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“Friday the 13th: The Game” Character Model Unmasks ‘Jason Goes to Hell’ Jason for First Time

At PAX East over the weekend, the folks behind the hotly-anticipated “Friday the 13th: The Game” showed off a new trailer and even provided us with our first good look at a brand new Jason that was designed by none other than Tom Savini. That piece of playable DLC content was inspired by the ending of Jason Goes to Hell; and yes, JGTH Jason will also be in the game.

Today we’ve got a look at the Jason Goes to Hell character model that you’ll be able to choose in “Friday the 13th: The Game,” and what makes this skin special is that it unmasks the ninth film’s iteration of Jason Voorhees for the first time. You may remember that Jason’s mask never actually came off in Jason Goes to Hell, so it was hard to know exactly what was going on under there.

The developers explained the liberties they took at the PAX panel:

In Friday the 13th: Part 9, everyone kind of knows there was a mistake made with Jason’s undermask – the face under the mask. For some odd reason, the eyes got reversed; it’s Jason’s left eye that’s supposed to be damaged, cause in Part 4 he takes the machete to the head. But in Part 9, it was reversed on accident. So we decided to fix it.

The undermask has never been seen. There’s like one photo going around the internet of Kane [Hodder] without a mask on, so no one really knows what he looks like underneath. So this is our interpretation.

Check out the badass Jason Goes to Hell model below!

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Gun Media and developer Illfonic’s “Friday the 13th: The Game”, initially announced as “Slasher Vol. 1: Summer Camp”, was funded through Kickstarter back in 2015.

The game’s full multiplayer component will become available in early 2017 and include Tommy Jarvis as a playable character. Movie setting Packanack Lodge will also be included in this release as a third playable map. This initial release will be followed by the full Summer 2017 release of the single-player component, including AI Bots.

Players who pre-order the game in digital or physical form will receive the single player component at no additional charge.



  • Nyghtfall

    I’ve had an eye on this game since it was first announced under its original title. Static renders like this look quite nice, but I am completely unimpressed by the animation quality in the footage they’ve released. Suffice it to say, I’ll be watching plenty of user-submitted YouTube videos and reading lots of reviews before I consider buying a copy.

    • Nekrim

      Yeah, it’s a shame because they actually did some pretty neat motion capture sessions with Kane Hodder but the final result ingame just looks poorly implemented and they don’t sync well with the rest of the other traditional animations. They need a better animation tech…

    • chuck

      go back and watch some Twitch streams of the game, totally looks fun regardless of animation quality.

      Also got to realize this game is by a small studio and not some giant corporation so it is and will prb never look as polished as a AAA game.

  • Chris Genth

    It looks awsome, I can’t wait!!!!!!

  • John Connor

    You would think Kane would have caught that mistake when they were filming Jason Goes To Hell.

    I would just assume his eyes regenerate and his other one got injured in an incident between Jason Takes Manhattan and Jason Goes To Hell.

    • Tarman_85

      He addressed that in TV Guide. com in 2005…
      TVGuide. com: Has a blooper ever made it into the theatrical cut?
      Hodder: The major one is that Jason has been missing an eye for a long time, and it switched sides. In Part VII, one eye was missing, but then in Jason Goes to Hell, the opposite eye was missing. When I pointed it out, they told me it was too late because the makeup had already been designed.

  • Khy

    Using this Jason all the fucking time. I can now be JGTH badass Jason without the shitty body jumping!

    • Melissa Sharp

      Actually, this is where body jumping would be cooler than the movie. Can you imagine playing Jason and killing somone then taking over their body and then finding some poor unexpected other player that thinks you are there to help? haha! The reverse you kind of suck but would keep you on edge if you can actually trust others. 😀

      • Khy

        That could be a fun mini game/mode!

  • Abandoned_Being

    The head/face part looks cool but that outfit looks tacky.

    • Khy


      • THE God

        yes b*tch it is

    • Brock Carrow

      Blame the director of jason goes to hell this is what he wore in the movie

  • Blade4693

    But did they address the 2008 graphics?

    Lol im just kidding (sort of) it’s cool they are trying to do stuff like this though.

    • Brock Carrow

      It’s not 2008 graphics lol

  • Orc

    IMO the eye was put on the wrong side on purpose by the director/studio to show that is tossing continuity out the window and doing its own thing


    looks pretty badass

  • Jonkarl
    • Jonkarl

      This is directly from Toms IG page.this is the skin he created!:)

  • Adam Paquette

    Great, now give us a fucking release date already and stop pushing it back! this game was supposed to be out last year!

    • chuck

      Rather them take the time to make a good game than push out a incomplete mess just cause “It’s suppose to be out by now!!!”.

