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Here’s Why You Should Be Excited About the New ‘Halloween’ Film

As soon as Blumhouse and John Carpenter announced that they were working together on a brand new reboot of the Halloween franchise, horror fans began speculating on who would direct the hotly-anticipated return of Michael Myers. A handful of different names were thrown around as suggestions, and every single name I heard was one that was inextricably linked to horror. We’re talking guys with a proven track record in the horror space; guys who primarily play around in the genre we love. Guys like Adam Wingard. Mike Flanagan. Adam Green.

All great choices, might I add. But as it turns out, Carpenter and Blumhouse were keen on going the complete opposite direction from whatever any of us could’ve expected. As announced this week, Carpenter will executive produce (and possibly provide the score for) a new Halloween film, set for release in October 2018, that’s being co-written by David Gordon Green and Danny McBride, and directed by Gordon Green. Yes, the same David Gordon Green who directed Pineapple Express. And yes, the same Danny McBride who has mostly starred in laugh-out-loud comedies.

My first thought? SAY WHAT?!

About 30 seconds later? Pure, unbridled excitement.

Now if you’re opposed to the very idea of two comedy guys, or two guys we perceive and have typecast as comedy guys (check out David Gordon Green’s Joe, which is brilliant and very much not a comedy), I totally understand where you’re coming from. The idea of Danny McBride writing a Halloween film is undeniably a bit of a strange one, at the very least a completely unexpected one, and you may be wishing right about now that the creative forces behind this were a little bit more, let’s say, connected to the horror genre. You’d probably feel safer with a guy like Mike Flanagan attached to direct, because let’s face it, a guy like Flanagan has proven that he’s probably up for the task.

But it’s precisely because of how outside-the-box (and maybe even a little uncomfortable) this all is that I personally am excited about this project; way more excited, to be completely honest, than I would be if a “horror guy” was announced this week instead of two “comedy guys.” Why, you ask? Because talented filmmakers (and both Gordon Green and McBride definitely fit that bill) who don’t live and work in the horror space (they also fit that bill, to say the very least) are maybe actually the best people to inject new life into the dead, tired franchises that we adore. And what Halloween needs right now is just that: Fresh. New. Life.

We horror fans have a tendency to forget that it’s not necessarily “horror people” who make great horror movies, it’s great filmmakers who make great horror movies – it’s worth noting that this year’s Get Out, the most widely-hyped horror movie of the year so far, was directed by comedian Jordan Peele. In fact, some of the very best horror movies, some of the ones that wrote the genre’s rules, were made by filmmakers who are very much not identified as “horror guys.” Steven Spielberg directed Jaws. William Friedkin directed The Exorcist. Stanley Kubrick directed The Shining. Richard Donner directed The Omen. Hell, John Landis followed up Animal House and The Blues Brothers with An American Werewolf in London.

My point? Great filmmakers who aren’t deeply involved in the horror genre have a proven track record of making damn good horror movies that we all agree are some of the best we’ve ever seen, and also of bringing fresh and innovative ideas to the table. And with David Gordon Green and Danny McBride at the helm, we can at the very least be pretty damn sure that their take on the legend of Michael Myers is going to be as fresh as the franchise could ever dream of being in the year 2018 – we already know that Carpenter himself fell in love with and vouched for their pitch, which should be enough to sway anyone who might be on the fence about “comedy dudes” resurrecting one of the most beloved horror properties of all time.

And here’s another thing that’s important to keep in mind.

Though Pineapple Express may have turned David Gordon Green into a (perceived) comedy filmmaker, he actually cut his teeth with serious dramas like George Washington, All the Real Girls, and Undertow; he’s nothing if not one of the most versatile filmmakers working in Hollywood today. Furthermore, Gordon Green is a HUGE horror fan with a deep love for the genre. You may remember that he was at one point attached to direct a true passion project: a remake of Dario Argento’s Suspiria. Why didn’t it work out? Because Gordon Green and the studio butted heads. He left the project because he didn’t feel he was being afforded the opportunity to properly do Argento’s film justice.

