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Two Chimps Watched ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ In Theaters, and It’s the Cutest Thing Ever…

This morning I was running on the treadmill when a lady next to me put on “Good Morning America,” a show that makes my blood boil. Out of my peripheral vision I could see all of the asinine shit they were reporting on, and obsessing on how much I hate the show. That’s when they actually popped on something I couldn’t ignore – a story on two chimps who were taken to see FOX and Matt Reeves’ Dawn of the Planet of the Apes in theaters!

While “GMA” doesn’t have a story online, I was able to find a report on ABC News, embedded below, about these two-year-old chimps, Vali and Sugriva, who got to see Apes in a movie theater in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

The Daily Mail wrote about the two chimps who were able to enjoy the full cinema experience at the BigD Auditorium at the Carmike Cinema, in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, including buying their own popcorn and juice.

The chimps, who live at the Myrtle Beach Safari, regularly watch television as a form of entertainment – and are big fans of the latest movie’s predecessor, Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes.

Myrtle Beach Safari director Bhagavan Antle said the trip started as it would for most other people – with a trip to the confectionery stand where they got their popcorn and juice.

Dr Antle said: ‘They are smart – they knew to hand over the money to get their food and drinks.’

After settling down in their seats however it was time for them to turn their attention to the film itself.

Dr Antle said: ‘The older one, Vali, is a very bright guy, he’s watched the Lord Of The Rings many times, and he could follow the whole plot of the movie.’

Dr Antle said Vali was able to judge the facial expressions and actions of the characters to determine which were the ‘good guys’ and which were the ‘bad guys’.

He said: ‘He loves to clap – when he likes something he claps, so he clapped for the good guys, and when chimps don’t like what’s happening they hoot or bark, so when the bad guy came on he was barking.’

The chimps watched the film with some 1,000 other cinema-goers at the IMAX screen in the cinema complex – although not everybody was too comfortable having them present.

Dr Antle said: ‘A couple of people said very clearly “are you sure they should watch this movie, won’t they learn to take over the world?”

‘There were several people actually concerned about that.’

Image Source: Myrtle Beach Safari



  • MrXiro

    These chimps will be inspired to revolt against the human race… :-/

    • Taboo


  • Jay Bartholomew

    This is adorable.

  • Thanks for the coming soon Apepocalypae

  • Taboo

    I wouldn’t trust those chimps…

    • focus503

      Me neither, that one isn’t even watching the film, but rather scanning the audience for their reactions. He’s obviously an operative.

      • Taboo

        true loll

  • brewers_rule

    Creating couch potatoes out of wild animals. Science is fun, kids!

  • Fantasma George

    Hey as long as it’s not ‘Normal Porn for Normal People’ what these chimps are watching and emulating their pink friend in that then we might be in the clear!

    ‘Might’, of course…

  • BahlSanchin

    Not cool at all. That film is far too violent and disturbing for young children and young chimps aren’t all that far off. I really hope they weren’t traumatized by the battle scenes.

    • Travis

      Yeah, you’re probably right. What could a chimp see in the wild that could be as terrifying as a movie.

      • Arobertson8205

        they’re domesticated

  • David Speranza

    They’re NOT monkey!!!

  • focus503

    All fun and games until someone loses a thumb or their testicles.

  • Buddy

    The comments from people thinking this could actually happen shows how intellectually crippled and scientifically illiterate our society has become. Read some books people and learn something!!!

    • Gavin Palmer

      I know right, people are being really dumb to think this could actually happened

    • macguffin54

      I can safely say people don’t think it could really happen. But in a joking, “hey, should we really be showing them how to take over the world, ha ha?” Kind of way they are brining up the subject. Because, you know, they have a sense of humor. Lighten up.

      • Guest

        Thanks for assuming I don’t have a sense of humor. You don’t know what you’re talking about. There are people that still believe big foot and the lochness monster exist therefore I highly doubt it was in a ‘joking’ manner as you say. 30% of Americans still believe the earth is 6,000 years old, you’re highly underestimating human stupidity.

      • Guest

        Thanks for implying that I don’t have a sense of humor. You don’t know what you’re talking about. There are people that still believe big foot and the lochness monster exist therefore I highly doubt it was in a ‘joking’ manner as you say. 30% of Americans still believe the earth is 6,000 years old, you’re highly underestimating human stupidity.

