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Quentin Tarantino Wants to Do a Scary Horror Movie Like ‘The Exorcist’!

Image via Miramax and TWC

With The Hateful Eight in cinemas now, many people are leaving the theater with a feeling that director Quentin Tarantino sneakily released a horror movie on an unsuspecting public. Mr. Disgusting told me that he sees the film to be a, “…horror comedy along the lines of Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead 2,” which seems to be the sentiment that many have. Others have compared it to John Carpenter’s The Thing, although that comparison might be because unused cues from the sci-fi masterpiece were used in the western film.

But these sentiments have gotten people wondering what it would be like if Tarantino actually put all of his focus into a real horror movie, one that would honestly scare audiences to the very core of their being. That possibility is not something unheard of as many might remember that Tarantino was in very early talks to write and direct Ultimate Jason for New Line Cinema, a Friday the 13th sequel that sadly never panned out. And let’s not forget that he also directed Death Proof, one half of the 2007 Grindhouse, although I think arguments could easily be made that it’s not a horror movie so much as an action-thriller.

In a recent interview with Time Out, Tarantino has made it clear that a horror movie is something he’d still be interested in tackling. One that’s inspired by the scariest ever made: The Exorcist!

“…if I had all the time in the world, I would love to make a really, really scary horror film, like The Exorcist. But I don’t know if me taking my sense of humor and putting it in the backseat just to hit a tone of dread from beginning to end is the best use of my talents or my time.

“I don’t know if I could let go of that humor and be able to make something like The Exorcist and keep that tone of dread all the way through. Although a case could be made that The Hateful Eight is the closest I’ve ever come to a horror film. And more than any other Western, the film that influenced this movie the most is John Carpenter’s The Thing, way beyond just working with the same composer, Ennio Morricone, and star, Kurt Russell. The Thing also hugely influenced Reservoir Dogs, of course.”

I’d personally be all over a horror movie written and directed by Tarantino. The man’s appreciation for cinema and the craft of making a movie is undeniable. I really believe he’d give the genre the respect and credit it deserves should he decide to toss his hat into the ring.



  • Ocelot006 .

    There’s kind of a difference between ‘wants to’ and ‘would like to’.

  • john clarke

    Do it, DO IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gadriel

    Maybe it’s time he pulled his finger out and gave us that damn Halloween movie he was working on back in the day…..

  • Just get away from the Western Genre. Django was meh, HAteful Eight was good, but neither are near the top. Horror would be cool. A few years back he said something like ‘the world couldn’t handle my serial killer drama’. Be interesting if he went back to that

    • James

      Django was easily one of his best

      • I Am Colossus

        Yea, why the western hate? Hes doing awesome with it, in my opinion of course.

      • It’s okay, but I think Pulp, Reservoir, Kill Bill 1&2, Basterds are all better. And The Hateful Eight. Rewatching it was a bit of a chore. Non-memorable dialog and set pieces. The hate stems from him saying he is only making two more movies and if that’s the case I want something we haven’t seen before. aka move away from the western genre.

        • Quackmaster Black

          Some of the early dialogue isn’t his best, but there are incredibly quotable lines in there and there’s three or four set pieces that are among his best.

    • J Jett

      Borgman, YES!! i agree 1000%. i hate 100% Westerns. all of them. every one. i’m dying for a new Tarantino movie and hopefully he’s gotten the Western itch out of his system.

  • Calavera Sonriente

    A Tarantino horror movie would be amazing!!! I’m sure he could pull it off easily and it’d be one of the best and most innovative horror movies imaginable. But it’d have to be something original, not a remake or existing franchise.

    I’m getting really excited about the whole ‘close to a horror movie’ talk when people describe The Hateful Eight! It takes 20 more unbearable days until we get to see it :/

    I also hope the next Tarantino movie won’t be a Western. Django is my favorite QT movie so far and T.H.E. seems to be pretty awesome, too. But I’d really like Tarantino to do something he hasn’t done (or at least not as often). Horror would be my #one choice, obviously.

  • James

    I would love to see him tackle Friday the 13th

  • Whiskeyriver

    I don’t want Tarantino to emulate what he thinks a HORROR movie should look like. I want him to go in blind, untainted, not influenced by anything else and just go to town on it.

    • BlingRhames

      Not to be snarky but “blind, untainted, not influenced by anything else” doesn’t sound like Tarantino.

  • WindowsIsDead

    “Others have compared it to John Carpenter’s The Thing” –
    Going to the theater right now!

    • Meisha’s Taint

      That’s exactly what sold me too. I went from I’ll rent it, to I’m seeing it tomorrow the second I read that! Count everybody in

  • I Am Colossus

    Well, alot of horror directors have certainly studied what hes done over the years, obviously. Yet, im not understanding why a horror movie with a dreadful tone cant have a few bits of humor thrown in to them.

  • Agreed and we all know that we will have top performances. However, Tarantino has a trademark, his dialogue. Any other movie as the man himself says, restrains him might not produced the best result. Still, I will be very keen to see a more horror oriented film by him. For me he is the best director ever.

  • Mackey

    Not sure if many would agree, but I think Tarantino would have done alot better at directing a big screen version of Dark Shadows than Tim Burton. At least Tarantino would have respected the source material, unlike the hack job Burton did with it.

  • Adam Clifton

    Another pipe dream from Tarantino. He’s said so many things but done so few

    • Meisha’s Taint

      Can’t blame the man for having lot’s of ideas. Wasn’t Kill Bill on the back burner for almost a decade? Look for it December 2023!

