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Why ‘Prometheus’ Deserves a Revisit from All ‘Alien’ Fans

We’ve tackled a lot of new ground, which opened up the door to a different form of thinking. Get bolder. Get braver. Dare to talk about who made us. And who made them.” – Ridley Scott

Years before Star Wars told a side story with Rogue One and Cloverfield spawned a not-quite-sequel in the form of 10 Cloverfield Lane, Ridley Scott returned to the world he created in 1979 to expand upon the Alien universe with a bold new vision that was tangentially linked to the sci-fi/horror classic. An Alien prequel that was quite unlike anything we had ever before seen from the Alien franchise, Prometheus was released to mixed reviews back in 2012. Some admired Scott’s ability to reinvent a franchise that seemed beyond reinvention. Others hated that Prometheus, well, it wasn’t really an Alien movie at all. Certainly not in the traditional sense.

The latter opinion, though I don’t at all agree with it, was admittedly somewhat understandable. Many hardcore Alien fans went into Prometheus under the false assumption that it was a straight up prequel to the 1979 film, so they were naturally let down when the 2-hour experience culminated without a single Xenomorph popping up – okay, so the “proto-Xeno” known as Deacon did make an appearance at the very end (as did various other monsters), but Prometheus was most definitely not a movie about Xenomorphs. Rather, it was a brand new story told within the universe that the Xenomorphs inhabit. It shed some new light on their eventual creation, while also expanding upon the universe with an original sci-fi story that answered questions about the original Alien and asked even bigger ones about the meaning of human existence.

Using the mystifying and haunting appearance of the fan-named “Space Jockey” from the original Alien as a jumping off point, Ridley Scott – along with writers Jon Spaihts and Damon Lindelof – told with Prometheus the story of the Engineers, brand new characters responsible for the seemingly indirect creation of the Xenomorphs. Alien fans always assumed that the “Space Jockey” was a fossilized, very much inhuman monster of some kind, but Prometheus revealed that what we saw was actually an elephantine space suit worn by one of the humanoid Engineers. And those superior beings didn’t just create the Xenomorphs. In a breathtaking opening sequence, one of the Engineers sacrifices himself for the purpose of literally creating human life on Earth. It’s a HUGE idea, and Prometheus is all about huge ideas.

While Alien was a confined, incredibly straightforward horror story about a group of people fighting off a monster aboard a spaceship, Scott’s decades-later return to the franchise was a heady trip to a faraway planet that pondered questions like why we were created and what our real purpose is here on Earth. Who better to answer those questions than the beings who created us, figures heroin Dr. Elizabeth Shaw, as does the soon-to-be-dead Peter Weyland. While Shaw wants answers, Weyland selfishly wants, quite simply, more life. What they both find, however, is the absence of answers – which proved to be more frustrating for viewers than it even was for the characters aboard the Prometheus.

What those characters eventually learn, or at least posit, is that the Engineers created human life but ultimately decided, for whatever reason, to put an end to their own creation once and for all. If what they believe to be true is in fact true, the Engineers were planning on returning to Earth to drop a payload of deadly black goo onto the planet, which would’ve destroyed it and everyone on it. Fortunately for us, something went wrong along the way. We don’t really learn what went wrong. We don’t learn why they decided to destroy humanity. And we don’t even learn why they created humanity in the first place.

Frustrating? Only if you require movies to answer the questions that they pose. But Prometheus isn’t a movie about answering questions. Rather, it’s a movie about asking them. It’s a movie about going on the quest to find those answers. Just as that’s the mission Shaw, Weyland and the gang embark on, that’s also the mission that we’re all on throughout our lives. Where did we come from? Why are we here? Where do we go when we die? We’ve all asked these questions either to ourselves or to others – and like the doomed characters in Scott’s pseudo Alien prequel, we’ll never really get the answers we desire. But through challenging us to ponder them, Prometheus expanded the Alien franchise well beyond its iconic menaces, linking our creation and their creation and tracing both of our origins to a whole new set of characters that we (and Scott himself) didn’t even realize we met back in ’79.

For better or worse (depends on who you ask), Prometheus forever changed the experience of revisiting the original Alien, as well as grew that universe exponentially. We didn’t quite learn how the film’s Xenomorph was created, as some hoped going in, but we did begin to learn (and future films like this year’s Alien: Covenant will expand upon those ideas) where they came from and who roamed the universe before either we or they ever did. Like Rogue One, Prometheus was a side story with huge implications about the main story, and as a longtime fan of the Alien franchise, that’s what made it so special to me. Ridley Scott easily could’ve made another Alien movie. Instead, he stepped far outside the box that he himself constructed over 30 years prior, telling a story that, in star Michael Fassbender’s own words from the 4-hour making-of doc, dared to “give the fans something new and maybe sort of upset them a little bit… or take that risk.”

