needed in an North American Godzilla film. The human characters were fine and worked well, Bryan Cranston was excellent in the film in my opinion and delivered a great performance. Ken Watanabe as Dr. Serizawa was a nice touch and Ken was another great part of the human element. There is a ton more, but let’s get to the monsters. The “M.U.T.O.” creatures were a nice addition, seeing Godzilla facing off against other monsters is always a treat and while I do appreciate that I look at those monsters and see Cloverfield. Now, not that there is anything wrong with that and they are not EXACTLY like him, but are very close and for Gareth Edwards and his team I felt as though they could have been a little more creative. When it comes to Godzilla himself? He looked great, because well, it’s Godzilla! Loved the updated look and everything about it. I loved how he sounded, how he moved and the lovely surprise we get at the end.

    The fight scenes between them are well done, the destruction is widespread and the effects revolving around the fight and the monsters was fantastic. The music was spot on, definitely picking up the soundtrack to this.

    Overall it was an awesome ride. I will say that as a Godzilla fan I was hoping to have some more screen time with the King of the Monsters, HOWEVER! I don’t mind as much now, each little offering of when we saw him was a tease that wanted us to see him more, and it kept me excited throughout as to when he will appear again which I loved.

    This is just my opinion on it all, some people may or may not share it and that’s fine. Before typing this wall of text I re-read Evan’s review and I can see where he is coming from, but I still enjoyed this film even through it’s minor faults. Check it out for sure!

  • Maxime C

    I loved it. The theatree was packed and people knew what they came for for it’s always enoyable to be part of a crowd like this.
    Thank God there wasn’t this ridiculous humour they had to use in the movies back in the late 90’s. Great performances, great CGIs and pretty solid script.
    A movie I was glad I paid to watch.

    • Adam Clifton

      Roland Emmerich would have had Godzilla scratching his back on the side of a building or nearly squashing Moe the bartender

  • Kevin McClintock

    I loved the movie. The fact that Friday’s theater was filled with people of all ages shows the appeal that the Godzilla franchise has with Americans. There were your typical, mostly clueless 20-year-olds with their CGI infatuations and limited attention spans, but you also had folks my age (40s) and older, who appreciate a well-paced, well thought-out movie that wasn’t 2 hours of CGI monsters bashing each other (Pacific Rim/Transformers). It was a good blend. We older, more intelligent viewers got to enjoy a film the old-fashioned way (a good plot), and the 20-year-old’s brains were given just enough eye candy so they didn’t resort to growing bored and flashing their cell phones all around the theater, reading tweets or checking the time. This movie, in a lot of ways, is like “Cloverfield.” Most of the action takes place off screen, or viewed through television news updates or military satellite footage. Only in the end were all the towering combatants shown in all their 300-foot-tall glory. And that’s okay. Similar to “Jaws” or “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” the title character isn’t revealed until the end, and only briefly glimpsed or hinted at throughout the first and second acts. Very Hitchcock in that way. Godzilla is made out to be the perfect anti-hero in this film. His job isn’t to make humanity extinct. In fact, I don’t think he even notices humans. They are ants to him. Like ants are to us when we walk through a field; how many insects do we crush when we mow our yards each week? And do we even think about it? Same with the big G – he has one purpose, to fight his ancient “enemy” – the MUTOs – and to restore the natural balance of nature. If he has to destroy a city and several thousand humans to ensure that end if met, so be it. But unlike the TOHO Godzilla, he’s not on a mission to tear down human civilization, to pick up trains and throw them or to pluck blonde-haired ladies up from the street to eat them. To that end, I was relieved that wasn’t the main plot. Also, the origin behind Big G and the MUTOS was intelligent, and plausible, to a degree. The only complaint I have, really, is that the main battle happens at night, similar to “Pacific Rim” or “Cloverfield.” One of these days, I hope, a giant monster movie’s main battle will take place in daylight – lol. I also resisted a little eye-roll at the happy ending, for both the human family as well as Big G. I wasn’t looking for an ending on par with “The Mist,” mind you, but it did end all too happily for everyone involved, which felt a bit too much like “War of the Worlds.” There are little plot holes that I questioned – why move the nuke by train to San Fran when you knew the rail line would take it close to the MUTO’s path? Why not just fly it to San Fran or helicopter it in, which they actually did when the bomb arrived at the city? And in one scene, which has actually been used in the Asian trailer, you see the flying male MUTO gliding past a skyscraper, being watched through the windows by a corporate man. Seriously, why in the hell is there a guy working when the city has already been partially evacuated and you knew 3 300-foot monsters are converging on your city? Just little things like that were bit displaced, logically. But overall, it was better than I expected. I will have to go see it again in a few weeks – this time in 3D.

    • I’m not trying to start any kind of argument with you, dude, but you say “We older, more intelligent viewers” as though all of us younger viewers are the same as the dumb ones you’re describing. We’re not. Some of us do have attention spans and want a good story and characters as much if not more so than great effects. Just saying, no hostility intended. 🙂

  • Joshua

    I have to say that I enjoyed the movie a lot. It was well paced and when Godzilla shows up you are overjoyed. I understand people’s complaints but I feel this comes from a CGI overload. We expect to be bombarded with the monster from the moment we start which I feel cheapens the effect.

    I will say this, the movie could of used better dialogue and human characters. If only to make the dull moments better. I feel it is kind of like avengers was, the beginning was slow and tedious but the ending more than made up for it. I just wish there would of been a bit more wit and less serious staring.

    That being said everything else was great, i wasn’t expecting a good human story because their isn’t supposed to be one. I think the whole theme of the movie is that the humans, at the end of the day, don’t matter at all. They are at the mercy of these titans. There is nothing the hero can do except hope that a bomb doesn’t go off. He can’t beat the monsters the military can’t beat them, It is just us hoping to survive. And watching some bad ass monster fights (which they really are badass).

    I fee a bit that the reviewer was expecting something else. I’m not sure what he wanted the Godzilla movie to be but I thought it was a blast. It wasn’t the strongest movie in the world but I would definitely watch it again and recommend seeing it in movie theaters. Here is hoping the make a sequel and it only improves from this point on.

  • dman99999

    i thought was great didnt have any complaints really i thought they got into the action fast with muto flying out of the cocoon about 30 min into it and the final fight was awesome no boring points at all for me id give it a 8/10 or 4/5 skulls since im on BD

  • Is this movie scary at all?

    • Kevin McClintock

      Not really, though there is a scene on a train bridge/train tunnel that had me gripping the arm rest. I won’t spoil the scene for you, but it was pretty cool…

    • Bris Ben

      No, but the fan reaction to it is.

  • wjveryzer7985 .

    Movie was all I had hoped for. I literally felt like a little kid. Perfect buildup and amazing climax. I do have one question im surprised people arent talking about. There was an 8 legged kaiju in the trailers but wasnt in the movie….any ideas?

    • allen

      The female had 8 limbs.

      • wjveryzer7985 .