      • RiseCowthulhu

        Please…stop repeating the company line. My enthusiasm for this game has taken a big hit because of how they’ve handled everything.

        • Brock Carrow

          If by big hit you mean massively anticipat3d then yes they took a big hit

          • RiseCowthulhu

            Nope not what I meant about my enthusiasm.

          • Eric Adam Hovis

            name one example of how the team has “handled everything” poorly. a single delay doesn’t cut it. unless you’re a whiny baby. and it’s not a company line to want a game to be the best it can be. please provide ANY evidence they have NOT been working their asses off and being transparent.

          • RiseCowthulhu

            Whatever. Example of mishandling everything? We’ll forget your inability to quote honestly. Regardless, An example of piss poor communication, fan boy, is they knew the entire time heading into fall 2016 they weren’t in shape to release. But they refused, into October, to be straightforward about it. Multiplayer is only done now, eight months later. That reeeeeks of transparency. Then, when the delay was announced they said Randy’s “spring 2017” statement was a typo. It was going to be early 2017. It wouldnt take till Spring. But of course Randy was correct, it was spring and they knew that all along. An example would be they said they would ship Fall 2016 with whatever features were funded, they wouldn’t delay to add anything last minute. Except they did just that. They admitted the delay flew in the face of earlier statements. They just changed their minds. But you keep clinging to the idea that they have been straightforward or consistent. I’ve been following the forum, social, and kickstarter for 16 months. You wanna be excited the game is a few weeks off? Bully for you.

          • Eric Adam Hovis

            “My enthusiasm for this game has taken a big hit because of how they’ve handled everything. (poorly)” Don’t say I’m misquoting when the implications of your quote are clear.

            Yeah, so you may be right that there are bumps, and they haven’t always been 100 percent transparent….I wouldn’t know because I have a life, so I don’t gorge on every single detail/bump on the road. If you put that energy into holding Congress accountable instead, every citizen would be building houses made of gold by now.

            I never expected to get a Friday game AT ALL, so I’m psyched about it, even if it’s garbage (doesn’t seem to be). And if they right now said “we’re delaying it for another year to add jason IV and V,” I’d say “that sucks, but once it’s done, it’ll be good forever.” A bad game is bad forever. I think you are too rigid and demanding. Just chill out. There are other ways to enjoy your time, and if these guys launched a second kickstarter to find another 3 maps, 3 jasons, and a single player mode, I’d gladly contribute again.

            And I was legit curious what evidence you had, but you got defensive, like you expected me to just take your word for it on this stuff and were offended i didn’t just take your assertions as gospel. for instance:

            ” they knew the entire time heading into fall 2016 they weren’t in shape to release. But they refused, into October, to be straightforward about it. Multiplayer is only done now, eight months later. ”

            Please provide evidence for ANY of that in that quote by you, and I will GLADLY consider it. If you have some I HONESTLY want to see it. I wasn’t even attacking you at first, but you’re not the Pope, dude. You have to back up your assertions. I’ve seen nothing but great things from this team, so your perspective seemed worth asking about.

            And please google the difference between an assertion and evidence.

    • Brock Carrow

      They pushed it back once…. that’s it… back in October. This game will be out before may… ino other words. EARLY 2017!!! JAN-APRIL, MID IS MAY-AUG, LATE IS SEPT-DEC

  • THGrimm

    One thing that has always bothered me about Jason and his
    eyes is this: in part two, his sack mask has only a left eye hole. Now, I know
    this was probably for aesthetic reasons, but we’re all horror fans, so let’s
    stay with the fiction here and assume this is because Jason was blind in his right
    eye. Why else would he not poke two holes for both of this eyes? It’s not easy
    setting traps and chasing teenagers, so no one would forego having all of their
    faculties available. So then in part three he gets Shelley’s hockey mask and
    then his left eye is chopped into in the final chapter. How is able to see in
    subsequent chapters if his right eye is blind and his left is destroyed? Unless
    of course you want to argue when he was resurrected in Jason Lives his right
    eye regenerated due to whatever supernatural forces were at work. Which I would
    suppose would make sense since we saw that eye open and it looked fine. I don’t
    know . . . am I the only that has thought about this? Lol.

    • John Connor

      No, I thought the same.

      I hock it up to regeneration after his death in part 4.

  • Orwellianson

    H His design has been partially revealed before, he technically looked like this…

  • Jason Scarpelli

    What gaming platforms is this for??? Hopefully x-box one.

    • ky

      PS, Xbox and PC brotha.

      • Jason Scarpelli


  • Dinglebobman

    Will jason x jason and FVJ jason be in it?

  • Dinglebobman

    As well?

  • Evan3

    Not that Jason Goes to Hell is any great shakes, but they missed a real opportunity to have that demonic worm poking out through his missing eye…

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