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‘The Forest’ Early Access Delayed to May 30

It looks like The Forest won’t be making its way to Steam Early Access — and our nightmares — until May 30. That’s only a week later than we originally thought, so it’s hardly a big deal. Plus, it’s for a good reason: bug squashing.

This game is easily one of my most anticipated games of 2014, and that’s an accomplishment in itself when you look at the myriad indie horror games we have to look forward to this year.

The game follows a man who finds himself stranded, lost and alone on an island inhabited by tribes of cannibals, among other things. The goal is simple: to survive, and this can be accomplished by exploring the world, scavenging for supplies, and building and fortifying a base. Time is not on your side, as the baddies like to come out at night.

If you’re upset about the week that’s just been added to your already undeniably painful wait, here are some GIFs to make up for it.

First, a bit of turbulence. I hope he listened to the flight attendants when they told him to buckle up.


A lone totem. Ominous, no?


The aftermath of what looks like a gruesome fight, as our guy lead inspects his recently bloodied hands.


Then, a woodland creature is startled and scurries away.


And finally, turtles. Because why not?





  • Pav

    Soon we’ll enjoy this beauty nightmare

    • Adam Dodd

      ‘Beauty Nightmare’ was my nickname in college.

      • PonkoWonko

        Beautiful nickname

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