He explained to Indiewire back in 2015:

I wanted it to be a horror film. And a horror movie, at the time when we were modeling that movie, meant you’re making ‘Saw’ and ‘Paranormal [Activity]. You were making these down and dirty, very gory, very economical movies. So the economic model for a horror movie was not where I wanted it to be to make a $20 million elegant movie from a guy who was an unproven horror director, you know?

I don’t know about you, but those are the words of a man who I want to be creatively involved in a franchise that I love. Because clearly, he loves and cares about this stuff as much as we do.

I’m not cautiously optimistic. I’m not even optimistic. I am just plain EXCITED.

And you should be too. Because we are lucky to have these dudes in charge.

Producers Jason Blum, Malek Akkad, Director/Co-writer David Gordon Green, Co-writer Danny McBride



  • Tony Crespo

    Agree. John Landis is a perfect example too. I guarantee they pitched something in the spirit of the original. No family ties, no cult shit, no origin story. Just the shape lurking through Haddonfield. Only things that would make it better, Dean Cundy as cinematographer and maybe shoot in the original locations. I wouldn’t mind them shooting in Illinois too, since I live here, and would die to PA on it. Blumhouse knows what they have and I think getting John’s absolute blessing was a goal. Maybe we can even get a teaser come this Halloween for it. Oh and Danny Mcbride mentions in the Nerdist podcast that he had no intentions to be an actor during film school. He actually wanted to write horror films and has written many specs. Would also vote for the dude as the new Sheriff of Haddonfield. So excited for this.

    • Michael Singer

      I think that we might be in a catch-22 situation with these films at this point. Yes a lot of fans don’t like the “family angle” and I can certainly see why.

      But on the other hand, it’s such an engrained staple of this franchise by now that I don’t think that doing a “Michael just kills random people for no discernable reason” would automatically go over well with general audiences at this point. They might think that it’s “too cliché” and “brings nothing new to the table” or whatever.

      Heck when they tried it with Resurrection, people didn’t go for it there even.

      • Tony Crespo

        You’re very much right, but Resurrection had other problems as well. Killing Laurie, the tone was goofy, and the tv angle probably threw people off. I’m very interested to know what blew Carpenter away. I really do believe they pitched The Shape as committing random acts of violence for its own pleasure. Could be wrong, but thats really the only way I see it happening.

        • John Connor

          The money offered to Carpenter is what blew him away.

          • Matthew Higgins

            Can you seriously not wait until the movie comes out to pass judgement on it and carpenter

          • John Connor

            Passing judgment on the creators of this new film and their ridiculous cliched comments: “We’re going back to the roots of the franchise. We’re gonna make it scary again. We’re going to follow the first film mostly (only).” EVERY SINGLE ASSHOLE that gets a chance to make another of these films that are part of a many-film slasher series starts spouting this crap. They clearly have no love for the series if they consider everything crap enough to suggest ignoring it all.

      • Gabriel

        I disagree. I think general audiences could care less about the family angle. If anything, I think it’s some of the hardcore fans who might have difficulty embracing random targets, although I suspect even they will largely welcome randoms at this point.

        As for Resurrection, it was disliked for many reasons, including the random characters, but those random characters had NO redeeming qualities and were all very flat, stereotypical jokes. Terrible dialogue, corny performances, poor story, and even poorer execution. Like all films, it was made to bring in a profit, but that must have been the filmmakers *only* objective, because the film had absolutely no soul.

        Give us a solid story, a well-written script, atmosphere and suspense, characters worth giving a damn about, and decent to good performances, and general audiences/fans alike will show their support.

      • mazerbo

        You make a very good point Michael. On the other hand, the biggest issue (at least personally) with Resurrection was that they retconned the historical finale of H20 with the dumbest possible excuse and it’s historical in the exact opposite way. It was even worse than Jason melting into a boy at the end of Friday13th8 and suddenly reappearing at Crystal Lake at the begining of JasonGoesToHell with no explanation. Well, I guess they kind of ignored Friday 8 as a whole which wasn’t necessarily a bad move. Unfortunately, JGTH was a bigger turd.

