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Pinhead Looks Pretty Great In ‘Hellraiser: Judgment’! (Exclusive)

Hellraiser Judgment

Special effects artist Gary Tunnicliffe (watch for an interview soon) is now in post-production on Hellraiser: Judgment, which we now know stars A Nightmare On Elm Street‘s Heather Langenkamp, along with Damon Carney, Randy Wayne, Alexandra Harris, John Gulagher, Mike Jay Regan, Diane Goldner, Andi Powers, Jeff Fenter, Helena Grace Donald, and Grace Montie (read about their roles).

The biggest questions mark, however, was whether or not Doug Bradley would return to the role of Pinhead after being recast in Revelations. While we always hope for the best, we reported that Paul T. Taylor will play Pinhead in Hellraiser: Judgment.

If you’ve been curious as to how Taylor will look, we’ve got the answer. Bloody Disgusting can exclusively reveal the first ever shot of Paul T. Taylor as Pinhead!

While it’s not the clearest of images, and we’ve yet to hear him speak, Taylor looks impressive here. My first reaction was to double take, and having to squint just to confirm to myself that I wasn’t looking at an old shot of Bradley in makeup. Seriously, tell me you’re not impressed…

In Hellraiser: Judgment, “Detectives Sean and David Carter are on the case to find a gruesome serial killer terrorizing the city. Joining forces with Detective Christine Egerton, they dig deeper into a spiraling maze of horror that may not be of this world. Could the Judgment awaiting the killer’s victims also be waiting for Sean?

Watch for an in-depth interview this coming week…

Hellraiser Judgment



  • Kyle Ord

    Looks good

  • Lucca Cantisano

    Still not looking forward to the film but yeah that looks good…

  • Alanmac

    I’ll have to wait and see. For me, It’s not so much how Pinhead looks, it’s how his lines are delivered and Doug Bradley is, so far, the master at it. They can slap some makeup on pretty much anyone they want and make a decent looking Pinhead but if the line delivery falls short then the character is ruined, at least for that particular installment in the franchise.

    • David Tucker

      True, but as the last couple direct to DVD sequels have proven, just having Doug in the roll doesn’t equal a good movie either…

      • Alanmac

        Totally agreed. But good movie or bad movie, he still delivers his lines perfectly.

  • Df

    Takes more than one picture that is slightly out of focus, grainy, 2 tone color and close up to get me excited.

    • zybch

      Gotta love those dumb as shit instagram filters eh?

  • Francesco Falciani

    Holy Shit…he looks really like him.

  • lupe

    Looks like an old photo (not the effect, but like from earlier movie) or something

  • Pretty awesome. Looking forward to a non heavily filtered image but what I see here works.

  • Jonathan Larsson

    It looks adequate.

  • Ms. Ripley

    I squinted a lot too. The chin is different but I initially thought it’s Bradley. Looks alot like him. I am looking forward to it.

  • Lady Bathory

    I’m actually looking forward to a new Hellraiser. Hopefully it’s going to be as insane (and disgusting) as the first two! It’s pretty fantastic to have Heather Langenkamp on board! :))

  • Kadaver

    So, why not just hire Doug Bradley? Or is it because it takes place in a certain point in a timeline and they needed someone who looked a lot like a younger Bradley?

    • KennyThaKilla

      Doug was actually their first choice, but they asked him to sign a standard nondisclosure agreement before reading the script and he went on Facebook to write a novel about why that was beneath him. Apparently he’s never been asked to do that before and viewed it as a slap in the face.

      • Kadaver

        I guess they have their reasons for a NDA. The fanbase would be supportive of Bradley, but the masses don’t know or don’t care. Still it makes me curious why they want a look a like. If it’s story related or just because of appearance. And if also feels a little like a middle finger towards Bradley with this image. Or i’m just reading too much into it.

        • KennyThaKilla

          I think they know what the fans want and how much of a backlash there would be if he didn’t look like the Hell Priest we all know and love. There will still be a backlash since Doug’s not involved, but I think folks will be a little more understanding when they find out why and see Taylor in the makeup.

          • DisqusRaider

            pay no attention to KennyThaVirgin. this guy must be sucking the directors balls or something? hes constantly defending this NDA. hes nonstop about it. think ill go with doug on this one what studio wants to pump out a film in 2 weeks on a $500 high school budget? if you think they really wanted to pay doug a decent wage for this you crazy as KennyThaVirgin 😉

          • KennyThaKilla

            And here’s a mature adult with a valued opinion. lol

          • DisqusRaider

            finally you said something that makes sense. upvote for you sir! 😉

          • KennyThaKilla

            And an inability to recognize sarcasm. Surprising.

          • DisqusRaider

            And an inability to see someone is mocking you. Surprising.

          • KennyThaKilla

            Not at all, I’m well aware.

          • DisqusRaider

            the reply didn’t indicate that. good save though 😉 shouldnt you be ballsucking the director right now?

          • KennyThaKilla

            It’s about time they remove you from this site. You’re nothing but an immature troll.