    • The_Banshee

      Fuck off, you know precisely shit yourself.

      • Buddy

        Wow you really hit me with a doosie right there.

  • Rich Nowak

    Google Charla Nash and tell me if you’d wanna be in the same theater as chimps

  • Nick Carton

    People are worried that the chimps are gonna imitate the movie? Personally I’d be more worried by them imitating real life chimps and eating someones face in a moment of anger

    • Michel Raymond Rabideau

      Or ripping someone’s nuts off, they do that in bursts of anger too.

    • Jan_pachter

      I would be more fearfull of you fellow humans, chopping your head off.

      • fato_progugus

        …or blowing you away after you receive a text message.

    • Lyle Chip Chipperson

      That’s fwawking hilarious. Like that time that monkey ate that lady’s face. My muder said to me “Chippah did you hear about that lady that had a monkey eat her face?” and I was like “Yea, and why is Lamar pumping into your face inbetween words?” tttsssss then she was like “Because that’s how I get drugs from him for free.” haha homerun Chippah!

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  • Kyle Withrow

    ummm that’s adorable…the only sad part is that the chimps will have to spend their lives out in Myrtle Beach, gross.

  • Anand Agarwal

    now who will call himself as ceaser ?

  • JackDeth

    Get yer stinking paws off my popcorn, you damn dirty ape!

  • SaltSlasher

    This is the beginning. Movies will allow other mammals to evolve and to become lazy virus’s like humans.

    • James Godin

      Evolve? Bwaaaa! People still people in that crap?

      • sfdg

        yes. for the last hundred and fifty years.

        • James Godin

          Only a small % of people still believe in that fairy tail. No wonder.

      • Kevin

        Oh don’t tell me you actually believe aliens put us here. Seriously, that is just ridiculous, you need to lay off the sci-fi movies James.

        • James Godin

          LMFAO Aliens. No the truth is GOD put is here, & that is why more people believe in GOD than anything. Aliens bwaaaaaaaa!!!! No maybe we live in a matrix. What an ass you made an assumption that was way off. Aliens I cant stop laughing, How could aliens have created us when these little grey heads need us for sperm? You dumb people you must really work at being stupid. The truth is “aliens” are fallen angels. Any intellect knows that.

          • Kevin

            Oh, wait. You mean you actually believe your magical sky friend *poofed* you into existence, and that you are a special little snow flake in his Universe? Wow. I was trying to give you the benefit of the doubt with aliens. Unlikely hypothesis, but at least with a bit of plausibility. The magical sky friend hypothesis….. yeah. I guess ignorant peasants have always looked to magic to explain scary lightning, not a surprise some of your type are still running around.

          • James Godin

            LMFAO Thank GOD you openly make up less than 1.5% of the population. The fact that you talk about GOD as a “sky friend”puts you at a third grade level. Now why would someone like me want to stoop down & try to explain something to a chihuahua. Aliens are “fallen angels”, christians make up 62% of the world population backed by the best selling book of all time.So please stop boring me with your childish answers, I argue UP not DOWN.

          • Kevin

            “Magic, invisible sky friend” is a valid colloquialism to describe the concept of god. If you were to describe what a typical god is to someone with no concept of a god, it makes sense. People like you claim an actual connection, thus the “friend.” He is perceived only to you, thus “invisible.” You ascribe his as being housed in “the heavens” which translates to “sky.” And you ascribe powers to him that go vastly beyond any known or feasible scientific models, thus “magic.” So yes, to an outside observer, he is your “magical, invisible, sky friend.”

            Your 1.5% statistic is, obviously, made up. The numbers are much higher. What is also interesting, the higher a person’s education, the less likely they are to believe in a MISF. When you reach doctoral level and post-doc, the vast majority of people are agnostic or atheist. Also, in general, the higher the country they live in ranks on HDI, the less religious the people.

            So your attack on me is that I am in the intellectual and educated elite, in alignment with people from the most civilized, wealthiest, safest, happiest, best educated and healthiest nations. You are bragging that you are part of the poorly educated, desperate, unhealthy, poor masses.

            Alright…enjoy that.