        I know. Not that one. Im talking about the centipede one from the first trailer that they showed laying dead. From what small info I can gather it was the original design for the muto but they scrapped it. Go back and watch the first trailer. The monster is HUGE. I thought it was odd because it was teased in the trailer and not in the movie.

        • Your Friendly Neighborhood Cra

          i just watched the teaser i never saw any centipede looking thing, what time in the trailer do they show it

    • Your Friendly Neighborhood Cra

      i know its like what all guys wish their first nut to be like instead its 5 min and your parants came home to early for you to get that other one off

    • DrForrester

      I think the dead centipede thing was strictly created for that proof of concept trailer. Or maybe it’s a future design of a Mothra baby.

  • HighDefJunkies

    Saw it twice. Liked it even better the second time. IMAX 3D is a must! Thank you EDWARDS!

  • Adam Clifton

    I thought this Godzilla was amazing. I’m really hoping it does great business at the box office so we get more of them. That last fight scene with Godzilla was incredible. Makes me want to see the originals

    • HighDefJunkies

      No worries about that. Sequel will happen.

      • EvanDickson

        Hopefully the sequel will be better.

    • Chance LeBoeuf

      Destroy All Monsters type sequel please.

  • thedragon803

    Fucking great. I was very pleased with the performances and the visuals, and the buildup was very well paced. It brought a real personal perspective and made the whole situation seem surprisingly plausible. For a movie about giant dinosaurs and flying mutants, it felt very emotional and engaging. The tension was never broken by inclusions of Hot Chick or Token Minority or Wisecracking Best Friend. These characters felt like real people. Kick-Ass (forget the actor’s name but IMO he owned as Kick-Ass) was definitely flatter than others but he kind of had to be because he was the audience surrogate for the most part. For his short amount of screen time Cranston cranks it to 11 in terms of hysterical panic and makes it no wonder no one would listen to him even though he’s 100% right. Very similar to Linda Hamilton’s lunatic mannerisms of Sarah Conner in T2. Someone with terrible knowledge that could mean the death of countless numbers with no one to believe them. And while some will complain there was a lot of teases in terms of the #1 reason why people want to see Godzilla – Kaiju Fight – when the Main Event finally happens it is so fucking rewarding. I just about creamed my shorts when Godzilla lets loose the Death Breath. And as far as the “Mutos” go, they may call them that but it’s TWO Kaiju and one of them can fly – I know an homage to RODAN when I see it. Being this is only Round 1 of what I hope is a promising franchise, I can’t wait to see what comes next. Ghidrah, I hope.

    • allen

      So having a Japanese scientist in a Godzilla film in which part of the film takes place in Japan is an example of tokenism.

      And if a kaiju can fly it’s basically Rodan.

      I learn cool new stuff everyday.

      • Your Friendly Neighborhood Cra

        yea like your that one asshole that has to associate race with everything, Godzilla is japanese made creature not american which means it came from Japan and the movies takes part in japan wouldnt it be a little strange if there wasnt a single japanese person it, thats like saying the last samurai was steriotypical because it had japanese people in it

  • Bris Ben

    I thought it was boring boring boring. And I also thought the visual effects of the monster battle just looked like a cg version of a man in a suit on a model with a cheap backdrop. There were also some really dumb things going on- like Godzilla being the hero who comes out when other monsters appear. Isn’t that a premise of the countless Godzilla sequels of the 60’s? It was really dumb.

    • jzsn

      Actually, Godzilla being the hero who comes to safe humanity was the exact purpose of why it was created by the Japanese following post WWII. And they revived this franchise following the exact same premise instead of distorting into something else like the 1998 movie did, which was really dumb.

      • Bris Ben

        Nonsense- Godzilla became a hero when he had a fan base — much like freddy krugar.

        • Master99

          Then you have never watched a Godzilla or Freddy movie then. Godzilla has always been they “good guy” who was teaching the humans about the error we made with the nukes, or protecting us from the monster/aliens set on destroying the earth. And since when did Freddy become the “good guy”? Maybe you are referring to Jason, and not Freddy (it’s kind hard to cheer for someone who messed with kids). Most people are wanting to see Freddy get what’s coming to him at the end of his movies.

          • Bris Ben

            Gimme a break man, the original Godzilla was a monster of terror and destruction. As was the ORIGINAL freddy. It wasn’t until the dumb as shit sequels to both franchises that both monsters became ‘stars’ in their own universe. Godzilla became the monster who fought off bad monsters while freddy became something of a rock star. Both were paradys of their original creation. As for freddy being kiddy ‘fiddler’ thet was the god awful remake. The original he was just a kid killer- and in movie land, that’s a device to rope in the fear of the kids watching it. Geeeeezus.

          • Master99

            Then you sir need to do a little more research. The tag “child killer” was a hint at being a kid fiddler. there was hints all through out the series like the way he licked the kid’s pictures in Freddy’s dead, or the saying that he loves all the children… especially the girls in Freddy vs Jason (i’m sure there is more, I just can’t remember them off the top of my head). I’m assume calling Freddy a kid fiddler would have hurt the movie back then (kind of like it did to the remake), which is why they went with murderer, and just through in hints of the other thing. Back to Godzilla, you’re right he was a monster of terror and destruction, he was the payback from mother nature for the nukes (meaning he was the good guy and human’s were the bad guys). We could argue this all day, but it’s clear you don’t like any sequels because they will never live up to the original in your eyes. Just ask yourself this: If someone could travel back to 1954 and play a copy of the new Godzilla movie side by side with the original, which do you think the audience (who get to see Godzilla for the first time) would like better?

          • Bris Ben

            If we’re going hypotheticals- I could also put the same question to you with the 98 Emmerich Godzilla.

          • Your Friendly Neighborhood Cra

            no way that one blows godzilla and freddy at the same time he needs to stick to natural disaster movies, the 98 movie sucked so bad TOHO took its name away and just gave it the name zilla, and i mean they legally changed it lol, “Godzilla dsnt want to be fed, he wants to hunt”

      • DrForrester

        Godzilla was created by the Japanese as a metaphor for the destruction caused by the atomic bombs during WWII. All he did in the first movie was come to Tokyo and tear shit up. He didn’t even really fill a hero role until the 5th movie in the mid-60s

  • Bris Ben

    The problems I have with it (spoilers)
    1. The opening credit sequence is pretty much the same as the 98 Godzilla.
    2. The reactor melt down not being explained for 15 years, and then when the characters venture in 15 years later its the exact same day that the egg hatches. Gimme a break!
    3. The ‘mutos’ venturing across the world to eat radiation and meet at San Francisco for mating – what???
    4. Godzilla chasing down the muto’s with the off hand explanation that he is a force of nature to bring balance to this sort of calamity.
    5. The sheer lack of Godzilla, and when he does appear, the cutting away from the action.
    6. The boring characters.
    7. The lack of any fun.
    8. The visual effects looking no different to a man in a suit on a model set in a studio.
    9. The complete lack of explanation of what Godzilla even is? There’s all this monster dilemma going on, but look, here’s a giant fat reptile to come and save the day.
    10. The promise of sequels.