  • J Jett

    John i really don’t even know anything/much about Danny McBride but i hear people on this site (in comments sections) groaning about how it’s too jarring seeing him in non-comedy roles (like his role in the upcoming ALIEN COVENANT) so i have no problem with him writing this new HALLOWEEN movie. the thing that you wrote that i can see people having an issue with is when you said…

    “But it’s precisely because of how outside-the-box (and maybe even a
    little uncomfortable) this all is that I personally am excited about
    this project; way more excited, to be completely honest,…”.

    now i liked Rob Zombie’s H2 but wasn’t that “outside the box”? i’m not saying the new H movie shouldn’t try something new/new-ish but i think it needs to not venture too far from Carpenter’s original film or from the original H2.

    • Khy

      LOL Exactly J. Rob Zombie was “Outside the box” and people are still bitching about what he did 10 years later.

    • John Squires

      Zombie’s Halloween 2 was absolutely outside the box, and I respect it for that. Like the film or not, he brought vision to the franchise. Made it his own. Didn’t just do what everyone else has done. Did it work? That’s up for debate. But if nothing more, I applaud the effort. I’d rather see a filmmaker really go for it than just lifelessly retread the past.

  • Khy

    People keep talking about wanting this to be just like the original yet if they do just that you’ll be seeing this – “This movie sucks! It’s just a rip-off and rehash of the original!”

    The same criticism The Force Awakens and Jurassic World received when they went back to the spirit of the originals.

    The original Halloween can’t be fucking replicated and I WISH people stop fucking thinking it can. John Carpenter’s Halloween was a product of its time. And people really think the dude who directed Pineapple Express can do better?

    Why people are creaming their pants over stoner comedy dudes being in charge of the next Halloween is a mystery to me. Seems like a bad joke.

    • Wes Draven

      Pineapple Express is one film, and it wasn’t a bad film, it achieved what it was meant to achieve. It’s not like John Carpenter never made a bad film.

      • Khy

        Carpenter never made a stoner comedy either to my knowledge. That said, I’m not a Carpenter purist. That old bag doesn’t mean anything to me save for giving us Halloween.

        I just can’t get excited for some boring rehash of the original by stoner comedy dudes. Though I do have hope in Blumhouse.

        But the original CANNOT be replicated.

        • Wes Draven

          Perhaps not, but I wouldn’t say someone can’t make a stoner comedy and turn around and make a great horror film. A good storyteller is flexible, right?

          • Matthew Higgins

            It seems people are just typecasting them based on one movie. No one said spider man will be shit because it’s from a horror director, or get out,that’s got great reviews, from a guy know for comedy. Wait till the movie is out to pass judgement!

        • Eastman420

          Damn no respect for Carpenter, got alot more great films than Halloween. And who said it was gonna be a rehash of the original? Nobody. Also you got a thing against people who smoke weed? Because i would bet we make up a majority of fans.

          • Khy

            Sensitive stoner

          • Eastman420

            Lol yeah your a hater, didnt comment on anything else i said but that. But yeah anyways check out his other films great stuff. How can you not like The Thing?

        • Martin Cann

          Carpenter din’t make a STONER comedy… he made a Chevy Chase comedy instead.

      • gabriel

        I just hope they keep Rosie Perez out of Halloween.

    • DJV1985

      When people or at least fans of the original film say “I want it to be like the first one” I don’t think they mean a straight out and out copy or even taking the original script and just updating the references. I think they’re going on about the feel and atmosphere, the camerawork, the tone and tension that the original had. The original version of Michael as a slow stalker, that sort of went away as the series went on (and I’m a fan of ALL the films well but the Zombie ones).

      • CaptainBlake

        Right on. It’s all about the vibe, the atmosphere, not replicating particulars. It’s the reason, even without The Shape, HALLOWEEN III (or THE FOG) feels more akin to the original film than any of the later entries.

    • Try looking at the filmmaker’s entire discography before you make loud, sweeping judgments. This is easily the best and most gifted filmmaker to tackle this series since Carpenter. Not hyperbole in the slightest.

    • Halloween_Vic

      Oh man Khy I thought I was the only one. Being that Michael and Halloween is my all time favorite I’m no where near as excited or convinced by this. Keep these comedy dudes away from an iconic franchise like Halloween. This has to be a joke, it has to be.

    • Angela M Campany

      Agreed KHY!

    • Ocelot006 .

      The Force Awakens and Jurassic World attempted but did not succeed in capturing the spirit of the originals. Maybe Force Awakens more so but point is there is a big difference between attempting to capture the spirit and actually capturing it.

