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Artist Behind Horror Movie Happy Meals Creates a Ton of New Ones

Happy #NationalFastFoodDay!

Photoshop artist Newt Clements’ “Horror Movie Happy Meals” have been a viral sensation across the internet for a few years now, and in fact, we posted a big ole batch of them right here on Bloody Disgusting back in 2013. In the ensuing years, and particularly in recent months, Newt has whipped up a ton more where those came from, so we figured it was time for an update.

The basic gist, just as it sounds, is that Newt imagines a world wherein McDonald’s has decided to pay tribute to popular horror movies by turning them into kid-friendly (well… sort of) Happy Meals. Of course, this is a thing that would never actually happen, but that’s what makes the art project so much fun. Because the world is boring. And stuff like this makes it so much cooler.

In this brand new wave of Horror Movie Happy Meals, films like The Purge, The Devil’s Rejects, The Thing, and Creepshow join television series’ such as “The Exorcist” and “Stranger Things,” and as always, each themed box is filled with a movie/TV show-specific toy. We use the word “toy” loosely, because some of the “toys” in this batch include a barf bag and a freakin’ handgun.

See more over on the Horror Happy Meal Pinterest page!




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