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[TV] “Resident Evil” Series Heading to “Arklay”?!

Bloody Disgusting reader ‘Cliff L.’ tipped us off to a company that’s allegedly developing a television series based on the popular “Resident Evil” video games.

Clearly inspired by FOX’s “Gotham,” the series’ title is “Arklay,” described as northwest of Raccoon City. There, players found the Arklay Mountains, Arklay Mansion, and more notably the Arklay Laboratories.

Mance Media is behind said scripted series created by newbie Shawn Christopher Lebert. The show is said to delve into the mysterious homicides of Raccoon City.

Here’s the official pitch: “When Detective James Reinhardt is thrust into a series of bizarre homicides, he unravels the city is hiding a dark conspiracy. Learning a fatal virus is connected to it all, Reinhardt discovers it’s already coursing through him. With time no longer on his side, he must solve the conspiracy to save his own life.

Below is a pitch reel used to show tone: it’s not footage from this series, but from “Hannibal” and others like it.



  • JonathanBarkan

    FINA-FUCKING-LLY! Bring it to the place where the zombie horror truly began!

  • Sick_skwerl

    I could get into this.

  • Grimphantom

    It’s interesting but you do expect have more elements to show that’s a Resident Evil TV series aside of Raccoon City. If it’s good and how the series slowly shows more elements of Resident Evil it might turn good.

    • JonathanBarkan

      The original game took place almost entirely in the Spencer Mansion in the Arklay Mountains, which was outside of Raccoon City, so I’m totally okay with this!

      • Grimphantom

        I know tho would be great if we heard of characters from the Spencer mansion like the architect that was working on the mansion and his family to tie in on some RE reference 🙂

  • Khy

    Almost every week it’s an announcement of a TV series. I wonder just how many of these proposed shows will even make it to air. Right now Scream is the only one that is close. Evil Dead, Friday The 13th, Resident Evil ect- we’ll see I guess.

  • ThunderDragoon

    YES! Best news I’ve heard all day.

  • Saul Silver

    Thank you Thank you my dream come true… If i had the money i were finally ready haha and had don alot of Good Films like the Games 😀 <3

  • Oh god please let this be true and not the rumour mill at it again. #geekingout

  • Ress EZ

    It’s becoming more and more apparent that horror is making waves on the small screen. This is definitely good news. For some reason I think this is better news than Scream TV series announcement.

    • Aentik Sparda Ten-no

      well lets see who they cast if they reach forthe S.T.A.R.S part still i think its better tan RE 6 or 7nth movie gee only 2 was decent, anyway letshope they do a real amazing thing and not some tv disgrace ¬¬

  • Jose Rizal Jr.

    Guys, you do know this is a fanvid right? This was made by editing together different scenes from different films, mostly from the recent Hannibal TV series. The so-called detective in the story is actually Will Graham, a lead character in the Hannibal TV series. Here’s a picture to show it…
    So I’m like, what the hell?

    • Sleebs

      A pitch reel is a video using pre-establishing material so that people can understand the tone.

      As the article says, “Below is a pitch reel used to show tone: it’s not footage from this series, but from ‘Hannibal’ and others like it.”

      Be kind and please read. 🙂

  • Guest

    “Below is a pitch reel used to show tone: it’s not footage from this series, but from ‘Hannibal’ and others like it.”

    Be kind and please read. 🙂

  • Thor Erik Printz Brostigen

    Please make this happen. If done right this would be EPIC : )

  • Tosufai

    Steps for making a decent Resident Evil TV show:

    Step 1. Make it nothing like the films.

    And there you go! Total success.

    • matt671

      step 2: keep it in the story line of RE1-CVx

  • MessiahComplex

    Just No. Sounds crappy. Its not Resident Evil without the characters why do people have such a problem casting a Redfield or Valentine.

    Who the fuck is James Reinhardt? I couldnt give a toss about someone I’ve never heard of in a series I know and love.

    Hope this gets stuck in developmental hell. Nobody wants to see this shit after a couple episodes. Its easy Hollywood copy the games characters, plot, music, enviroments, BOWS and you will have a show that makes the Walking Dead look like Teletubbies.

    The only way this show would work is if Reinhardt (shudders) dies at the end of episode 1. The show opens in Raccoon City we follow Reinhardt he is a reporter. He heads into the woods and finds evidence of foul play, he is chased and biten by Cerebus dogs but makes it into an old cabin. He collapses on the ground and passes out, when he comes to he sits up and the camera is filming from behind him so we cant see his face. He get up as the camera pans around and his eyes are white and he has turned into early stages of a zombie.