  • Ocelot006 .

    I’ll tell you why we shouldn’t be excited. Because everything keeps getttibg canceled. I’ll be excited when the movie is done shooting.

    • Golic

      What else got cancelled besides Friday the 13th that’s got everyone’s panties in a bunch?

      • J Jett

        i can’t speak for anyone else but WWZ 2’s “delay” (i think it will never come to fruition) as well as F13’s cancellation/delay bummed me out.

        • Ocelot006 .

          Reading the Hollywood Reporter article about Friday The 13th’s cancellation made me cry. That may be some hardcore white male privilege but screw it. My feelings are hurt by the cancelation of a movie. It hurts me just as much as someone else’s rape.

      • Ocelot006 .

        Bad Boys III just got pushed backed. The Batman delayed. The Flash has no hope. World War Z obviously. Most importantly of all the several Halloween projects over the past few years. The Patrick Lussier one. The Platinum Dunes one. The Marcus Dunstan one.

        • Daniel Baldwin

          The Platinum Dunes one was never happening. That was simply a pitch that got rejected. The Lussier and Dunstan versions were set up and cancelled by The Weinstein Company, who thankfully no longer have a say in this franchise. It’ll happen this time.

          • Ocelot006 .

            I’m not sure how explaining the reasons they didn’t happen is reassuring for this new one. That just means there can always be reasons for this new one to be canceled.

          • Daniel Baldwin

            Because the clusterfuck that is TWC is no longer controlling the rights to the franchise. They’ve held them since Halloween 6 and it’s been problem after problem ever since. Not anymore though. So the difference here is that a different outfit is working on it and they tend to stick to their decisions and production schedules, unlike The Weinstein Company or Paramount. That doesn’t mean that Blumhouse will give us a great or even good Halloween movie, but we’ll at least actually get a film from them.

          • Ocelot006 .

            Yeah. Blumhouse. Remember how they got Area 51 right out? No fucked schedule there. Yeah. Good times.

  • Rocky

    who gives a shit? This film will suck ass. Deal with in and move on assholes.

    • Christian

      Shut up you trolling twat.

      • J Jett

        i agree Christian. this Rocky douche is a douche.

    • J Jett

      you obviously do you cunt.

    • gabriel

      Suck ass? Been watching too much Human Centipede?

  • Jay

    I am not getting excited. There is not even a script yet. When the script does come in all the suits need to approve, budget, etc. so who know if this will even get off the ground…..

  • Green’s more substantial work in films like Joe, Manglehorn, Prince Avalanche, Snow Angels, and even Amazon’s Red Oaks have me far more interested in this. The idea that anyone’s even framing this as The Pineapple Express Guy is ridiculous.

    • Christian

      Spot on. So many horror fans claim they want something ”new and fresh” yet keep bringing up the same old boring ”wish list” of directors that have stilted this genre for long enough. Time for a change.

    • gabriel

      I need to check out Manglehorn. Joe and Prince Avalanche blew my mind. Who knows, maybe he lets Paul Rudd reprise his role as Tommy Doyle!

  • Rohan

    I’m excited too! Hopefully it won’t get cancelled……

  • I’m very intrigued for the same reasons. It seems like such a random choice and a risk that it excites me. I’m curious what their pitch was, though. It had to be something different than we’ve seen.

    I know this is to be a “return to form”, but considering how long it’s taken to come to this announcement makes me feel like they were searching for, at least, a fresh angle. They’ve got something up their sleeves, and I can’t wait to find out what it is.

  • James

    I’m very intrigued but at the same time it’s a massive gamble. Can’t wait to see how this turns out.

    • Mike tantatelli

      I think it might be a gamble if Carpenter wasn’t involved. But I think since he is, he’ll make sure that’s it’s done right and is legit. He doesn’t want his iconic “Halloween” and Michal Myers getting shit on ya know. Just my opinion though.

      • Mackey

        It seems that Mr. Carpenter is all-in with this movie. He stated he might compose the score, which is huge. But remember, John Carpenter had an executive producer’s credit on the piece of shit remake of “The Fog”. But on that movie, it seemed the new producers just gave Carpenter a huge check to go away and not be involved with the making of that god-awful remake.