          • There is no legit reason for an NDA for a film. It’s ludicrous. You WANT people to talk about the film to generate buzz, and who better than the chief servant of Hell himself?

          • KennyThaKilla

            Of course there’s a legit reason. Give actors free reign and they’ll end up spoiling the whole movie. That’s not advertising, that’s keeping people out of the theatre. That’s the whole reason NDA’S came to be in the first place.

          • Oh, c’mon. It’s a Hellraiser movie. It’s a horror movie. What one isn’t formulaic?

            1. People are introduced.
            2. People find Puzzle Box.
            3. People solve puzzle.
            4. Pinhead and Co show up.
            5. People suffer.
            6. Cenobites are rebuffed and sent back to Hell.
            7. Yay, People.

            Try again, Kennyboy.

          • KennyThaKilla

            If that’s all that mattered, there wouldn’t be any reason to watch any movie, horror or not.

            So you try again, “boy.”

          • You watch Titanic? Did you know how it ended? Bet you watched it anyway.

            Chill out. Unless you’re part of the crew, who gives a damn about this cinematic abortion?

          • KennyThaKilla

            lol, I don’t really give a shit one way or the other. Nothing to chill out for.

          • DisqusRaider

            ya you seem to be ballsucking for some reason? you very much give a shit.

          • KennyThaKilla

            Nothing you say matters.

          • DisqusRaider

            ok KennyThaVirgin

          • KennyThaKilla

            You betcha, Dick Rider.

          • DisqusRaider

            you prob cant even score any dick but your dads

          • KennyThaKilla

            Can’t even do that. Not an expert at it like you.

          • DisqusRaider


          • DisqusRaider


          • DisqusRaider

            you are just one stupid fuck! i may troll but at least im not a complete dumbshit like you. what fucking theater is this movie going to be in? advertising? ya an interview on BD is about all they gonna do im sure. wow what is your deal dude? you fucking this director or what?

          • KennyThaKilla

            Pot calling the kettle black there. They don’t get any stupider than you.

          • DisqusRaider

            says the NDA expert lol

          • KennyThaKilla

            Says the troll. lol

          • DisqusRaider

            says the virgin

          • DisqusRaider


          • Radb707

            I disagree. There’s no legit reason for an NDA for THIS film. Lots of films need them. It makes sense. But for a cheap ass sequel with a very niche audience?? I mean. What the hell is the point? So they’re going to make him sign a NDA for his 5 minute cameo?? I mean really. If he was getting serious screen time I might understand, but you know it’s just going to be a cameo like the last 6 or whatever.

          • KennyThaKilla

            You can’t really say there’s no reason for a NDA in this film until you actually see the film. And I five minute cameo? Uhhhhh…..

          • Radb707

            It’s a low budget direct to video sequel. Let’s say there’s no NDA and people talk about it. The niche audience that were going to watch it are going to watch it anyway. No matter if they say good things, bad things, or spoilerly things.

          • KennyThaKilla

            Whether it’s a theatrical release or direct-to-video, Dimension has decided they don’t want every detail of their movie revealed before its release. That’s all that really matters. Not whether or not you or anyone else believes the film is not worthy of a NDA before it’s even been viewed.

      • Brian Collins

        If you had starred in eight movies and were told you couldn’t even read a script for a new one unless you agreed to be sued should you have nothing nice to say about it, you’d be offended too.

        • KennyThaKilla

          No, I wouldn’t, because I would have an agent who would be bright enough to inform me that even though I’ve never been in any high-profile films that require it, NDA’s are quite common and many A-listers are asked to sign them. So no, I wouldn’t get indignant if asked to do so.

          • alwayswipetwice

            Do you know if this is the first Hellraiser film they asked him to sign one for?

          • KennyThaKilla

            No idea. Just going by his reaction to this one. It was if he had never even heard of the concept before. Baffling, really.

      • Chance

        I would have signed it and, when they asked me to do the PR rounds for the film, I’d have been all “sorry, not allowed to talk about the film. NDA, you know.”

        • KennyThaKilla

          Sounds like you’d have a great film career sitting on your couch.

      • I for one think it’s a wonderful new idea for marketing; market the film by never talking about the film at all. Brilliant.

  • KennyThaKilla

    Very promising. Just like everyone else, I would have preferred Doug, but since he couldn’t bring himself to sign a standard nondisclosure agreement, Taylor will have to do.

    • Chance

      There was nothing standard about it. He’s talked about the lengths it went to elsewhere.

      • KennyThaKilla

        I read the rant he posted on Facebook. It was a standard NDA.

  • Маразм Клинический


  • sliceanddice

    good. good. step one: correct. now… the next few hundred.


    oh yay it looks like it might be pinhead.
    so what happened the last time? lol.
    same people involved = same reservations.

  • Braker

    Got to love a little DIY Photoshop promo.

  • darkko

    “Now in post-production…” Holy crap! What was it, a two week shoot? Sigh…

    • guest

      like a sledgehammer of positive vibes, aint it?

