‘Doom’ Goes to Hell in New Trailer

May 13th, 2016.

Mark that date on your calendars, folks. That’s the day the new Doom arrives, and you’re going to want to have your trigger fingers properly limbered up before then. You may also want to grab a shotgun so you can practice that twirly, one-handed reload maneuver from Terminator 2, because that’s just a generally useful life skill to have.

Doom will hit everywhere at once with a worldwide release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, ensuring no one will have to wait to take on its “avalanche of demons.” And if you’re still on the fence about it, a public beta will kick off prior to the official launch so you can give it a test drive first.

Bethesda shed some light on the game’s pre-order incentives, if you’re still paying for those. All pre-orders will come with a half dozen consumable “Hack Modules,” to give you an edge in the multiplayer, and the Demon Multiplayer Pack. That includes three variations of a set of demon armor, six paint colors, and three id Software patterns for you to slap on your gear.

The Doom $120 collector’s edition comes with a limited edition metal game case and a 12″ Revenant statue designed by TriForce that comes perched atop an LED-lit base, since everyone needs a flying demon with dual rocket launchers on their desk. Did that sound sarcastic? It wasn’t. Everyone really does need one of those at the office. Or at least I do.


  • James Allard


    If I have to buy a new game system to buy this…. my wife is gonna be pissed. She’ll get over it. Eventually.

    • Blake Brubaker

      She will get over it, especially if you can find a game she’ll enjoy. My girlfriend wasn’t too thrilled about me bringing an Xbox One in the house, until she got hooked on Mortal Kombat X.

  • Brodequin

    The best of Exclusive Preorder Bonuses are “Set of demon themed armors with skin variations, six metallic paint colors for weapons, and three id Software patterns that can be applied on gear”. Why no Demon Killer Themed fancy panties?
    Damn, i must be getting to old for this.

  • http://mgibson17.wix.com/gibsters-home-page M.Gibson

    It would be nice if the game opened on the original Doom map.

  • Vader the White

    They did it. That is fucking Doom. And it looks AMAZING. And it comes out in time for my birthday…if only I had a decent PC or a modern console to play it on…

  • Adaaification

    I don’t know. The gameplay seems right, fast and quick. But i don’t like the fact they trade the Horror of the original for the torture porn of Hostel. I mean this Trailer has more gore then the first three together.

    • Ibrahim Nasr

      What original are you talking about??!!!
      If you mean DOOM3 thats not original DOOM , and DOOM 1 never had horror pal 😀

    • Ravinus

      I assume you were born in the 90’s. Dipshit.

  • Ibrahim Nasr

    Getting a new PC for this !!!