  • Flu-Like Symptoms


    But, these guys comedy backgrounds shouldn’t bother anyone. Would you rather have Rob Zombie direct?

    (didn’t think so)

  • Jack Thompson

    This is probably gonna get cancelled, or delayed to bejesus and back.

    Just like some other certain movies lately.

    • J Jett

      Jack, i know, right? i fully expect to read (probably on this site) that this HALLOWEEN movie is either delayed or cancelled altogether.

      • I agree with Maxime. Blumhouse has a deal to produce WHATEVER they want as long as the budget is 10 mil or less. I see no reason for 20 + million dollar budgeted Halloween. I feel like as long as they like the script, there will be no stopping this.

    • Maxime C

      I don’t think so. It’s Blumhouse, the poor returns on Rings or Blair Witch do not concern them at all!
      The risk is smaller, the franchise is bigger!

  • Francesco Falciani

    completely agree with this article. this is the right way to resurrect a classic icon…and i’ve read on another site that it will be a straight sequel of the first 2 movies. if only this could happen to friday the 13th. fuck paramount and warner.

  • dukeblues

    Rob Zombies two Halloween films were pretty great in my opinion. Infinitely better than H20 or Resurrection. As for these two guys, if Jon Favreu can make a solid Iron Man movie (which surprised me that he did so well), then I will give these two a shot.

    • Gary Grinch

      “Rob Zombies two Halloween films were pretty great in my opinion.”
      I for one, fully agree with you.

    • Corey

      Zombie’s Halloween was pretty good. His H2 started out with one of the best sequences in a slasher film ever, but as soon as that turned out to be a dream the movie was trash.

  • Maxime C

    I’m actually on board with this.
    And I’m one of those who enjoyed Seth Rogen’s take on Preacher soooooo… I think those guys actually have talent and ideas. Hell, people weren’t happy with white trash hardcore Zombie, why not try something completely different?

  • Jesse Sikora

    Yep, I agree with this article 100% He’s a great director who “get’s it” I have a very, very good feeling about this!!

  • Bla Blah


  • llcc1103

    Shyamalan should direct. Give him a low budget and a script. With his tone this could be terrifying.

  • zombie84_41

    I’m down. And also are you takin over writing duties for Brad, John? Or is he on VAC-K or something.

    • John Squires

      Brad’s on the set of Cult of Chucky this week, so been covering for him.

      • zombie84_41

        Cool dude, thats what I thought. Can’t wait till he’s back to with some coverage.

  • Dan

    Not sure why so many are so quick to dismiss this idea? We know JC will work for a paycheck, but I think him backing the project is a great start. I’m all in, if the effort is there, which we’ll know pretty quickly after the movie starts, could be a fun ride.

  • Rez

    For the Horror Gods sake please make this happen….with so many people wanting to do this especially Carpenter…i feel real good right now!

  • I’d rather have Danny McBride and David Gordon Green write and direct a live action FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’S film,which much more fits their style. Otherwise,did Rob Zombie really do that much tremendous damage to have Jason Blum and John Carpenter look the other side of the filmmaking spectrum ?

  • shane-o-mac


  • Halloween_Vic

    Idk, I mean Halloween is my all time favorite franchise. Maybe I’m being biased but I’m not that excited just cause I feel like it won’t work. I wanted someone more established and had a good track record with horror. I’m just happy a movie pitch was brought up but we still have nearly 2 years for this to get axed which I’m sure it will. And having Carpenter attached is so awesome but I feel he wouldn’t be much help because that man has lost his touch and has not made a good horror film in nearly 20 years. God please let these people make a truly terrifying Halloween film and give Michael the movie he deserves. I hope they still vouch for another director and writer, I don’t want these comedy dudes near a Halloween film.

    • Angela M Campany

      Agreed !

  • Halloween_Vic

    Man have someone like David Mitchell who directed “it follows” direct this or Adam Wingard, perfect fits for the project.

  • Halloween_Vic

    Maybe I’ll feel better later on but as of right now this is bullshit.

  • RedNeoCon

    Adam Wingard. Mike Flanagan. Adam Green.

    Never heard of those guys. The Rob Zombie stuff was decent all things considered. However Scout Taylor-Compton was the worst choice to lead. I wish he had more blood in the film.

