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‘The Invitation’ Trailer Is a Descent Into Madness!

The Invitation
Image courtesy of Drafthouse Films

After an impressive festival run, Drafthouse Films acquired the taut thriller, The Invitation, which hails from Girlfight, Aeon Flux, and Jennifer’s Body director Karyn Kusama.

In The Invitation, “Will and Eden were once a loving couple. After a tragedy took their son, Eden disappeared. Two years later, out of the blue, she returns with a new husband… and as a different person, eerily changed and eager to reunite with her ex and those she left behind. Over the course of a dinner party in the house that was once his, the haunted Will is gripped by mounting evidence that Eden and her new friends have a mysterious and terrifying agenda. But can we trust Will’s hold on reality? Or will he be the unwitting catalyst of the doom he senses?

EW just released the first trailer for the film, on VOD and in limited theaters March 25th, which is a trippy descent into madness. I think what I love most about the footage is that it reveals nothing, yet finds a way to be incredibly captivating.

But don’t let the trailer sell you; Trace gave the film a perfect score, while Patrick Cooper also raved that “tension absolutely seethes” in the must-see chiller!

The pic stars ogan Marshall-Green (Prometheus), Tammy Blanchard (Moneyball), Michiel Huisman (“Game of Thrones”), Emayatzy Corinealdi (Middle of Nowhere), and John Carroll Lynch (“Fargo,” Zodiac, “American Horror Story”).





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