    • Stitch_101

      “4. Godzilla chasing down the muto’s with the off hand explanation that
      he is a force of nature to bring balance to this sort of calamity.”

      This isn’t true. It was explained why he was chasing down the MUTO’s. The MUTO’s are parasites and a natural enemy of Godzilla. During the
      opening moments of the film, they find the skeletal remains of another
      ‘Godzilla’ creature that was infested with ‘spores’ as they called them
      (Basically eggs) from the MUTO’s. It was explained that the MUTO’s would
      infest the ‘Godzilla’ creatures with these due to the nuclear radiation
      Godzilla and his kind feed off of and contain, and the eggs needed that
      radiation to gestate. When Godzilla heard the male and female
      MUTO’s communicating via echolocation, he recognized it as the MUTO’s
      and there for a threat to himself, which is why he finally appeared to
      face them.

      • Bris Ben

        Yeah that’s some quality script writing right there.

      • Go Jira

        So the opening scene establishes that Godzilla was already defeated by mutos? Add that to fact using his own fire breath makes him pass out, the king of the monsters sounds to have been reduced to no more than a weakling.

        • Stitch_101

          An ancestor of Godzilla’s was, not Godzilla from this film. You’re making it sounds as though Godzilla is invincible, when he himself has been killed in several of his own films.

      • SniperInTheMist

        This mustn’t have been explained well at all because it was constantly re-iterated that Godzilla was there to be nature’s balance and there was not a single bit of dialogue about what you’ve written.

        If this WAS explained then it was awfully done.

        • Stitch_101

          It explained it well enough for me and everyone in my viewing party to understand it perfectly.

      • MegaSolipsist

        So they establish that the MUTO’s need to lay eggs in Godzilla’s, and then they meet up and immediately lay hundreds of eggs. In fact, the female already had the living eggs before she even met the male. The writing in this film was terrible.

        • Stitch_101

          You clearly didn’t didn’t read what I wrote. I said that they had infested the Godzilla creatures in the past due to the radiation they contained. If you stopped at all to notice how the female laid her eggs in the film… On that’s right, using the radiation from a nuclear bomb!

          • MegaSolipsist

            The female already HAD the eggs before she even met the male, and parasites need to lay eggs in their prey. Nevermind the radiation from the nuke, they couldn’t simply lay the eggs around it and not bother with the Godzilla.
            And that doesn’t even address the fact that the female had the fertile eggs before she met the male, as these MUTO’s clearly aren’t eusocial.
            Besides, those are some of the smaller plot holes in this film.

          • Stitch_101

            You are simply missing they fundamental point here. There are several creatures in our own world that “have eggs” before they are laid by the female, and further more are not even fertilized by the males of the species until after they are laid.

            Secondly, the eggs need nuclear radiation for the young to form in the eggs, not an actual host. Back in prehistoric times, the main source for the MUTOs of this nuclear radiation was the Godzilla creatures, which is why they are described as parasites. In this new world that the MUTO’s are hatched in, those creatures they once used as incubators are almost all but gone. But in its place is nuclear power that man has harnessed. You are under the assumption that they need a host to incubate the young. That’s not the case. What they need is nuclear power. Millions of years ago it was Godzilla’s kind. Today, radiation from a nuclear bomb works just as well.

            What you are calling plot holes here are not plot holes. Your llack of knowledge on animal biology paired with making wrong conclusions to the information given is making you see plot holes where there are none. I do agree that there are plot holes in the film (Most films these days have plot holes, they are almost unavoidable) but what you are pointing out is not one of them.

          • MegaSolipsist

            Lack of knowledge on animal biology? Ironically, you’re talking to a zoology student. Godzilla survives off the radiation at the bottom of the ocean, but there is no reason why the MUTOs couldn’t do this as well. Having exoskeletons, they would actually do better than he would. They also evolved over millions of years to parasitise Godzilla’s, and wouldn’t change from inserting eggs into Godzilla’s to just building a tower out of them just because they found a physically smaller source of radiation. Their instincts wouldn’t let them.
            If you want more plot holes, how about the female MUTO vivisected and then pout into storage for 15 years, instead of being continuously studied like the most incredible life form ever discovered that it was, with nobody noticing that it was still alive, or checking up on it at all over the next 15 years, or Japan not going “Hey America, our egg is doing freaky shit with radiation. What did you do with yours?” Or the MUTO knocking out aircraft with EMPs, forcing the military to transport a nuke by train, despite all military aircraft having had EMP-shielding for decades? Or the MUTOs chasing after one nuke while ignoring the aircraft carriers that are practically everywhere. Nobody at the Yucca mountain depository to notice the female MUTO growing huge and consuming all of the radiation and then breaking out until later people arrived?
            Yes, plot holes are almost unavoidable, but this film has more holes than plot, due to astoundingly lazy writing.

          • Stitch_101

            “Godzilla survives off the radiation at the bottom of the ocean, but there is no reason why the MUTOs couldn’t do this as well. ”

            That statement alone leads me to believe your statement about being a zoology student is BS. Again, you are making assumptions about an animal (fake animal at that) you have very little knowledge of and because you aren’t given a complete run down on its ENTIRE physical and existential existence, you start yelling “PLOT HOLE!” when there isn’t one. And seriously, saying they have exoskeletons makes them more suited to survive for long periods underwater? Yes there are aquatic insects, but there are just as many that can’t survive underwater. Again, it’s statements like this that make you “zoology student” statement very suspect. Having and exoskeleton does NOT equal aquatic animal. And even more so, any actual zoology student would know the difference of mating/fertilization and the act of creating eggs for the act of mating. It’s a basic animal reproductive process even found in humans! If you need it pointed out, women don’t have to have sex to produce eggs. Why do you think they have a period every month?

            And then you change the subject to something completely different because you realize you are loosing this argument on its original points. Well news flash, I clearly said I KNOW THE MOVIE HAS PLOT HOLES! That is not the purpose of the discussion, so bringing up any other one is irrelevant. The whole point of this discussion is the fact that your original statements as to a specific instance you claim is a plot hole is in fact not one.

            I for one am done with this conversation. This is an over year old article and you clearly have a deep dislike for the film that is going to keep you from having any kind of objective discussion about it that isn’t simply someone saying “you’re right, the movie sucked.”

          • MegaSolipsist

            Exoskeletons allow animals to survive more easily under great atmospheric pressure (though of course a hydrostatic skeleton is more effective) than an endoskeleton. I never said that an exoskeleton = aquatic creature. Please actually address what I write in future instead of attacking a point I never made because you can’t refute the one I did.
            They both derive sustenance from radiation, except that Godzilla is bigger than they are and so would require more, especially when the MUTOs are still in their eggs, when they would need a fraction of a percent of the radiation Godzilla requires. Ergo, it is not only radiation that they require but the parasitism of the Godzillas.Therefore, the MUTOs laying their eggs around the nuclear warhead simply because it is radioactive is indeed a large plothole.