    • Ocelot006 .

      Well don’t blame yourself if you’ve never heard of Adam Green. He’s a much more interesting person than filmmaker.

      • I assume they’re talking about the Adam Green of Hatchet fame. What makes him a more interesting person than filmmaker? I can’t find much about him other than a long list of horror projects he’s been involved in.

        • Ocelot006 .

          Are you trying to blame me for your inability to figure out how to access bonus features, audio commentaries, podcasts and Friday The 13th/Psycho documentaries?

          • I was literally asking you to elaborate on your claim. He’s a pretty big name in recent horror, yet you imply that his work is nothing compared to who he is as a person. I’m asking, since I’m not familiar with any part of his life outside his work, what makes him so great to you?

            I’m saying – “oh, you think this guy is great? Is there something I don’t know? What’s his deal?” Your response – “go find out for yourself, dummy.”

    • Matthew Higgins

      Adam wingard- Blair witch
      Mike flanagan- oculus, hush, ouija 2

  • DarkBree

    I trust Blumhouse, they make great movies with a low budget, it’s the perfect place to a franchise like Halloween. And I also think they really want this to happen and next year is a perfect year for its release, 40 years later. They bought the rights for a reason, if they didn’t want to make a good movie they wouldn’t bother in buying them.

    This is nothing like Friday the 13th and Paramount that kept firing and hiring people and delaying the release date too many times.

  • dukeblues

    The mask is not rocket science. They need to just buy a mask from one of the reputable Halloween mask makers based on the original. But, of course, they will not do that. Whomever they get to do the special effects will want to do his own mask so he can make his mark. I hate that, but it is inevitable.

    • Flu-Like Symptoms

      Exactly. “I wanted to stay true to the core, yet felt it was important to…” blah blah blah. Just STFU already and pick up an H1 replica from James Carter.

  • John Connor

    A real fan would take all 8 films into consideration and make a real sequel, not some bullshit “well, we’re going to ignore this because this one was the only true one”. Fuck off with that bullshit.

    • REC03

      even Resurrection?

      • John Connor

        Yes, of course.

        • Weresmurf

          Well thats a plain mess then because h20 ignored 4 to 6…

          • Adam Clifton

            It can easily be reworked that H20 and Resurrection are a part of 4,5 and 6. We got the backstory about Loomis in H20 from some cop who heard second-hand rumors. Laurie wasn’t in Haddonfield in years so she probably didn’t know that Jamie was sent there to be raised by the Carruthers

          • Weresmurf

            Honestly the Thorn stuff was a serious mess. Best off leaving it go.

          • Adam Clifton

            A better idea would be to continue from Halloween 5. Jamie Lloyd (Danielle Harris) would not only still be alive but have a family of her own by now, Dr. Loomis could be written out as having died of a heart attack after finally catching Michael in his house, the only trace of a ‘Thorn Cult’ would be the Man In Black who broke Michael out of jail and laid waste to the police station. Leave the MIB a mystery and have Michael become the Shape once more

          • Weresmurf

            Could work. I guess they just wanna go with the Carpenter classics

          • dukeblues

            Resurrection and H20 were horrendous, and not in a good way. Everything about those movies was a big steamy turd. The music, the acting, the way Michael Myers moved, etc.

          • gabriel

            H20 had a small-scale approach feel to it that imitated the first 2. Other than that, yeh, Resurrection failed miserably.

          • John Connor

            Halloween 5 is my favorite next to 3.

            I would have it be Danielle Harris playing a character who is in her early 20s with a younger sister.
            Michael comes after her and she doesn’t know why.
            Then her parents reveal that she was adopted.
            Everyone around her is murdered as she looks for answers to her origin.
            She eventually comes across Tommy Doyle and Laurie Strode, an old Professor Xavier-like woman in a wheelchair.
            It’s revealed that she was a test-tube baby via the Thorn cult.
            Her mother is essentially Jamie Lloyd.
            So she is the granddaughter of Laurie and its like a family reunion where it basically feels like Laurie is reuniting with Jamie through her look-alike/daughter (clone).

