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‘Shin Godzilla’ Just Won the Japanese Academy Award for Best Picture

Yes, the King of the Monsters is an Academy Award winner.

Last Sunday night’s Academy Awards here in the States were pretty crazy, ending with a twist that not even M. Night Shyamalan could’ve seen coming. Meanwhile, Japan’s version of the Academy Awards (technically called Japan Academy Prize) celebrated its 40th anniversary with a ceremony today, and we’re happy to report that Toho’s Shin Godzilla totally swept the show.

The Kaiju film won Best Picture, while directors Hideaki Anno & Shinji Higuchi took home the directing statue. Toho’s latest Godzilla production also won awards for Editing (Hideaki Anno and Atsuki Sato), Cinematography (Kousuke Yamada), Art Direction (Yuji Hayashida & Eri Sakushima), Lighting (Takayuki Kawabe), and Sound Recording (Jun Nakamura & Haru Yamada).

Yes, that’s SEVEN total awards. Congrats, Big G!

Shin Godzilla (also known as Godzilla Resurgence) was the highest grossing live-action film released in Japan last year and also the highest-grossing Japanese Godzilla film of all time.



  • Harley Mitchel Dirk

    That’s actually kind of awesome. Way to go Japan.

  • Mike Wallace

    Well, it’s no La La Land, but… oh I guess. On a serious note: F**king Awesome!

  • Blade4693

    I really liked it, glad to see it doing good over there in Japan.


    Not as wacky as Suicide Squad winning an academy award.

  • Satanzilla

    If a fairly weird, slightly boring monster movie (with a laughably absurd portrayal of a US envoy) — if •that’s• actually the best picture made in Japan last year, that doesn’t speak well for the Japanese movie industry.

    I guess they were less embarrassed about giving the movie the best picture award because the monster is portrayed almost like a tsunami or other natural disaster, with the emphasis of the story being on whether bureaucratic inefficiency would let the monster rampage unchecked or the Japanese get-it-done attitude would save the country.

    Bonus points for the usual diabolical US involvement — what asian monster movie would be complete without it?

    • Carlton Fisher

      Hmmmm….I wonder why a country that we dropped two atomic bombs on may have some hurt feelings toward us……

      • Satanzilla

        Cry me a river. They were trying to develop one too. Guess why?

        You have a serious need to educate yourself about the poor victim Japanese. Google “rape of Nanking” and “unit 731.”

        By the way, how many atom bombs did we drop on South Korea? Because they have the same attitude about the American round eyed devils. And as far as I recall, we saved their sorry asses from the tender mercies of the North Korean communists.

        • GilesTheRipper

          The movie wasn’t an entirely anti-American film. It was just trying to say that Japan can achieve things without foreign intervention. In the film, foreign nations were trying to drop a nuclear bomb on Japan because their military failed in defeating Godzilla. It’s somewhat ironic because this would be the third bomb dropped on the country by the US, and because this time, they would be compliant.

          And I don’t really know why you had to bring up South Koreans, because they have nothing to do with this. As a South Korean, the issue there is a lot more complicated than what you’re implying.

          • Satanzilla

            If you had read the message he’d first responded to you’d understand. I said that asian movies have a real strain of anti-Americanism in them, which of course they do. The Host is the perfect example — that’s why I brought up South Korea. When you call Asian films on that there’s always someone who comes along and says “oh but it’s not entirely anti-American” and then backpeddles.

            Meanwhile let’s see, the monster exists because of an American coverup, the monster gets worse because of the Americans and then America threatens to nuke Japan but I guess you’re right, it’s “not that anti-American.”

          • GilesTheRipper

            That may be so, but the movie (Shin Godzilla, not The Host) satirized Japanese politicians as well. When the first form of Godzilla appears, they have to go through meeting and meeting just to decide a single action. The Prime Minister even spreads false information about the creature. This is probably in reference to 2011 tsunami. Not to mention how the first form is low to the ground as it picks up cars and debris.

            I never said The Host wasn’t anti-American. It very much is. However, I still argue that Shin-Godzilla isn’t a simple anti-American film. It tackles bureaucracy more than it does foreign intervention.

            And there’s no reason why you have to be condescending; we can actually have a good discussion without throwing sarcastic remarks at each other.

          • Carlton Fisher

            I don’t understand what the issue is about whether the movies are “anti-American” or not. So someone thinks we’re not the greatest, most wonderful nation in the world. Maybe that should give us a reason to think about why they may have that impression of us. Or maybe it shouldn’t matter so much. Someone’s always going to have a lower opinion of someone else, whether it’s a person, a leader, or a country. Maybe we earn it, maybe we don’t. Being pissed that they have the opinion at all doesn’t do anything toward addressing the issue.

