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“American Horror Story: Hotel” Has Another Returning Guest!

Just the other week franchise star Jessica Lange exited the “American Horror Story” universe, leaving the reigns to the infamous Lady Gaga.

Now, with the fifth season in full swing at FX, co-creater Ryan Murphy has added Chloë Sevigny to the cast of “American Horror Story: Hotel”, returning this fall. Sevigny is a returning series regular, and recently starred in Netflix’s incredible new series, “Bloodline”.

Lady Gaga, Wes Bentley, Matt Bomer and Cheyenne Jackson have previously been cast.

We’ve been trying to figure out what “American Horror Story: Hotel” will be about. We came up with three theories, tagged here. Which do you think it is, if any?

In terms of Lange’s previous exit: “Yes, I’m done,” she told the PaleyFest audience. “We’ve had a great run here. I have absolutely loved doing these four characters that I’ve had the opportunity to play. In all the madness, I’ve loved the writers, my actors, Ryan and the whole, I mean, insanity of it, shooting here, shooting in New Orleans, the stories, everything.”



  • reverenddarkness

    Are people excited about this? We’re talking about one of the least talented (if not THE least talented) people in Hollywood. She also happens to be one of the least attractive, yet seems to continuously land roles in which she is the love of sex interest.

    Someone explain this to me… why her? There are any number of actors that are better at acting and better at looking good. Why her?

    • Frank Lloyd Jr.

      I believe she is beautiful and a talented actress. Who would rather get the part?

      • reverenddarkness

        For “Hotel”? I don’t know… no one knows who anyone is supposed to be, but I can safely assume that a sack of wet mice would be sharper. For “Asylum”? Anyone. Any other actor. Even Michael Chiklis in drag would have been more believable… and slightly better looking… Those are just my personal opinions, y’all.

        • J Jett

          rev, grow up. Frank asked you a reasonable question and your answer displays your immaturity.

          • reverenddarkness

            “I believe” and “my personal opinions”… you inability to recognize and differentiate objective vs. subjective shows your immaturity. 😉 (mostly kidding, J… mostly)

          • J Jett

            rev, i apologize for being so aggressive with my comments. lol. it’s just a tv show after all. 🙂

          • thornvald80

            U forgot to mention it’s not a very good tv show 😉 (apart from great season 1 the rest were much,much worse and freak show was absolutely awful) anyway BRING BACK CONSTANTINE…

    • J Jett

      reverenddarkness, um, maybe it’s just that people happen to have differing opinions than you do. you don’t like Chloe? that’s perfectly fine. no answer anyone would give you would be good enough for you just like no reason you have for NOT liking her would change any of the minds of people who like her. personally i’m thrilled she’s going to be in this new season.

      • reverenddarkness

        J, you and I disagree more often than not, and that’s fine. I just think that she has all the acting capability of a drunken sloth. I don’t ever “believe” that she is any of the characters she is supposed to portray. There’s no suspension of disbelief when her grade-school play acting crashes into the set pieces with more aplomb than Evan Peters scene chewing.

        I cannot wait to see her act. As soon as I do, I will apologize for my denigrations, but until then… I stand by them.

        • roger dumpet

          I’ve seen some pretty damned talented drunken sloths…

        • Maxime C

          She was great in American Psycho. And actually in pretty much anything she has done. The fact that you don’t like her doesn’t make her a bad actress.

          • reverenddarkness

            How was she ‘great’ in American Psycho? She barely said more than ten words, and half of those were delivered with a blank, seemingly drug-induced expression. But you are correct that the fact that I don’t like her doesn’t make her a bad actress.

            The fact that she is a bad actress makes her a bad actress.


          • Maxime C

            She was exactly like the character was in the book. So she was good.

  • Frank Lloyd Jr.

    She was great in season two. This season might be worth checking out.

    • reverenddarkness

      I wholeheartedly disagree. I think she ruined every episode she was in.

  • J Jett


  • LuJr81

    Nice to see Chloe back in the mix and I’m glad she’ll be getting a bigger part this time around. I’m not sold on Gaga but we’ll see. She has some huge shoes to fill after Jessica Lange, I’m gonna miss her. I loved her character’s, especially in Coven. Does anyone know if Peters, Basset, or Bates are returning as well?

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