          • Adam Clifton

            Halloween 5 would be a great jumping off point considering Halloween 6 jumped years ahead and went into the whole Thorn cult

        • Khalil Wright

          Don’t understand why the same people who want to erase Resurrection from existence, are the same people who want a sequel to it.

    • Hack Snyder

      I don’t understand this mindset. 1 and 2 are by far the best of the franchise so making a sequel to them makes the most amount of sense. 4 isn’t bad but in 5 and 6 we got the Thorn cult shit and no one wants a Halloween sequel to acknowledge that stupid nonsense. H20 isn’t bad either but Resurrection is an insultingly awful pile of shit that should be erased from existence.

  • marklola12 .

    Halloween is boring, first 2 were OK but they are just dull

    • dukeblues

      Reasonable minds can disagree. Part of what makes Halloween 1 and 2 great is that they do not need to have action the entire time. You might think that is boring and for some it might be. I call it better cinema. Were you expecting exploding heads every 3 minutes? I think the methodical buildup is what makes a movie scary (like The Strangers). Not creative kills to appease the teenage boy audience. And I am not calling you a teenage boy by any means, but my nephew and his friends need action the entire time. I’ve never seen the quality in that type of movie.

      • marklola12 .

        well if you fucking read I said the first 2 were ok lol fuck face

  • Jonathan Larsson

    Lets wait and see what they can do. From watching the entire franchise, I do know this much: Everyone pretty much knows the formula, so what anyone tackling this project need to do is either making something different out of it or doing it in a different way. With that said, it needs to be done the right way. Rob Zombie was clearly mismatched with the franchise, with only a few fragments of his vision actually working pretty well.

  • Donnie Bellville

    I think this article is stretching it. I’m assuming all the love because they’re hoping for some interviews or on location stuff.

    • John Squires

      Nope. I’m not into doing interviews and I hate traveling. I just love horror movies and I get excited when my favorite franchises come back. Sue me.

  • Rick-Taylor

    I am not a fan of the franchise, but I do think this is an interesting and worthwhile angle to attack the next film. I am also witholding my bias; because I always feel like McBride always plays himself. I always see him as a white trash, directionless, buffoon. Perhaps he plays that role so well, it’s just imprinted on him. In that case, Danny is an amazing and very convincing actor.

    • quantumbleep

      He’s only co-writing, he’s not part of the cast.

  • Gd

    no one, i mean absolutely no one.. not even uwe boll could do a worst job than Rob Zombie so whatever comes out will be a Win.

  • WhistleBleepBlip

    Friday the 13th
    A Nightmare on Elm Street

    In order for all 3 of these franchises to get going at this point they need 2 major things.
    1. A recognizable name/s attached
    2. A low budget

    With McBride and Green attached and Blumhouse producing that’s exactly what we are getting here.

    Studios just aren’t going to revive a franchise with a 20-25 million budget without a name to help market it.
    As much as us folks here love these series the market just isn’t there to justify the risk.
    Especially a “slasher” series.

    • Khalil Wright

      Eh, I think the only recognizable names those three franchises need are Michael Myers, Jason, and Freddy Krueger.

      Other than that difference in opinion though, I think you’re right.

  • Evan3

    @bloodydisgusting-2ccf768e0fb1bebb8fd71d0959358344:disqus – I don’t necessarily disagree with your premise but… Danny McBride qualifies as a “talented filmmaker” who has starred in many laugh out loud comedies? In what universe is this true.The only produced movie screenplay McBride has is Your Highness… an umitigated disaster in every way. The movies in which he has starring roles (not glorified cameoes like say, This is the End) are pretty awful (in addition to Your Highness… Land of the Lost, Rock the Kasbah, The Heartbreak Kid remake.

    Green’s made some fine films, but comparing him to the likes of Spielberg, Kubrick and Donner is insanely over-selling his work.

    Combine that with the fact that the Akkad’s have a pretty awful track record with Halloween films and, well, this doesn’t engender much confidence.

  • THGrimm

    There’s some solid points to be made here. Plus, I don’t like to pigeonhole people and as someone who adores horror and standup in equal measure, those different ends of the spectrum don’t have to be exclusive from each other. You can get “horror guys” that fuck it up just as easily. Let it rip, good things are in place.

  • Jeff Rittenour

    all you had to say was it’s not a remake.

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