          • David

            right but God aint a magical invisible sky friend. No christian in their right mind thinks that. Maybe you got too into the sunday school stories. Just cause there’s probably not some bearded guy with a halo doesn’t mean theres no God… maybe you don’t know what the word means. More like all-encompassing being… or alpha/omega, the universe, energy, the force what ever you wanna call it. Whether or not the Jews are his chosen people and Jesus was a manifestation of God is another debate. Now stop hating on religion just cause your parents were stupid christians and thought God sat on some marble chair in the clouds.

          • Kevin

            It is all semantics to me. Judaism, Christianity, Islam….same to me as Greek vs Roman gods. No different than Norse, Egyptian, Summerian, Hindu, whatever religions. The difference might seem great to you, but it is all fairy tale to me. What is important to me is if god is a valid construct. I’ve seen no measurable evidence to believe he is or could exist in any way laid down in the Bible, Koran, or Torah. So whether he is depicted as “all encompassing” or some old dude sitting on a chair is not relevant. They are both fantasies dreamed up to comfort people scared of the unknown and scared of mortality. Since I am not afraid of the unknown or mortality, your funny little gods are of little interest to me. Since the Universe endures precise and in accordance with governable laws, the only god I could deem potentially valid is a god totally absent from the Universe and in no way altering its laws. But since he would have to be absent, he is also irrelevant.

          • Guest

            I cant stop laughing you are so stupid. You are not the elite the are luciferian satanist worth billions, you are some strange person with no savings. My statistics are not made up you are just in denial, its easy to push away the truth because it does not fit into you’re small mind.

            Whats comedic is the man with the highest I.Q. to date Christopher Michael Langan is also a christian. So what would you know about intellectuals in invalid because I have proven you wrong. BTW Einstein believed in GOD. Your argument is invalid. Maybe you should research before you open your pinhole it would save you some embarrassment.

          • James Godin

            I cant stop laughing you are so stupid. You are not the elite they are luciferian satanist worth billions, you are some strange person with no savings. My statistics are not made up you are just in denial, its easy to push away the truth because it does not fit into you’re small mind.

            Whats comedic is the man with the highest I.Q. to date Christopher Michael Langan is also a christian. So what would you know about intellectuals is invalid because I have proven you wrong. And everyone knows you are no intellect look at the comments you post, its obvious. BTW Einstein believed in GOD. Your argument is invalid. Maybe you should research before you open your pie-hole it would save you some embarrassment.

          • Kevin

            Oh, and bad news. Christianity is only 31% of the world’s population, and its percentage share is falling the fastest of all major beliefs (including non-belief.)

            And from the same study:
            59% of the world said that they think of themselves as a religious person, 23% think of themselves as not religious (agnostic,) whereas 13% think of themselves as convinced atheists.
            Atheists are the fastest growing group, followed by not-religious. Religious as a demographic is shrinking, with Christianity falling the fastest.

            Although numbers are not precise, the Bible has been printed as much as a Billion times in the past 2000 years. The Lord of the Rings/Hobbit books have been printed 400 million times in the 60 years since their creation. And in just 15 years of publication, the Harry Potter books are over 500 million. So in terms of distribution over time, the Lord of the Rings and Harry potter are absolutely killing the Bible. Which means, if you base your religion on book distribution, I’d recommend you start looking into elven deities, Saurun, or a school of magic.

          • James Godin

            Lol and you think these are facts? When atheist’s get above 10% let me know. These “facts” or whatever you are talking about must come from some gay handbook. Based on the truth these facts are not found anywhere except your comments. No little boy like you is going to bluff an adult with lies. It hasn’t worked for centuries. Keep dreaming!

  • Ian Waller

    What dumbshit decided to let two potentially dangerous animals into a movie theater? I don’t care how well trained they are, most types of simians are volatile and unpredictable little critters with strength that is more than proportionate to their size. If they’re brought into a place that would be overcrowded with people like that, they could potentially panic and go insane, and if that doesn’t happen, putting them in a big dark room with a screen flashing loud images of violence and death could be VERY overwhelming to their primitive senses and cause god knows what type of reaction.

    • Drool Bear

      Like really you care. Your not fooling anyone.

      • Wallace Morrison

        True. His intelligence is less that of any primate. He’s probably fondling his little cousin.