    Flash screen Resident Evil. The camera follows a man into a police station showing only his legs and shots from behind his back. He walks up to the reception of the RE2 main hall and hands his card over to the receptionist to sign in. The computer screen shows his face and the name Chris Redfield. ‘Thanks’ he says as he walks off heading for the door. The camera pans around the main hall showing several characters such as Jill, Wesker, Barry, Marvin, Forrest, Richard. As episode 1 ends.

    Now thats the shit I wanna see. Not some pansy ass knock off shit that doesnt involve my beloved characters.

    • Sleebs

      Did you ever ponder that *gasp* the characters are already going to be involved and they’re there to surprise us? A synopsis won’t give away everything lol

      • Chris J Arnot

        Also maybe it will give us a more in depth look at what exactly transpired at arklay mansion. Just like the Gotham show and Bates motel is doing. BEFORE it was riddled with zombies and creatures.that would interest me a lot.

        • MessiahComplex

          Yeah Chris I would be up for that if say Episode 1 or Season 1 just focused on pre Mansion Incident. Then goes into Resident Evil 1 and so on. However the whole series being focused on an unknown, well how far can that go? Plus it will piss alot of people off and is pointless unless they do a TON of research and follow the canon.

          If it is not canon and has no characters or plot that involves RE then what are they doing? Why even bother to purchase the rights and make an RE show. Just seems pointless.

          • Chris J Arnot

            Maybe start from the beginning. When the mansion is being built and planned out. People being hired to take part in research. There’s plenty of space to add to the story while hinting about things we all already know and giving homage to how things came to be. Just a tv show that follows the events we already have played through would get predictable and boring despite how cool it could look.I’m looking forward to this. Just anything centered on where it all began will hold my interest if well written and executed.

          • MessiahComplex

            Absolutley I can get behind that however going off that description of their pitch it sounds to me like the virus has already escaped.

            Why didnt they make the main character George Trevor? You can do Season 1 about GT and his visit to Spencer and the planning and building of the Spencer Estate. Also throw in a few characters who are working on the Progenitor Virus such as Birkin and Wesker. Hell that would be AMAZING!

            However I get the feeling that this show is going to be completley a spin off. About a new character. Focusing on him trying to uncover the truth about the virus. Its quite possible that there will be no Umbrella, No Spencer, No Stars and quite possibly low budget just focusing on the small things.

            Like I said if they are not going to have any of the characters or follow the TRUE CANON then what is the point? Why use the rights for Resident Evil? The movies have raped the franchise and the series is in deep trouble as it is. If its not going to help the games in anyway just leave it alone. Call it Infected or some shit and I might get behind that abit more.

          • Chris J Arnot

            I agree entirely about that. The reason I’m excited for this is because there’s a severly small chance that it will be what all of us that honestly love the classic resident evil story have been waiting for ever since we survived the nightmare for the first time.

      • MessiahComplex

        If you read my post then I did say that I would be ok with it if the characters came into the show gradually.

        HOWEVER do you honestly believe that A) They wouldn’t advertise having the main characters to draw the fans in. B) You take their word for it? Hey man you sure are setting yourself up for the fall. I bet 90% of people thought the samething about the movies. Oh the trailer didnt show them but I bet they are in there. Ok the first movie set the show up the sequel will feature the characters. Granted they did show up but by that point they were just canon fodder, skins of characters just dressed like Chris and Jill with absoultley nothing in common with the characters they were respresenting.

        After the movies which gave a true RE fan absolutley nothing you have to understand that we would much rather see nothing than another rip off that rapes the series of any dignity it has left. Silent Hill followed the plot, Last Of Us is going to follow the plot. Hell even Mortal Kombat followed the plot. Why are RE fans constantly being shit on when all they have to do is literally copy the blueprints that have been laid out for them.

        We have had a reimagining of the series and we have had a what if. So why cant we just have a true RE film or TV Show.

        • Sleebs

          I know that you’re worried, and I would be too IF this synopsis was for a film. Having an original character for the protagonist in a film would be worrisome, but you have to look at the facts — if you can even call them that – Arklay is a TV show. TV shows requires a decent cast. Who’s to say season 2 might have a perspective change? Reinhardt is infected, he might even die for all we know. It might even be a red herring, we don’t know.

          Plus, where does it say anywhere that Mance Media officially authorized sending over this information? If one were to pitch a synopsis, it’s short and you have to sell the idea on what’s compelling for the arc. When this news “officially” is announced, I’m sure we’ll see MUCH more. Now that I’m looking over it more, it may even be leaked as it was sent from a reader.

          I guess I’m an optimistic person, but I’m a huge fan too, but we have far more positives than negatives about this. Just keep your fingers crossed my man!

          • MessiahComplex

            That I will, however I am never going to get excited about this until I actually watch it and then I will go in with low expectations. I did this for the movies to but that still didnt help.

            The RE franchise has such a rich backstory which is not just from the games but translations (When Capcom USA translate the game it sometimes has completley different dialouge) the books, files, weskers reports and so on. If they take all this into account and put it in a show with the characters and main plot well…..I could die a happy man.

