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‘Doom’ Goes to Hell in New Trailer

May 13th, 2016.

Mark that date on your calendars, folks. That’s the day the new Doom arrives, and you’re going to want to have your trigger fingers properly limbered up before then. You may also want to grab a shotgun so you can practice that twirly, one-handed reload maneuver from Terminator 2, because that’s just a generally useful life skill to have.

Doom will hit everywhere at once with a worldwide release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, ensuring no one will have to wait to take on its “avalanche of demons.” And if you’re still on the fence about it, a public beta will kick off prior to the official launch so you can give it a test drive first.

Bethesda shed some light on the game’s pre-order incentives, if you’re still paying for those. All pre-orders will come with a half dozen consumable “Hack Modules,” to give you an edge in the multiplayer, and the Demon Multiplayer Pack. That includes three variations of a set of demon armor, six paint colors, and three id Software patterns for you to slap on your gear.

The Doom $120 collector’s edition comes with a limited edition metal game case and a 12″ Revenant statue designed by TriForce that comes perched atop an LED-lit base, since everyone needs a flying demon with dual rocket launchers on their desk. Did that sound sarcastic? It wasn’t. Everyone really does need one of those at the office. Or at least I do.




  • James Allard


    If I have to buy a new game system to buy this…. my wife is gonna be pissed. She’ll get over it. Eventually.

    • Blake Brubaker

      She will get over it, especially if you can find a game she’ll enjoy. My girlfriend wasn’t too thrilled about me bringing an Xbox One in the house, until she got hooked on Mortal Kombat X.

  • Brodequin

    The best of Exclusive Preorder Bonuses are “Set of demon themed armors with skin variations, six metallic paint colors for weapons, and three id Software patterns that can be applied on gear”. Why no Demon Killer Themed fancy panties?
    Damn, i must be getting to old for this.

  • It would be nice if the game opened on the original Doom map.

  • Vader the White

    They did it. That is fucking Doom. And it looks AMAZING. And it comes out in time for my birthday…if only I had a decent PC or a modern console to play it on…

  • Adaaification

    I don’t know. The gameplay seems right, fast and quick. But i don’t like the fact they trade the Horror of the original for the torture porn of Hostel. I mean this Trailer has more gore then the first three together.

    • Ibrahim Nasr

      What original are you talking about??!!!
      If you mean DOOM3 thats not original DOOM , and DOOM 1 never had horror pal 😀

      • Joseph Sheldahl

        Ibrahim is right. Just saying.

        • PsychoMantis18

          You and Ibrahim are both wrong. Unsurprising FACT.

      • Adaaification

        Read above. Doom 3 was pure survival horror and closer to horror then Doom 1 and 2. Correct. But the atmosphere was pure horror in the classics. But from todays graphical standart it is nothing anymore. But back then, great god.

        • PsychoMantis18

          Don’t mind the children.

        • Shadow914

          I agree with both points, Doom had plenty of atmosphere and elements of horror in terms of the ‘hordes of hell’ and satanic imagery. But obviously the main points and joy people drew from Doom was its frantic pace, labyrinth solving, demon exploding, gore drenched badassery that made the game one of the greatest of all time.

          When we speak of horror modernly, we refer to games such as Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Clock Tower but back in Doom’s day there were games such as Castlevania, Splatterhouse, Alone In The Dark, Sweet Home and even the Friday the 13th video games that existed prior to Doom that would be consider horror more so than Doom. Doom was a perfect blend of everything awesome.

          However, all arguments aside, my anticipation is beyond measure for the new Doom, pre-ordered it right when I could and May 13th seems light years away.

      • PsychoMantis18

        The first doom was quite clearly a horror fps. Either you weren’t playing games at that time or you don’t know what a horror game is. It doesn’t have to be scary or horrific by today’s standards.

    • Ravinus

      I assume you were born in the 90’s. Dipshit.

      • Adaaification

        Nope. I growed up with the Atari 2600 and VC20. And thanks for the dipshit, i’m older then you and so i don’t use this langue of yours.

    • Joseph Sheldahl

      Dude, the original had virtually no horror. It was just balls-to-the-walls demon killing.

      • Adaaification

        Simple mistake. I played it when it came out. There was nothing like it. The atmosphere was disturbung, the Survival fight was awesome (one vs all) and the closer you got to the tower of bable in Episode 2, well the corruption hell has done was just creepy. For today it is, like it was then, just demon killing. But when you played it back then you will never forgot your screams out of fear when you first encouter the cyber demon.

        • Joseph Sheldahl

          Right, but it honestly wasn’t atmospheric terror. It was terror born out of how difficult it was. I played it when I was very young as well, and I had never played anything like it before. It was nerve wracking at first, but not scary.

          • Bruce_Leet

            I dunno about that 🙂

            my friends and I both played the original Doom 1 in the dark with headphones on, and there were many times I was getting scared enough to consider turning the lights on haha

            I can’t remember the names of the levels, but there are some levels where its hard to see the hidden imp demons… where you run into them in very small and dark hallways… and where the music is pretty scary… I can still remember one time I got scared by it about 22 or 23 years ago… to where my heart was beating fast enough that I decided the hell with this and turned on my desk lamp and took a break from playing lmao… I was around 28 years old when this happened… not a little kid lol

            I played it with the lights off and with headphones on because my monitor attached to my 486 had weak contrast and brightness… it needed lights off for the reet graphics to really shine through 🙂

            I asked my friends if they also got scared and I remember at least three of them said yes very scared at some points

            but it was some of the singleplayer levels that was scary… the multiplayer was fun and not scary 🙂

          • Adaaification

            I had a 386, but for Doom i buyed a 486 and a brandnew Soundblaster 16. Maximum Speed 🙂

  • Ibrahim Nasr

    Getting a new PC for this !!!

  • I have mixed feelings about this. The gore and melee are awesome but I feel like the action is too frantic to get the full enjoyment out of it and the story if there even is one will be an after thought at best. I know that many love this and don’t care but that’s my opinion.

  • This. Needs to be here now!!!!!! And tomorrow Dying Light DLC! Epic!

  • murdermakesmecum666

    ive been waiting for this for a very long time.

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