    • Bouncy X

      a 2 week or less shoot worked for the last one, they can’t go wrong!!

    • Radb707

      If an accelerated production schedule is why Doug didn’t do the last one, then I understand why he didn’t bother with the NDA if they told him it was filming really quick like the last one.

  • Stoibs

    Terrible poster, but Pinhead looks good as far as I can tell.

  • Werewolf

    Looks great. Can’t wait to hear him speak, though. Should be pretty sick considering that Paul T. Taylor is classically trained and is a natural baritone.

  • Cheshire TrollCat

    Well he looks the part. We will have to wait and see how his lines are delivered.

  • PsychoMantis18

    Excited. Could finally be an awesome sequel after Hellbound.

  • As always time will tell, and so will a decent trailer. Like everyone else, I wish Doug was in it. However, I understand his reasons.

    • KennyThaKilla

      Really? Well then maybe you can explain it to me, because I don’t get it. Throwing away a role and disappointing Hellraiser fans over a NDA? Makes no sense.

      • alwayswipetwice

        It makes less sense why he stuck with the franchise for so many shit sequels. But I’ll just assume the incest scene in Revelations is a pretty good reason why he wanted nothing to do with the franchise (at that point at least).

        • KennyThaKilla

          He probably didn’t want anyone else playing Pinhead, regardless of the script. Guess he doesn’t feel that way anymore.

          • alwayswipetwice

            That could very well be the case. People change.

        • John Connor

          What’s wrong with incest?

        • Radb707

          Doug said he didn’t do Revelations because it was going to film in two weeks after he read the script. There was no budget, and he knew it was just being filmed for legal reasons, and not a serious attempt at a Hellraiser movie. I don’t think he gave a hoot about the incest scene. What he’s gonna have a problem with that but not Frank trying to bang the daughter while wearing the father’s skin? Doug probably reacted the way he did because he thought this was the same case as Revelations.

  • Chamber

    This is one of the most embarrassing posters I have ever seen for any movie, especially for such a revered franchise like Hellraiser. The level of photo manipulation skills is unacceptable, and everyone involved should be shamed of themselves for releasing this travesty of graphic design.

  • Sykes

    This is just a fan film, right?

    …Huh? No, I don’t believe you.

  • Peter Johnson

    Those eyes are pitch black

    • sliceanddice

      as they should be 🙂

  • Halloween_Vic

    Looks way better then the last Pinhead in the last film. LOL at the Dimension Logo tho, it’s like how the hell are you still in business.

  • DisqusRaider

    any of you who pay one cent for this movie are fools! thats what they are counting on dumb people to pay for this crap! keep eating shit and they will keep making shit for you.

  • Uter

    I hope against the odds that this turns out good.

    It is truly SHOCKING how so many people can so completely butcher this concept. You could not wish for a better setup for a horror movie and there have been at least 5 disasters, just awful pieces of trash. You can argue budget restraints but the first Hellraiser was made for $1 million. Evil Dead was made for $350,000. You give me $20,000 for a script, I’ll KILL myself to produce something worthy of the name.

  • Geno1987

    Is it me or is Dimension turning into Cannon Films?

    • Mike Mitchell

      I love Canon films

  • Ryan R Visingard

    No Clive and no Doug… Sad day indeed for true fans but I will not dismiss the new film until a trailer. Doug said he would only return if Clive did and with Clive’s heath being a factor I’m sure and money + rights well.. Doug can never be replaced he gave pinhead his God like Presence on screen and Clive writing there was no team like it in horror at the time and even today. There has been nothing so original as the first film… I will say the new guy looks great but the Dialog has to be right as well as his is good to see the Original chatterer back..we shell see only time will tell.

  • I Am Colossus

    That looks like an old Doug Bradley photo

  • Gary Tunnicliffe is a great practical effects artist though it helps that that actor most likely has a passing resemblance to Doug Bradley. That being said, the problems with the Hellraiser sequels weren’t typically in the makeup department, but the STORY department.

    In other words, if the story is weak, so will be the movie. If it’s not, then it should be awesome.

  • Quit pushing this god-awful thing. I miss the days when Dimension Films meant quality.

  • Fleshvessel

    Why the misspelling?

  • Jack_Dupp

    Nobody expects these movies to have much in the way of quality after this many sequels, worst thing though is they’ll keep lessening the anticipation for Barker’s proper ‘reboot’ if and when it ever develops.

  • Danika

    No mention of Rheagan Wallace? Really? I’m looking forward to this SO MUCH!

  • Comic dude

    Gary tunnicliffe knows Hellraiser. He has done make on all movies past 2. Nobody but barker or tunnicliffe could do this movie properly. Tunnicliffe is a hellraiser fan who was pissed when they decided on a different image for pinhead so he is bringing the best image (the original) of pinhead back to the screen. This movie is going to be fucked up and brilliant, why would a true fan of the franchise fist his own ass.

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