          • Stitch_101

            Dude, sorry, I had to bite on this one. It really is my last one.

            I did address the points you made: in abundance! You seriously have issues with people disagreeing with you if you simply can’t handle a back and forth debate like this.

            In case you forgot, your statement about exoskeletons in your last post read this : Having exoskeletons, they would do better then he would… Living underwater being the better you were talking about. You are making the case by implying that exoskeletons=better aquatic survival. Not your entended line of reasoning? Well then maybe instead of attacking me for pointing out the flaw in your original statement you should have clarified yourself. And I know exoskeletons help living thing handle atmospheric pressure, but you’re failing to acknowledge that there are several different genetic make ups of exoskeletons in nature, some of which are not able to survive prolonged exposure to an aquatic environment regardless of the pressure present.

            And I’m so sorry, but it’s laughable that you attack me for not “actually addressing what you wrote” when you in fact guilty of the same thing! You have ignored several things I have wrote in this line of conversation in luea of trying to introduce new, and unrelated lines of debate unrelated to the original when it seems you have nothing to actually rebuts we with. MUTO eggs, I’m looking at you!

            And again, there you go making assumptions! Do I need to copy and paste the entire paragraph I wrote about that in my last post??? The truth is you have NO IDEA the levels of nuclear radiation needed for the MUTO’s to use during mating! You are assuming that because Godzilla is such a massive nuclear reactor that it’s that levels that the MUTO’s need. This is not necssecarly the case! We know VERY little about the world they come from, even if it is our own. Their reliance on the Godzilla creatures may come from convienece, or a host of other reasons that have nothing to do with levels of radiation. For all we know, using the Godzilla creatures as an incubator was just one of several ways they obtained the nuclear radiation needed. The entire base of your argument is fundamentally flawed.

            And that’s it. Reply if it make you feel better, but I won’t be reading it or replying to it. Peace.

          • MegaSolipsist

            “Godzilla survives off the radiation at the bottom of the ocean, but there is no reason why the MUTOs couldn’t do this as well. Having exoskeletons, they would actually do better than he would.”
            I was quite obviously talking about living on the bottom of the ocean, not simply being aquatic. If you read my post and still claim that I wasn’t clear about this, then I can understand why this argument has gone nowhere, as your comprehension skills must be, frankly, terrible if this really is the case.

          • Stitch_101

            Lmao they aren’t terrible! Again, and I feel like a broken record, you are making assumptions! Your entire assumption is on the bases that the MUTO’s exoskeletons are ones that could survive in an aquatic environment, which happens to include the bottom of the ocean. However, there is absolutely no way for us to know whether this in fact possible because we don’t even know the genetic makeup of there exoskeletons, how they resperate, or even how they evolved into the creatures they are. You clearly state that because they have exoskeletons, they should be able to survive the pressure of the deep oceans. And I was countering that just because they have an exoskeleton, it doesn’t mean that they could live in the water to begin with because in nature, not all exoskeletons are suited for prolonged water submersion, let alone deep ocean life. Seriously, and you’re telling me my comprehension skills are lacking?

            The fact is we know little about them because in the film they are new creatures with little scientific information available! Just because you think, based on very few facts that could support your hypothesis, that they SHOUlD behave a certain way (meanwhile blatantly ignoring the facts that contradict that hypothesis) doesn’t mean it’s a plot hole that they don’t!

            You sir are ridiculous! I mean seriously! Critically thinking is an important skill for anyone in college, something you are seriously lacking.

            Oh, and PS, great job of picking and choosing what to address in my post while ignoring most of it… You know, that thing you wrongly accused me of doing in your previous posts?

          • MegaSolipsist

            So you attack me for going into other topics and then attack me for returning to the original one?
            You aren’t looking for a debate, you’re just looking for reasons to insult someone who disagrees with you (which is, ironically, what you have accused me of doing).
            If you aren’t going to be reasonable, then follow through on your promises and don’t bother replying.

          • Stitch_101

            I attacked you for insinuating I lacked comprehension skills and went on to prove how you were wrong. And I didn’t attack you for returning to the original debate, I was pointing out the irony of you doing something you accused me of doing. And further more, most of those points I mocked you for ignoring are in fact part of the original debate. So your point there was, well, pointless. And part of having a debate is recognizing information and facts that refute your position and offer alternative narrative that could help reach your original conclusion. You have not done this once this entire time. Every point you have brought up I have been able to offer an opposing view that debunks that narrative, and instead of acknowledging many of those points, you have instead dropped that entire line of debate and focused on others that instead of offering any new information on, reword you previous statement to sound new and infallible regardless of how many facts I have presented to refute them.

            If I’m not looking for a debate, then by your own measure neither are you. In fact, based on your own commenting history, you’ve spent some time voicing your hatred for this movie. Based on this alone it’s easy to assume that you, more so then me, don’t want a debate. You just want an outlit to bash the movie. Which is fine. But seeing as these forums are in the public eye and open to scrutiny, just don’t go crying “you’re not reasonable” when someone points out the flaws in your reasoning.

          • MegaSolipsist

            If you want to believe you’ve ‘proven me wrong’ then go ahead. If you want to believe that you’ve ‘pointed out flaws in my reasoning’, then by all means do so. But believing those things doesn’t make them true.
            You didn’t debunk my points, you distorted them and attacked your strawman version of them. Those extra plotholes I brought up weren’t part of the debate, and when you pointed this out I moved back to the original focus, but you then make that digression the point of your comments.
            You’re bunkering down and acting superior because you can’t admit that you are defending a point that is indefensible.

          • Stitch_101

            Distorted? Really? You must have a seriously delusioned idea of the definition of distorted. And yes, yes they were disproven. Several of your points you never even bothered to fall back on after I point out the flaws in them. Simply go back and re-read the entire conversation. And the only plot point not part of the original conversation, the one I was mentioning in my comment (right after you brought up the plot point to begin with) was the the female MUTO storage in the American facility! That’s it! Every other focus of my subsequent comments have only included topics brought up before you tried to completely change the course of the conversation. The main bases of which has been the extant of nuclear power need by the MUTO’s, the way they lay their eggs and subsequently whether their physiology allows them to survive in deep ocean environments to access natural nuclear energy from the earths core (something you seem certain of despite not having anywhere near enough information about the MUTO’s to know if the actually could survive.)

            At this point, there is nothing either of us will say that will sway the other. You think I’m twisting things by lying out simple facts. Whatever. It is what it is. We are getting nowhere and think both our energies would be better spent elsewhere.

  • First off… godzillas design is friken amazing! I saw this in 2d and loved it.
    If I can see it on imax without 3d I am sure I would love it more. What I got out of it that I felt a lot of people missed was the predator aspect. They took him being the king of monsters schtick and turned it into 3 creatures fighting over a food source …nuclear energy.

