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James Wan Wants You To Know That ‘The Conjuring 2’ Is Totally a Christmas Movie

Dasher. Dancer. Prancer. Valak.

There’s certainly no shortage of horror films to get you through the holiday season, with some of our favorites being Silent Night, Deadly Night, Black Christmas, Christmas Evil, and Krampus. But in order to quality as a “Christmas horror movie,” a film need not center on a Christmas demon or a killer dressed as Santa Claus. Some Christmas movies are a bit more subtle.

Take The Conjuring 2, for example. James Wan’s hit sequel (my personal pick for horror movie of the year) was released back in June, but it would’ve been a perfect December release at the box office. Set in England, the film clearly takes place around Christmastime, as evidenced by various holiday tunes and decorations. There’s even a scene where the Hodgson kids decorate a tree.


Over the weekend, one fan on Twitter asked James Wan if he considers The Conjuring 2 to be a Christmas horror movie, and though Wan initially responded with a Die Hard joke, we eventually got him to talk a bit more seriously about the subject. We tweeted out a humorous/horribly Photo-shopped image of demonic nun Valak wearing a Santa hat, and Wan replied as follows:

My aim was to make The Conjuring 2 a ‘Christmas-themed and set’ horror film. It felt very relevant with the characters and the world.

So there you have it. The Conjuring 2 is officially a Christmas horror movie!





  • Mehliens

    So game changing!

  • Ms. Ripley

    NOW I know my movie pick for christmas! (naaah….)

  • chicago_animal

    Great sequel but I honestly forgot it took place during Xmas. Won’t be adding it to my list if Xmas Horror movies

    • Meisha’s Taint

      Can I see said list of xmas horror movies?

      • chicago_animal

        Black Christmas (original and remake)
        Jack Frost (not the Michael Keaton one)
        Santas Slay
        Rare Exports
        Saint(Saint Nick in some versions)
        Christmas Evil
        A Christmas Horror Story
        The Children
        Dead End

        • Kimberly

          I have only known of Jack Frost, with Michael Keaton, myself. Is the one you’re referring to an actual horror movie. I assume it is, judging by your list here. When did this one get released?

      • Kimberly

        I’ve watched some Christmas horror movies but find the idea of horror at Christmas kind of “not right”. There are a couple, in this genre, that have been well done, though I think you’d have to have a taste for it. I think the most disturbing Christmas horror, for me, was probably Black Christmas. As for the list, in response to your question, I have heard of all but one yet only seen about half. The one released last year, Krampus, seems innapropriate to me, but I only have that opinion, because I don’t see how demons and Christmas relate to one another and the idea of terrifying children with stories like this instead of what we’re accustomed to, in our culture in North America with Santa Claus as rewarding well behaved children, a creature who kidnaps and brutalizes children seems horrible to me. I am going by the stories I have heard about Krampus, of course. The idea is not “Christmassy” to me, not to be a killjoy or anything. Lol

  • Sir Berus

    Just because it very subtly takes place during christmas doesn’t make it a ”çhristmas film’. Although it was a very smart business desicion to make some extra bucks. Apart from a christmas tree being in a short scene and some carols here and there, I really didn’t see the connection at all. The only relation to the characters would be the fact that there is a demon in the film and hey, it’s christmas btw. Don’t get me wrong though, very cool and gripping film.

    • Meisha’s Taint

      It’s kinda like how Gremlins is a Christmas movie even though it isn’t

  • Meisha’s Taint

    What are some other good horror movies that are centered around Christmas?

    Rare exports
    Black Christmas…..I need more!

    • Saint
      A Christmas Horror Story

    • mbetz13

      Jaws….the revenge

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