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‘Resident Evil’ Infects Television

Leading German production house Constantin Film is stepping up its TV series business with TV series spin-offs of the “Mortal Instruments” and Resident Evil movies, reports Variety.

“Constantin has a lot of feature film brands and we are moving them into television. For instance, we own the rights to the book series ‘The Mortal Instruments,’ and we just hired a showrunner in Los Angeles, and our offices in Los Angeles and Canada are starting production next year on at least two or three international shows,” said Company chairman Martin Moszkowicz.

The only other details are that “Resident Evil” would become a TV series after the next feature film.



  • Frankie Morin

    Well, that was pointless

  • Grimphantom

    Oh God no………………….but isn’t there a RE TV series in the works already?

  • ThunderDragoon

    What happened to Arklay?

  • Adam Clifton

    The Walking Dead is the one and only zombie tv series, I’d watch. Not counting TWD’s spinoff that is. Resident Evil tv series will just confuse people and could end up hurting Walking Dead’s success. I say don’t do it. Adapt something non-zombie or non-vampire-related for a tv series

  • Taboo

    I love the movies, but this just sounds like a bad idea…

  • BloodyDe1ty

    I wouldn’t mind this. There are really no zombies show’s that I enjoy on tv. I just started watching TWD because im pretty sure its building towards the “War” right now and I’d like to see that. Only watched the first episode Z Nation, and I’ll check out iZombie when that comes out. But id love to see a fun action packed zombie show, So i’d like to hear more of what the show would be about.

    • TWD is always building towards the war. It’s build and repeat. Nevertheless, I enjoy the show. It’s fun.

      • BloodyDe1ty

        I mean chronologically and character development wise. With that statement you could say its been building since the first episode technically. lol But that’s not what I mean.

  • marklola12 .

    yeh because the next movie is the last so its obvious no tv show would happen before

  • I like the films but creating a TV series to an overly stretched plot is not a good move. It is going overkill now with the zombies. They are pretty much everywhere just like superheroes.

  • undertaker78

    Hell yeah! I would love a Resident Evil tv series.

  • Victor

    Ughhhh? Why does everything have to be a TV series now a days? Damm can we at least keep certain franchises as films? I mean maybe they’ll be good but really? I’d prefer more films honestly Hollywood f%*k.

  • I read this series will have nothing to do with the video games. The whole reason why Resident Evil is popular to begin with is because of the first 4 games. Just seems like everything Resident Evil is steering away from the awesomeness it use to be.

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