      • khail19

        It was Django Unchained for me.

  • Meisha’s Taint

    Yes it would be a good use of your talent and time. Remind us why we love horror so much I’m starting to forget!

  • REC03

    i enjoy most of his films tbh but im still pressed over his comments on Scream.

  • If he did horror that would be awesome indeed. But instead of Exorcist type I would rather see him do a whodunit horror film along the lines of Scream with witty dialog, twists and imaginative kills.

    • Calavera Sonriente

      That does sound pretty tarantinoesque! Would be great to see a movie like that.

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    Sounds like he enjoys getting sued.

  • Ξενος Αγγελος

    I love the way he affects the most embarassingly hyperbolic accent in the video whenever an Italian word comes up;still the lovable little dork(and terrible actor…) after all these years I guess…

    And just what in the hell is he wearing anyway?

    • aNYagenda

      You think he’s a bad actor?

      I thought he was at least impressively relaxed on screen in PF and Dusk till Dawn.
      I havent seen him in anything else.

      • Ξενος Αγγελος

        Four Rooms’ final sketch is my favorite role of his,precisely because he completely ridicules his own primadonna personality;but Dusk is a close second,if only for its sleaziness.He’s been in most of his movies though,including Rodriguez’s ”Planet Terror”;never watch ”Destiny turns on the Radio” or ”Sukiyaki Western Django” though.Bad karma there…

  • aNYagenda

    The N-wordcist.

    Starring Quinton Tarentino.

  • brewers_rule

    This makes me chuckle a little each time I hear he wants to do horror. I think of the thing in The Grudge where it says ‘when someone dies in the throws of rage, a terrible horror is born.’ Can you imagine how many pale face groaning ghosts his characters in films must have made over the years if that’s true? That alone would be an awesome Tarrantino horror film.

  • Tigernan Quinn

    Are they going to talk each other to death?

    • CUJO

      Perhaps half of it would be loaded with dialogue. Like From Dusk til Dawn. It’s funny that someone who claims to love cinema so much is so obsessed with dialogue.

    • elpinche

      Oh them borin’ talkin movies ain’t like commando or expendables. too many words like those things called books!

  • THGrimm

    I so wish Quentin would do this! And I don’t know what he’s talking about, putting his humor in the backseat, humor best compliments horror and vice versa! Do it, sir!!

  • SpaceGhostCTC

    Tarantino can build huge suspense off people about to sip coffee…imagine what he could do with a killer in the room and those awesome tracking shots he pulls off

  • Twisted

    I didn’t see the film as a horror film at all. I damn sure wouldn’t compare Hateful Eight to The Thing. The Thing is awesome. Hateful Eight is just lengthy, odd, and really about very little.

  • Darnell

    I can see it now….in his version of the Exorcist, Linda Blair says the N-Bomb 186 times…

    I have a strong distaste for his works as I find much of it borderline racist. That’s just my opinion however and I know others feel different.

  • Daniel Anderson

    Consider this a challenge, but I don’t think he’s all that capable of making an actual scary movie. He makes movies I enjoy more times than not. However I don’t think its his style to be able to make a movie SCARY.

  • Joe Blow

    The man could make a peanut butter sandwich and Id pay to see it! He’s an effin genius.

  • ObamaSucks911

    Will it be a cesspool of racism and swear words?

  • Brian Wiley

    he’s dressed like a Jedi Pilgrim!

  • disqus_Nx9VXMobwn

    Man, I really can’t stand this guy. No doubt he has seen almost every film ever made and is extremely knowledgeable about cinema. But that is precisely his problem. It seems to me that he has so deeply immersed himself in other people’s work that he can not think beyond what he has seen. Enjoyable as his films might be (and some are enjoyable) I find myself making mental checklists of every film he riffs on when watching one of his. There is absolutely nothing personal and certainly nothing original about what he does. It all kind of feels disposable. I know that many will argue that is the point of what he does,and that is cool, but in my view after a certain amount of time doesn’t any artist want to do more. Personally, I think he wouldn’t be able to make a really top notch, timeless horror film. His stuff always has a wink to the audience that would probably work against him creating genuine horror. That said, I am happy to be proven wrong.

  • Foxenstein Must Be Destroyed

    he probably understands that humor works well and belongs in horror.

  • Saltoner


  • Jonathan Larsson

    Humor does work well with horror movies; films such as Poltergeist, Childs Play and Jaws are much more diverse and complete as suspenseful pieces because they could be funny and warm one moment, then become frightening and dangerous the next moment. It helps us care more about what happens to the characters. Heck, strokes of dark comedy provided by Jack Nicholsons performance is what made The Shining so captivating.

    • disqus_Nx9VXMobwn

      Fair point, but in relation to The Shining Jack Nicholson was only funny if you like over acting. Personally, I found his performance kept taking me out of what was a great film. What he thought was menacing came across as just bonkers. I honestly don’t think Kubrik was looking for humor as the rest of the film is as tense as can be. It was just a case of Jack being Jack.

      • Jonathan Larsson

        I don’t really agreed. When you’ve encountered real psychopaths, you realize that Jack Nicholsons performance as mentally unstable and abusive isn’t that far off the target.

  • Jonathan Larsson

    I have a hard time seeing Tarantino doing a movie that deals with supernatural forces.

    I think he could do something which is similar in tone and set-up as the old The Haunting or The Shining, for they are films that heavily deal with psychology and suggestion, making the initial content of the movie open for debate among audiences.

    I could also as easily see him do a murder mystery; sort of like a cross between an Agatha Christie-story and a giallo-film.

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