            I just dont want to see another ‘what if’ or ‘spin off’. There are more of those latley than actual REAL CANON.

  • I loved Resident evil- games 1-3) but the whole franchise has been milked to death – you have a whole film series (relevant or not), sequels, remakes, hd remakes!, reboots, first person shooters, comics, and now a tv series. Oh well, I understand that someone can enjoy the series but I guess I will not be among them. They have pretty much explained everything of everything and the whole mystery of the creepy mansion in the year of 1996 when I first played that game now looks like a joke. Am I the only one? (probably yes)

  • Bobby Jones

    if it’s good i’ll watch it. if i see any gay vampires or werewolves then i will not be watching. if i see gay zombies, i’ll blow up my tv and never watch anything again.

    • michael35

      Intolerant much? You can easily turn the channel ya know.

      • Bobby Jones

        yup,free country

      • bfe6526666623525252252


    • bfe6526666623525252252

      umiru bolno.

  • Wolf Rico Hershey

    lol did anyone notice that there are compiled screnes from any other movies? world war z for example & the opening from the evil dead remake xDDD nice try really but still fake LOL

    • Anon

      “Below is a pitch reel used to show tone: it’s not footage from this series, but from “Hannibal” and others like it.”

      end of the article

    • Read the whole article before posting.

    • Sean

      womp womp

  • Dimitri Theodosakis

    Just no unless on FX or HBO or Showtime or AMC never on Boardcast

  • Becky Kelly

    Well I hope the son’t Mary Sue it like they did the RE movies. I mean, an army of Alices? Come on, just no! However, if they stay true to the Resident Evil storyline (Like who the hell is Reinhardt?) with the Orginal Character like Chris, Jill, Wesker, Leon and Claire then I’m all for this, it has to be done properly though!

    Maybe on HBO or Fox? I hope this turns out as well as they’re hoping since there isn’t nearly enough zombie series on TV, sure we having Walking Dead but that’s like the only decent one out there.

    • bfe6526666623525252252


  • actual fear

    please no

  • Braiden Jolicoeur

    Please add Julia Voth if they are adding jill , she’s amazing , I don’t want a cheap knock off

  • L A Von York

    I am all for this as long as the show is picked up by a good network and they borrow elements from the RE series (maybe even a few characters!)

  • Christensen

    Can someone make a list of ALL horror franchises that have gotten a tv series spin-off in the past year? Im guessing about 30. But alright…. work.

  • Sagir Khan

    Come on! Give us rookie cop Leon Kennedy! (And Julia Voth in any capacity)

  • Ian Stone

    Here we go again…

    If we have anyone in this thread who “knows a guy who knows a guy” that works with Capcom/The Producers of this series, just have them look at the critique here or this series is doomed.

    Firstly, Reinhardt the investigator? Say hello to the new Alice I guess, a person who had nothing to do with the story now stealing the spotlight to give us a mediocre representation of the story. There are a million ways you could have adapted this to not be just a screen play-by-play of the games, and you chose the way that has ALREADY BEEN PROVEN TO DISAPPOINT.

    Secondly, you do realize that by having the “find the cure before time runs out” already makes the major theme of the show sound dated and temporary. You aren’t that ambitious about this, are you? You’re not convincing us that this story has the appropriate thought going into it to make it a knockout, and I kind of get the impression that you probably have bad writing as well.

    Thirdly, since I don’t have a clue about the setting other than its somewhere near Raccoon City/Arklay Mountains, I’d like to make a suggestion towards the plot and characters. Make hints to the roots and corruption of Umbrella Corp. while still having them as the “good guys” in the present public eye. Slow burn the plot. Have interesting and talented actors play the REAL characters from the series (Chris, Claire, Jill, Leon, Ada), not as these survivalist one-liner heroes, but every day normal folk doing their jobs. Really take them and make them 3-dimensional. You will garner the attention of the old crowd, satisfy the oblivious crowd, and humble the newbies to the series.

    Now do it before you waste your budget and risk the jobs of your affiliates.

    • icwxp

      Totally agree. I lost all excitement as soon as I read the protagonist would be another fabrication with zero connection to the original games. Ugh…

  • David Knight

    Okay, so when is this going to come to fruition? I still dont see a date of release. Is it in production? Wheres the previews?
    I’ve been hearing about this series now for the last 4 months and thats all Im doing, is hearing about how its coming. WHEN??? WHAT NETWORK???

  • icwxp

    Guh. I don’t know why these hack writers are so scared of including the ACTUAL CHARACTERS from the games in lead roles. Please not another Alice…

    Quickly losing hope for the reboot Resident Evil so desperately needs from those abysmal, moronic and insulting movies.

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