    • Dave

      Humans in movie theaters seem to be far worse these days.
      Aurora, Colorado. Wesley Chapel, Florida.

    • Wallace Morrison

      You just one all kinds of awards for ‘Stupid’.

      • Brady Fontenot

        Dude, it’s ‘won’. not ‘one’….if you’re gonna call people stupid, probably a good idea to not show your own stupidity.

      • The_Banshee

        No, he really isn’t fuckwad. This was a moronic stunt.

    • Amber Hill

      Most peoples children act worse with out any provocation and they still get to go to the movies. I say let them have fun!!!

    • Mattie

      Oh so they are more dangerous than the James Homes who shot up half the movie theater in Colorado? If you ask me humans are the ones to be scared of in movie theaters. Not chimps, who probably have handlers and trainers prepared with tranquilizers on hand in case something went wrong. Maybe we should have the same precautions for crazy people? Think about it.

  • WalkingDeadGuy

    Too damn cute! They’d probably be better audience members than half the people I see movies with.

  • CandiApple

    Better question…is that Slick Rick or Nick Fury in the back? LOL

  • Morley

    And in a few years….the chimps could be chewing the faces off their handlers. They don’t belong in movie theaters or anywhere outside of the wild.

    • Ankit Singh

      Really? And you think you do? Talking monkey.

  • James Godin

    Evolved? I cant stop laughing. I keep forgetting TV people in stupid crap.

  • ThunderDragoon

    That’s adorable, but I bet they got some ideas from the movie to kill us all. XD

  • Brady Salesman

    This is gonna cause a uprising why do people do that

  • GL

    who cares Oh My god now I am one of the looser’s commenting on this crap

  • Anita Lorenz

    These guys are just babies but they will be potentially dangerous when they get older. They belong in their native habitat, though. They are fascinating creatures and very intelligent, and for that reason captivity must be just awful for them.

    • VideoboyMatt

      Yes sitting in a movie theater, looks like they were in a lot of turmoil….or not.

  • Siddhesh Jaiswal

    Like the names :D, Vali and Sugriva,
    Names of two Kings from Indian Mythology who are part of a half human-half monkey race.

  • elpinche

    It’s all cute & fun until the chimps rip your face off.

  • William Sanders

    Hey some monkeys watched Dawn of Apes…Oh and there were some chimps there too.

  • Sunshine1011

    Monkeys in Myrtle Beach? Just go down Ocean Boulevard….

    • Arobertson8205

      Or better yet….Any Red Sox vs Yankee game.. .

  • El Plo

    I think those chimps should take over the world… I mean could they make it worse? We might be in a better place with them rather than our elected officials! Congress and Obama!

    • Arobertson8205

      Only a idiot would think like you

      • Rebecca

        Watch who you call *an* idiot, idiot.

    • Concerned Employee

      Congress is run by the republicans and the Sentate by democrats, Obama is also a democrat… so you don’t like the republicans or the deocrats elected… are you a communist?

      • Anthony J Bell

        Independent. Socialist. Both liberal and conservative. You don’t think for yourself

  • Bud

    Well, it was “TAKE YOUR CHIMP ANYWHERE DAY” now we really know how stupid human are but there is hope, Let hope for nuclear winter then the ant can rule as it is meant to be.

  • OceanSlaughter

    Come on guys, quit monkeying around!

  • BobH137

    We have raised a nation of village idiots

  • The_Banshee

    This is idiotic. Chimps cannot understand a film, sorry. If you know anything about ape intelligence, you know this is bullshit.

    • BahlSanchin

      They can’t understand the language, but they can comprehend things like tenderness and warfare.

    • Jonathon Aleman

      I didnt understand IP man but DAMN it was a good movie

  • OMG Chimps aren’t monkeys. I get they needed 90 puns for this piece, but how about some accuracy.

  • Did they have to take a bathroom brake LOL

  • Nameless

    I bet they were less annoying than teenagers.

  • Adam Miller

    I loved the movie, and this is exactly the type of behavior the film makers were speaking out against. These animals shouldn’t be forced to live in captivity, and drug around for stupid PR stunts. They should be with other chimps doing what is natural to them, not sitting in a movie theater eating popcorn. This is isn’t cute, it’s ridiculious.

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