    Despite the ending, as far as we are concerned .. gzilla could not give a shit about us. After reading other negative reviews, I find that here on B – D.. i’ve read the only logical one.
    I can agree with what the B-D reviewer said in some aspects, I feel he put in a lot of work to explain himself… as for other people bitching.. well its just a copy and paste world these days isn’t it.
    Sometimes its best to leave the critiquing to the critics.

    Cheers to a 2, 3, 4 or more!!! they are certainly heading in the right direction.

    • Stitch_101

      “They took him being the king of monsters schtick and turned it into 3 creatures fighting over a food source …nuclear energy.”

      Again… not the case. I find it interesting how some people misinturprited moments of the film. Godzilla wasn’t fighting the MUTO’s over a nuclear energy food source… And I’m too lazy to retype it, so I’m doing a copy and paste job here LOL

      The MUTO’s are parasites and a natural enemy of Godzilla. During the
      opening moments of the film, they find the skeletal remains of another
      ‘Godzilla’ creature that was infested with ‘spores’ as they called them
      (Basically eggs) from the MUTO’s. It was explained that the MUTO’s would
      infest the ‘Godzilla’ creatures with these due to the nuclear radiation
      Godzilla and his kind feed off of and contain, and the eggs needed that
      radiation to gestate. When Godzilla heard the male and female
      MUTO’s communicating via echolocation, he recognized it as the MUTO’s
      and there for a threat to himself, which is why he finally appeared to
      face them.

      • Yeah, I didn’t catch that was another Godzilla creature at the beginning. i assumed it was just a random creature. Thanks for re-pasting that , it makes sense.

        • Stitch_101

          No Problem 🙂

      • HighDefJunkies

        Godzilla and Muto were treated with intelligence. They are life forms and are treated as such. They don’t give a shit about humans. Just ants on the planet to them. Muto’s just wanted to eat nukes and breed. Godzilla is a predator and doesn’t like the Muto’s. It’s natures balance that benefited humans. I love that the Humans even tried to humanize the big guy at the end as we tend to do with animals. The ending was perfect!

  • Pete

    SPOILERS…. I liked this movie a lot. Godzilla was awesome every sec we got to see him. Which literately were seconds. But after I read who the director was, it kind of made sense after seeing his movie Monsters. If anyone has seen that movie, you would know you see very little MONSTERS and more people than anything else in the film. For Godzilla the plot died when Cranston did. After that it turned into a mess. Where’s my family, deploy the nuke, find the nest. You didn’t know what was going on. Usually there’s enough action going on that you don’t care, but this director took this movie way to seriously. I don’t think I laughed in this movie at all. What I did like was how they made Godzilla the hero at the end of the movie and people in the stadium cheered. That’s who Godzilla is the good guy. I’m sure there will be a sequel with all of the money this one will make, so please have fun with the next one, more Godzilla, and less leg fat (that boy was stumpy) lol

  • who did not like the “life force” reference at the end???

  • Eric Muldrow

    +**** Spoilers****+ Personally, I thought it made godzilla look kinda weak. He kept getting his butt kicked throughout the final battle. When he used his atomic breath, he would basically pass out from exhaustion…. How lame is that. I didn’t hate it, but I wanted godzilla to be tougher and a bit more devastating.

    • Your Friendly Neighborhood Cra

      you gotta think dude hes been sleeping for years wouldnt you be a bit out of shape if all you did was sleep for 75 years, and in the orginal films he was always getting tossed around it wouldnt be very exciting if you watched a two hour movie and te big monster batlle last 30sec because godzillas a bad ass hes a prehistoric beast, give him a break im pretty sure he’ll be more limber in the next one

    • DrForrester

      Godzilla would get his ass beat all the time in the old movies. It was just so much more obvious in the new one because his movements weren’t limited by the suit and thus could actually emote beyond waving his arms or doing other more human like motions. And even if his atomic breath would tire him out, the way he killed the second MUTO was about the most badass thing Godzilla has done in 29 movies

  • MegaSolipsist

    I think the 98 design was better, with Godzilla being leaner and faster, instead of looking like a fat reptile sumo wrestler with a tiny head.

    • the 98 design was nothing short of a lame geico add… i think they used that too??

      • that said … that was 98 and this is 2014 so maybe the geico dude was far more available back then.

    • HighDefJunkies

      So you liked the 98 design that looked nothing like Godzilla? The one that TOHO was so pissed they killed them in their own movie. That one? You have horrible taste and don’t get what Godzilla is and should look like.

      • MegaSolipsist

        With all the special effects of the modern world, the new Godzilla still looks like a guy in a dinosaur suit. The 98 one was at least physiologically accurate.
        Just because it looks like the original design doesn’t mean it looks any good. The original design was terrible because they had no special effects and needed to fit a guy inside Godzilla.
        I personally think a giant reptile is scarier when it’s running rather than waddling.

        • Your Friendly Neighborhood Cra

          you cant make a Godzilla movie and completely do the opposite of what he really is “the 98 godzilla now named zilla” because hes not god like enough to have his full name any older godzilla movie you see, he nevers gets killed by human weapons because just like in the new movie hes a force of nature not a man made mutation like the 98 movie and just like real life we like to think we can control nature. At best you can call the 98 film a kiju spinoff of the godzilla series thats why old godzilla kills zilla in like 28 seconds when they fight in “godzilla final wars” because hes just an abomination of nature and what is godzilla …….the restorer of natural order I.E. “God”zilla that and you cant kill the fucker even with nukes

          • MegaSolipsist

            In a lot of the older ones Gdozilla was created by nuclear radiation. He was designed to be the punishment for mankind’s sins incarnate.
            And I’m not defending the acting of the 98 one, I’m just saying that I think that design of Godzilla is better. The leaner physiology is more accurate, and that wins major points with me, although I realise that many people disagree with me. I’m just stating my opinion.

      • MegaSolipsist

        Also, you do realise that TOHO wouldn’t let them use the original Godzilla design, so they came up with a new one and said “It’s this design or we don’t make a Godzilla movie”. TOHO then approved the 1998 design, and after it was released and the fans went nuts because it wasn’t the original design (which they weren’t allowed to use) that TOHO did a 180 and said that it was terrible.
        If you don’t like the 1998 Godzilla design, then blame TOHO for it.

    • DrForrester

      ’98 “Godzilla” was a piece of shit t-rex ripoff. Godzilla shouldn’t run, he should lumber around and crush everything in his path

      • MegaSolipsist

        He could still beat the 2014 Godzilla in a fight.
        As somebody studying zoology, there isn’t much doubt in this. I’m afraid evolution trumps fanboyism.