    • JoeSislack

      Because you’re an expert on Japanese films and knew and watched the other films there were up for awards right and what Japanese films came out in 2016 right?


      Cry me a river.

  • David Smith

    Why cant we see it in the UK?

    • MaryMaria

      Something something Brexit
      J/K, you have my sympathies.

      • shibby dibby


  • amir ezra

    Is this the Japanese choice for best picture from last year? I don’t say it’s bad and I don’t know what other good movies they made in 2016.

    But the anime Your Name is so much better than this, fantastic emotional sci fi story.

    • suffering

      you can’t compare animated movies with live action movies

      • Chance LeBoeuf

        And why the hell not? Last I check, animated features are movies too.

    • Kasper Lee

      Your Name didnt even win the best animated film Japan. It is so overated

  • zombie84_41

    thats awesome now get the dvd out please

    • Carlton Fisher

      Exactly! Has there even been an announcement yet for a US release? I now the Japanese version is on the schedule, so I’m hoping ours isn’t far behind.

      • zombie84_41

        Naaa last I heard was funamination was doing something. I really don’t want to exodus this flick but i honestly can’t wait no more.

  • G.A. McGillivray

    If it means they will make another Godzilla movie – then all the better!

  • Ocelot006 .

    So not an Academy Award winner. Got it

    • JoeSislack

      “Won a Japanese Academy Award.”

      “Not an Academy Award winner.”

      Methinks you need to get some glasses. America isn’t the only country in the world that has an academy awards for films.

      • Ocelot006 .

        Well I won an Academy Prize from the Academy Of Shoe Tying. Guess I should put ‘Academy Award Winner’ on my resume.

      • Satanzilla

        Do billions of people around the world watch the Japanese awards?

        We’ll wait.

  • Chance LeBoeuf

    Shin Godzilla seriously was just a chore to sit through.

    Look, I get it, you wanted this movie to say something again and at times it does have some powerful imagery and allegory with SOME rightfully earned dramatic tension, but it’s mostly just a rather horribly paced slog. It spends so much time on the politics of the whole situation, without much of the actual intrigue to keep viewers truly invested. Sometimes it almost seems like it’s a directorial exercise of how many different ways he can shoot people talking in a room and the back of their heads. .

    Look, I’m not saying I need a mindless monster movie, I can appreciate a more cerebral film as well as a popcorn flick, but this political talk is done to such an obsessive degree that it’s literally them mulling over every little detail for the most part without much at all to break up that monotony.

    And I’m not even saying it had to just have more Godzilla, I would have voted to also have a pair of boots on the ground to view the destruction from a different angle, and also possibly bring in an element of personal drama for the politicians who all seem strangely unphased by the possibility a giant creature potentially killed their family ravaging through Tokyo. Just a different perspective than a goddamn board room meeting would have eased it up, and even bring even more of an emotional angle to it all. Like, that scene that reminded me of the Tsunamis that hit Japan a few years ago, that was powerful. Imagine another pair of eyes on the receiving end. But it’s one shot after these politicians just like, “hey, look at this, well back to the meeting.”

    Also, while the scenes with Godzilla are still pretty great, the middle of the film is where it really picks up. And the ending is just pretty anti-climatic. Yea, you can argue that’s technically a little more realistic as not everything needs to go out with a bang, but is it wrong for me to still be under the impression that this is still SUPPOSED to be a Godzilla movie? Guys, some more excitement wouldn’t hurt. Understand your source material’s legacy.

    It’s by no means the worst Godzilla film ever, but it sure as hell isn’t the best either. I don’t care what anyone says, but the American 2014 remake had more to appreciate if you ask me. It was still very much a Godzilla film, and when he was on screen, it was the Kaiju fights of dreams. But I also appreciated the pretty tense, horror movie-ish cinematography throughout. It’s not perfect, and not even my favorite Godzilla film, but I was at least fairly entertained throughout. Like, 70% of Shin Godzilla was just, lack of a better term, straight up boring.

    And this rant is keeping my personal hatred of Hideaki Anno’s previous work and sometimes himself aside.

    • Horrorfiction

      But your post really isn’t.

      You come off seriously anally devastated.

      Movie won. Toho will make more.

    • Chip

      Your view point really does read like a bored adolescent. I can’t take it seriously when you put 2014 Godzilla above it, when that movie has completely pointless characters that are an even bigger bore to sit through because they’re so stock and irrelevant. You’re asking for contrived drama that only takes away from the gravity of the picture, and basically exists to pad out the film. You’re the same kind of mindset that wanted to make Pearl Harbor a romance drama that happened to have sinking ships in the background. Fuck that kind of lazy writing.