        • DrForrester

          We’re talking about Godzilla. You’re really gonna try to get all scientific here? Definitely trying too hard to win an argument on the Internet. Anyway, one shot of atomic breath and ’98 Godzilla would be done. Especially if all it took to kill it were some missiles

          • MegaSolipsist

            The 1998 Godzilla took ~6 torpedoes to the flank, and due to the increased density of water (~700x that of air), a lot more of the force would have been directed into Godzilla.
            After he shook that off, he tunnelled under the city, coming out of Madison Square Gardens a few seconds after the missiles destroyed it, meaning that he was already inside when they went off, so he took 4 missiles TO THE FACE. Then he shook that off (like a boss) and started rampaging through the city, and was only killed when they hit him with another 8 missiles. He was a hell of a lot tougher than most people realise.
            And given that his jaws were at least 3 times the size of the new ones, he had at least 9 times the jaw strength.
            The first MUTO was killed by being slammed into a building. Previously, Godzilla had hit it with his atomic breath and all it did was knock it backwards. He barely hurt it at all.
            And if I was going to get completely scientific, both of them would be immediately crushed to death by their own body weight.

          • DrForrester

            Died by missiles. Your argument is invalid. And the flying MUTO was not hit by atomic breath. It was only the female, who wasn’t too tough to take it down her throat. Give it up guy, I’m not going to acquiesce just because you throw numbers in my face. ’98 Godzilla sucked, both the monster and the movie.

          • MegaSolipsist

            Sorry, wrong MUTO. And I’m not throwing numbers at you, I’m just pointing out that, due to his more realistic anatomy and physiology, and muscle size/power ratios, the 1998 Godzilla would probably beat the 2014 one in a fight.
            But hey, each to their own. You prefer one movie, I prefer the other. We each have our own opinions and let’s just leave it at that.

          • DrForrester


            /shakes hand

    • Daniel_Plainview_Milkshake

      the 98 film took the “God” out of “Godzilla”. It was Godzilla in name only and a terrible movie. The 98 Zilla was killed in seconds by the real one in Godzilla: Final Wars. The 2014 IS what Godzilla is and should be

      • MegaSolipsist

        Only because the maker of Final Wars hated the 1998 movie. Personally, I think that extremely short part of the movie was quite a petty jab, and seemed reminiscent of a man-child, but that’s just my opinion.
        And if the 1998 movie took the God out of Godzilla, then the 2014 film replaced it with Buddha.

        • Daniel_Plainview_Milkshake

          Have you ever seen a real Godzilla movie?

          • MegaSolipsist

            Complete Godzilla movies? The two American ones and King Kong vs Godzilla, but I have seen bits and pieces of a number of other ones.
            It’s funny how people complain that the 98 Godzilla died too easily, when the original Godzilla got killed by King Kong. Compare this to the ~18 high-yield explosives they had to hit the 1998 Godzilla with, and the 98 one is actually tougher than the original.
            Life is funny that way.

      • Muss Reyer

        Zilla only jobbed because it was written that way. Classic G was beaten by weaker monsters like Kong and Mothra. You’re like marking out at pro-wrestling as if it were true.

  • Saren Nevac

    Only thing is when they do sequels, they may have to go more b movie with the stories. Especially when they start adding Ghidrah etc to the movie. Realism is fine, but cant make every movie about a creature mutated by nuclear radiation. So G2 i want a meteorite that crashes with Ghidrah in it. lol

  • Go Jira

    Can’t wait to see it.

  • Krushulll .

    Not too sure why it was called Godzilla, it was more just a bunch of monsters fighting for some reason while some guy runs about doing stuff. One of them of happened to be Godzilla, who was fat and cuddly for some reason. I couldn’t take him seriously when I wanted to give him a hug for being so adorable. Going back to his original look didn’t do him much justice.
    It got a bit frustrating when it just kept dragging on and teasing monster fights until the very end, by then you just wanted Godzilla to finish stomping them so you can go and take a piss.

  • Master99

    Everyone claiming that this movie is nothing like the old Godzilla movies, really needs to go back and watch a handful of Godzilla movies. I say this because those awesome Godzilla fights that you remember from the movies, didn’t not happen throughout the whole movie like you are thinking they did. Every Godzilla movie gave us bad acting and long drawn out (boring human) scenes. That wait and anticipation is what made those fights stand out to you, and be more special. I’m a true Godzilla fan, and I can clearly see that a fan made this movie, unlike the people who made the 98 american Godzilla movie, which I would have liked if they didn’t call that monster “Godzilla”. I only have one complaint about this new movie (and it’s a small one), and that is we didn’t get Godzilla’s theme music before the awesome fight at the end.

    • “Every Godzilla movie gave us bad acting and long drawn out (boring human) scenes.”

      So that makes it okay for this relaunch to do the same? Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed it, but the human characters could have been handled much better and made for a more well-rounded film.

      • Your Friendly Neighborhood Cra

        what did you want to see a film about human or a film about monsters, the people were only in the movie so you had dialouge in the film, it was a reboot and the only reason for dialouge as to expalin godzilla and the mutos, if we had a movie with good characters people would be complaining about how godzilla wasnt even explained and why he here and all that, look at jaws the characters arent very strong in that either but ts still a hell of a movie, just because you know at the end the thing that is lurking out there will show up and you cant wait for why……because the characters arent very interesting. and for me what made this movie was the kick ass score compossed for im buying that shit

        • Yeah, you’re making apologist excuses for the characters sucking. And as a fan I can understand that, but it’s not a valid argument.

          It would’ve been quite possible for the characters to be endearing or at least a tiny bit interesting without stealing the focus away from the Monsters and destruction.

          If anything it would have made the monsters even more engrossing because you actually care about what’s happening in their wake.

          I agree the score was amazing.

      • Joseph Kool

        You probably loved the transformers movies right?

        • Despised them. If you are going to place some type of focus on human characters, it should be done in an effective manner. Both Godzilla and the Transformers movies fail in that regard.

          The difference is in Transformers you have a dozen talking robots that could have potentially worked in the forefront. That wouldn’t work for Godzilla, unless of course the movie was just an FX reel of destruction which arguably could have been better.

  • Kwonkicker

    This was the first movie in a long time I felt like a kid again. I grew up on all the classic Godzilla movies: The original ’54 film, Godzilla vs. Mothra, King Ghidorah, Mecha Godzilla, vs. King Kong (hell even that stupid Son of Godzilla). Loved them all. Seeing this in IMAX 3D with a HUGE crowd as well as a group of close friends, it was an intense ride.

    First off to all these pseudo intellectuals complaining about the film’s human element being wooden or dry or boring: THEY HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THAT WAY. Except for the first film, Godzilla vs Mothra and maybe Godzilla: 2000, the human component to the story that is Godzilla has always been at the least boring and uninteresting. Save for everyone’s favorite doctor, we really don’t care if any of the humans live or if they can go on with their lives after Godzilla’s destruction. The story is always about Godzilla fighting off monsters that are a threat to him and the earth; he’s totally indifferent to the affairs of mankind, hence his destruction. This film really captured that classic element of the original films: Humans running around, panicky, scared, ranting off constantly “Where’s Godzilla?”

    Next, the ‘lack of screen time’: Did some of you numnuts really think Godzilla would appear right off the back in the first half hour and it would be non-stop chaos from then? This is a story reboot, a retelling, there has to be a back drop to explain and set up the stage for his arrival on screen. But more than that consider this: The last American Godzilla film by Tristar came out 16 years ago. There is now an entire generation of kids whom have grown up since then, some have never even seen a single film, let alone the original 54′ film. This movie will now serve as a means for them to seek out the previous installments after seeing this latest version. The way his appearance was set up was terrific, bits and glimpses where needed and then a full screen arrival. More importantly: THE FIRST GODZILLA FILM WAS EXACTLY LIKE THIS. He DOES NOT show up right out the bat.

    I said it already but the King of Monster is back in a roaring kick ass time. I haven’t clapped and cheered so hard at a movie since Avengers.

  • Vadicta

    I expected to hate this but ended up enjoying it a ton. It did have a lot of a Jurrasic Park/Jaws feeling, but that was okay. And I felt that it just worked a ton. The military machoism (ala Pacific Rim) was down-played with characters that felt human and experienced pain and helplessness. The monsters gave such an exccelent sense of scale and power. Their fights were powerful and felt like the kinds of fight that monsters of this size would realisitcally have. And they were broken through the human pieces, so there were no hour-long destruction porn sequences (ala Man of Steel). It had an artfulness to it and a sense of surprise. Yes, there were some goofy coincidences to build-up setpieces and sometimes the seriousness didn’t mesh with the camp, but utimately it’s about super-sized monsters climbing from the ocean to beat each other up; I went in with a pretty heavily suspended disbelief.

  • Curmudgeon

    My review from another site;
    6/10 First off, it’s better than most of those older Godzilla movies with the little kid. The design of Godzilla in this one is absolutely amazing… it’s too bad he only gets like 5 full minutes of screen time. The two other monsters were pretty cool designs, too. Something like the Cloverfield monster with an angular and bird-like head, with one of the creatures having wings. The story was pretty good for a Godzilla movie…. pretty corny and far-fetched. My problem with the movie is that Godzilla is a secondary character and relegated to a back-up plan. He’s not the big lumbering scary monster from the sea, he’s more of a “government secret weapon”. There are even a few scenes with navy ships escorting him as he swims from Japan to America. Also, except for the last part of the last fight, they all just show the start and the aftermath of the encounters. To me, it felt like a 90 minute tv episode of a show that has had 3 or 4 seasons already prior. The last few minutes didn’t even make much sense and it seemed like a bit of a cop-out. I hope they have a sequel in the works, because I want to see more of this design but I hope they actually show more of the fighting. It was a fun watch, but I don’t think I’m gonna be seeing it again.

  • Brian Lion

    I saw this in IMAX 3D on Friday and haven’t really stopped thinking about it since. I felt as if I was 6 years old again watching Jurassic Park in theaters for the first time.

    To address comments I’ve seen on here:

    I thought the 3D was impeccable. I typically avoid 3D at all cost and have really only seen maybe 5 movies in 3D–disappointed with each one (save for maybe The Lego Movie). I feel like with most of them my eyes would start hurting within 20 minutes and I’d get nauseated as it progressed but that wasn’t the case at all here. It felt smooth and I didn’t really ever think about the fact that I was watching 3D.

    Yes, for the most part the build-up with human drama is somewhat boring with some cheesy dialogue and uninteresting characters, but to be honest, having seen Monsters and several Godzilla movies in the past, I was actually pleased with the amount of screentime that Big G and the MUTOs got. Plus it all made Godzilla’s excellent reveal all the more exciting. I really expected a lot less of them so I was completely thrilled with every aspect of Godzilla onscreen. They looked amazing, the fights were amazing, the way Edwards used the atmosphere to build suspense and frame certain shots worked so well. The throwback orchestral score was on point as well. I really enjoyed the shit out of this movie. It was so much fun. Those saying the entire thing was boring and that there wasn’t any fun factor, I feel really sorry that you were so negative about it. I honestly don’t see how someone couldn’t have gotten all giddy and excited by many moments in this film. I had a blast.

  • Canucklehead

    Saw this today….an excellent monster movie. The humans well….not so
    much…but when you do the monsters this well, I can forgive that. Far superior to the 98 version. Edwards clearly is a gifted filmmaker. Audiences seem to have no patience any longer, apparently wanting the payoff immediately after the opening credits roll but Edwards did a great job of building the tension and then delivering the goods.

    • Instead of putting my own reply I’ll just say that I completely agree with yours. Felt exactly the same way about it.

    • MegaSolipsist

      Comparing this movie with the very-badly-received 1998 film, and I think that the new movie had much better ingredients (actors, SFX, tone etc), but the 1998 movie used the ingredients much better. For example, they had Jean Reno for more than 25 minutes.
      That being said, this movie was better than the 1998 one *AS A FILM*, but when it comes down to which one I enjoyed watching more, the answer is the 1998 Godzilla by a clear mile. I could enjoy that movie as a bad film, but the new one is too good to enjoy as a bad film, too bad to enjoy as a good film, and too boring to re-watch.
      That’s just my personal opinion, though.

  • Daniel Alderson

    I’d read a few reviews before seeing this, and I pretty much disagree with most of them. I thought there was plenty Godzilla in here. I loved the pace, and the feel of the film. It was gorgeous to look at. My biggest problem came with the fact they tried to ground it all with such a sense of realism that the climax of the film ended up just being a bunch of huge monsters bashing the shit out of each other (humans are so small and ineffective there wasn’t a lot they could do). There was no suspense or feeling that there was anything real at stake. They tried to shoe-horn in a ticking bomb device to amp up the tension, but it was kind of half arsed. Even in the 1998 Godzilla film they had the human characters interacting with Godzilla to at least give you a frame of reference. It just meant that the last act, although pretty to look at, was quite flat, when it should have been exciting. I still enjoyed it a lot when I was watching it, only afterwards did something feel amiss.

    • MrAnger

      “the climax of the film ended up just being a bunch of huge monsters bashing the shit out of each other (humans are so small and ineffective there wasn’t a lot they could do).” That’s how it felt when they dropped the bomb on Hiroshima that’s the what Godzilla is about.

  • wolffearpain6336

    First why everyone is bashing Evan for his review is very juvenile. It is his opinion and if it infuriates you then you need to grow up plain and simply. Now Onto my thoughts of Godzilla.
    I loved this movie but it definitely had some flaws. Besides Bryan Cranston and the Japanese actor whose name slipped my mind, the other actors all put in weak performances. I know the script didn’t give them much to work with but it does harm the movie quite a bit. Also while a lot of people complain about how long it takes to get to the reveal of Godzilla and having to wait so long in till the fight goes down I think it was done great. Garreth did a great job building suspense in till it finally goes down and when it does it is done almost perfectly. The design of the M.U.D.O was good but Godzilla looks amazing in this movie and his roar is still stuck in my mind. I loved Pacific Rim but I believe Godzilla’s monster on monster fight were much more interesting. I do understand what Evan was saying in his review but I would give this movie a 8 out of 10 despite the poor human element in the movie. Go watch the movie and just share your thoughts and respect others opinions.

  • whiskaz

    I took my 6 year old son who nearing the end of the film leaned over and whispered “they keep showing his tail!” He got it.