      Godzilla is a large scale monster for a large scale conflict. He was designed to be a metaphor, and this is the BEST way to use that metaphor. If you want a cheap monster fest, go watch Cloverfield or something. This movie is meant for people that want a little more sophistication.

      • Satanzilla

        It’s dull, silly and badly told. It’s not being a bored adolescent to expect things to happen in a monster movie.

        It’s a movie made by an adolescent mind trying to act like a grown-up, for similar minds.

      • Chance LeBoeuf

        That’s a lot of rash generalization just because I called Shin Godzilla for what it was. Why don’t you slow your roll before you keep making yourself just look like an arrogant, pretentious little cunt?

        Look, I understand all the themes this is trying to tackle. From the beast being a more contemporary metaphor in the wake of more recent disasters, to it also basically satirizing Japanese politics and calling out where Japan also stands on this front in the global conscious, but its messages are conveyed in a pretty goddamn dull way with nearly nothing else to break up that monotony. What I was bringing up was merely suggestions. Shin Godzilla chooses to focus on the politics, but can’t excel on that front to at least keep it interesting, so obviously they need something else. Sitting through this at times IS a goddamn chore

        Mainly because Hideaki Anno just never was a very good writer.

        His past works have even proved this. Don’t even get me started on the piles of utterly pretentious bullshit on a level as verbose as its title, that is Neon Genesis Evangelion.

        • Chip

          Blah blah blah. Go find something shiny to distract yourself with. Maybe your parents can jangle some keys in front of you.

          • Chance LeBoeuf

            OK, so you really are just an utterly pretentious little asshole. Guess we’re done here. I rather not carry on conversations with idiots.

          • Cure4Humanity

            Just let it go. You can’t use logic to discuss this movie with an individual who thought 45 mins of meetings and a googly-eyed fish monster was sophisticated. Don’t get me wrong, there were things I liked about the movie and they did something unique with the King of monsters….but you aren’t wrong. A lot of the movie was senseless babbling.

  • Amazing movie! Epic great godzilla-film!

  • Jeremy Stewart

    “And exactly why are we supposed to give a fuck outside of Japan?”
    Who said anyone outside of Japan is suppose to give a fuck? This is clearly a Japanese movie made for Japanese people. And people need to stop acting like a political Godzilla film is anything new. The original was very political.

    • Satanzilla

      So then I guess you find Japanese politics to be fascinating. I don’t, because it’s not. It’s as dull as watching linoleum crack and it sure isn’t a fit subject for a monster movie.

      • Jeremy Stewart

        “So then I guess you find Japanese politics to be fascinating”
        I didn’t say whether I liked the film or not. All I pointed out was this film was directed towards Japanese audiences, not international audiences and that the original film was political (meaning that politics in Godzilla franchise isn’t anything new). You should try getting less hot and bothered by a film.

  • B.

    I didn’t expect to enjoy Shin Godzilla as much as I dd. It’s a great retelling of the original in a modern post-fukushima Japan. Hard to say which monster was worse: the giant nuclear mutant or the giant multi-tentacled bureaucracy that had to be struggled with to fight the former. The original took the risk of addressing the then forbidden by American decree to talk about subject of nuclear devastation by using a monster (the B-grade edit released for stupid American audiences doesn’t count), and this one took the risk of depicting not only the horror of nuclear accident but also the tangled web of lingering post-war influences. Exactly what a remake should be.

  • Pinkie-Dawn

    With how upset I was about this film not getting a single nomination at the Oscars, I’m glad it still won awards from its own country for its philosophical themes (given who directed it to begin with). Now if only Legendary’s Godzilla was to win any awards at the Oscars with its upcoming sequel.

  • chizmad

    Glad i went and saw this when i could here in the stated. Loved it. Greatly anticipating the BluRay!!

  • Daniel Kennard

    I *really* wanted to like this movie, but it’s one of only two during which I’ve genuinely fallen asleep… Still, at least Godzilla had more screen time than the Legendary version

    • anonymous78787999

      nope legendary version had 14 min screen time shin gojira had 8 and most of it was 2 forms not really godzilla. not to mention in 2014 you at least had the mutos to bring action and the mc was in the thick of things and not just a room of beuracrats

  • Chris Genth

    Oh no they say he’s gotta go, go go godzilla ya!

  • Leo_Silva.

    MAde for japanese only for japanese

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