    It wasn’t a terrible movie but it wasn’t terribly exciting either.

  • MrAnger

    It was a great film the attention to detail was fantastic and the fact that some of the animations looked like Godzilla was a dude in a suite was spot on even the bit where the muto fling had a puppet on a string moment was joyful. The monsters felt like Godzilla monsters and the animation was fantastic. If the film had been Godzilla all the time it would have been rubbish Godzilla is a human story and how destruction effects people Godzilla is about the tragedy of technology and how man has harness nature but has ended up doing evil with it, Hiroshima for example.

    Godzilla was a way for Japan to write about the tragic events without just showing people getting incinerated in a nuclear blast a way to grief and a way to overcome the deep anger and sadness those two bombs created for their country.

    Anyway if you have seen older Godzilla movies and love them dearly i feel you will like this Godzilla there were moments that took my breath away and moment that made my skin tingle. When he jumped out of the plane that was surreal and poetic and wonderful and a great peace of cinema.

    Godzilla will be one of those films that stands up over time as a great movie i also thing that GCI has really come into it’s own now this films proves that..

  • Darth_

    My favourite part was when the credits started rolling.

  • mr j

    this was a big disappointment too much boring i dont give a shit about humans not enough godzilla and monsters took too long to get to the point, for anyone who hasnt watched it skip the first hour and a half just watch the last 30 minutes anything before that is a waste of time. this movie should be 80% godzilla and 20 % humans on screen, instead its humans on screen 90% of the time and godzilla on screen 10% of the time, really for what happened in the movie they could of shortened it to 50 minutes long and still got the point of the whole movie, and every time it had those parts where you think your gonna see godzilla fight but then it cuts to humans scene is just a slap to the face the movie saying “haha you thought you were gonna see godzilla fight well no fuk you” no one gives a shit about humans

  • Daniel_Plainview_Milkshake

    I friggin loved it. Been a fan of Godzilla my whole life and loved seeing him done right on the big screen

  • Yourmommalikesit

    It’s not Godzilla, its a bastardized take by a team of bad screen writers and a over rated director who had one half decent film under his belt. Godzilla is a monster created by Nuclear tests in the South Pacific not a primordial lizard who evolved along side the dino’s to eat radiation on a early earth was more radioactive then it is today, you know LAME BS white washing of a great character. Why a weak reboot when the character is well established, why not a better script using the richness of the classic films and show how he could have came to the US south west for a better reason then cock blocking a poor guy trying to get laid in San Fran… The characters are more 2 dimensional then the movie poster in the lobby. It was just an excuse to let the lame team at Sam Winston studios give us yet another lame attempt American version and the director a CGI excuse to destroy Los Vegas and San Fran.. Even the parasites where horrible wannabe Gayos lamed named attempts…

  • Joseph Kool

    Godzilla 2014 is the greatest motion picture ever made and always will be. Hollywood should just stop making movies without Godzilla in them that’s how good Godzilla 2014 is.

  • general_vulcan

    I just saw the movie and it was awesome! Way better than the 1998 Godzilla.

  • ThunderDragoon

    I finally saw it earlier today and it was amazing. I loved it so much.

  • MegaSolipsist

    The characters were dull and had no development at all beyond what we knew of them in the first few minutes.
    It was stuffed full of good actors that did absolutely nothing. Why was Ken Watanabe even in this movie, or Sally Hawkins? The only reason Bryan Cranston was in the movie was so they could put him in the trailers and trick people into thinking it would be good.
    A giant, fire-breathing radioactive dinosaur is not something that should be taken this seriously. Hell, even the 1998 film wasn’t stupid enough to do THAT.
    Pacific Rim was better in almost every way because it knew that it had to be fun. When this made lots of money I knew there would be sequels, and when Gareth Edwards was confirmed for two sequels and the first Star Wars spin off a little bit of my soul perished.

  • Darkstar Legacy

    I’ve been a huge Godzilla fan ever since I was young and Godzilla is still my favorite today, and I think this movie has set a good image on Godzilla. I thought the movie was awesome and one of the best Godzilla movies yet. It could’ve been better but it was good enough to please a lot of people. My favorite part of the movie is when Godzilla uses his atomic breath. It was phenonimal the way it was executed, and the same can be said about his outlook and roar. I give a big thanks to Gareth Edwards and everyone else for making this movie possible. Now I’ve heard rumors from an online website that production a Godzilla sequel is being commenced and will be released in June 2018, featuring monsters Mothra, Rodan, and Godzilla’s arch nemesis: King Ghidorah; with Godzilla of course. I don’t know what your thoughts are about this, I just wanted to say it because production will begin soon, I don’t know when but soon. What I hope Legendary Pictures and Waner Bros. will do with this sequel will be like what they did with the first, but better, and not too much teasing. Godzilla 2014 is a great blockbuster with a good mix of elements. For those who love action thrillers, romance, sci-fi, and creature features go and watch this movie and give it your thoughts, cause the King of the Monsters is back and better than ever.

  • Blake Poole-Cook

    massive. steaming. turd.

  • Raja Wellth

    Since I am (obviously) the only person on the interwebz who notices or cares I just want to point out a few things I can’t seem to find anywhere.

    Godzilla 2014 movie poster:

    Godzilla’s actual size in movie:

    WTF? An insult to the viewers intelligence is an understatement. Godzilla is hyped up to seem so big….so big; yet in the movie he almost gets crushed by a building (not the empire state) and it nearly kills him. So the disproportions in size to promote the film I can forgive but the movie itself? God. The military had already established dropping a nuke on Godzilla doesn’t work. THIS IS ALREADY KNOWN. Why waste time and endanger human life by trying to shoot him WITH ANYTHING? When I see soldiers trying to run with rifles I can’t help but think “man, that must be heavy; and useless” All the scenes where the military wastes so much time acting surprised that missiles and other completely useless weapons do nothing. I kept waiting for some “adviser” or something to stand up and be like “hey guys; remember how a nuclear warhead didn’t do shit? Maybe we should stop intentionally putting our guys in situations where all they will accomplish is maybe irritating Godzilla and subsequently loose their lives for doing it. Just a thought guys…”

    I understand the luring and distracting but come on, I find it hard to believe any military (Hollywood fiction or not) can be that naive and asinine considering they knowledge that ALREADY posses about Godzilla’s size and strength.

    my only question is why? I thought the 1998 version was bad (even thought I loved it as a child) but this version…Godzilla was made out to be some kind of bitch who won because he got lucky some random soldier didn’t give enough of a shit about his own life and awaiting family to save Godzilla’s ass.

    Seriously, I never geek-rage on anything but after watching the film last night and scouring the web for ANYONE MAKING THIS SAME POINT. I felt compelled to comment. Seriously? Am I the only person on the planet who notices this shit? Honestly, this film served as a great way to fucking ruin the image of my favorite childhood monster. Thanks Legendary.

  • yngseph

    If godzilla wants to restore balance, why is it not killing humans?

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