Prometheus, an Alien film about humanity above all else, was indeed a huge risk. And it sure did upset a whole lot of Alien fans, many of whom still hold a grudge against Scott for straying so far from expectation – not since Halloween 3 had a horror franchise so brazenly bucked expectation and attempted to carve its own path entirely. Others don’t mind that he stepped outside the box, but rather found Prometheus to be a flawed film full of bad writing and dumb character decisions. As previously mentioned, there’s a whole nother group of people who hate that it asked big questions and ended up answering none of them. But in a world where franchise reboots seem to care so little for the fans that they lazily go through the motions and paint by already established numbers, one must at least admire Ridley Scott for dreaming bigger with Prometheus. He dared to give all of us Alien fans something new, and he damn sure did just that.

Here’s hoping we’re all made happy by Alien: Covenant, which looks to blend the heady wonders of Prometheus with the back-to-basics horror of the original Alien. In the meantime, I’d recommend revisiting Prometheus with a fresh set of eyes. Now that you know what to expect, and for that matter what not to, maybe you’ll find it a more enjoyable experience than you did the first time around. Strap yourself in, go along for the ride, and try not to get too caught up in silly things like the characters acting a bit foolishly from time to time. After all, isn’t a realistic movie character one who isn’t above making mistakes from time to time?

If only all franchise reboots were so ambitious, I say.



  • Mehliens

    Wow a sensible article about Prometheus on this site? Color me surprised

  • venerablemonster

    A few good ideas in a fundamentally flawed movie. Why I have to say I’m skeptical, at best, about covenant is because I find Scott is at the root of most of the issues. When he starts explaining about how Jesus was an Engineer and shit in interviews, he honestly sounds senile.

    And while I won’t say he hasn’t made a good movie since 2000, his track record has not been great. Really at the end of the day, Prometheus’ greatest crime is that it was unnecessary.

  • American Atheist

    It’s not a horror franchise. It’s a Sci-Fi franchise with horror elements in it.

    Prometheus is a great film. The people that didn’t like it, just wanted the same Alien cinematic formula done again. Which isn’t a bad thing, but why make a new movie(s) if it’s going to be the same thing with different characters and updated special effects? I also believe some people like movies dumbed down for them.

    • John Squires

      The Alien films are sci-fi/horror movies. Can’t even be argued.

      • sliceanddice

        Sure, but by that fact then surely they are scifi/action too? and scifi/whateverthefuckprometheusis?

      • HappyClappy

        Yes, of course it can be argued.
        We don’t yet live in a world where our very thoughts or ideas about something are dictated by another.
        Who’d have thought.

        • Flu-Like Symptoms

          Yea, this guy has not yet discovered the line between fact and opinion. Everything he writes carries a consistent tone of this is clearly what you SHOULD be thinking. Doesn’t quite work that way, however.

    • Prometheus is not a great film. Do you know anything about films at all? Blade Runner is great, Alien is great. The Godfather is great. Heat is a great film. Its really retarded to call this turd “great’. /rolls eyes

      • American Atheist

        LOL. Like I give a fuck what movies you think are great. Thanks for the laugh.

      • HappyClappy

        Blade Runner is tedious, slow, pretentious….
        Shall I go on?
        It’s pretty to look at and is does have a fantastic score and some interesting ideas.. I’ve watched it quite a few times and apart from the obviously inspired art and cinematography, it still doesn’t seem all that ‘Great’ to me.
        See….that’s my opinion, does it count for anything? Probably not in the grand scheme of things.
        The joy and wonder of life is….(drum role)
        Everybody has different opinions, taste, likes & dislikes..
        It’s rude and slightly immature to question and deride another person’s opinions just because they don’t conform to your own.

        • American Atheist

          You said it more articulately than I did. Appreciate it.

          • HappyClappy

            No problem 🙂

    • Dr. Acula

      you should seek medical advice for that nasty head bump. Giger’s stuff makes all the nightmares of the world looks like dreams and biblical hell look like heaven. it is pure HORROR

    • Saturn

      The original ALIEN is a pure horror film, set in space,
      Although perhaps the term I like to use “Sci Fright” is more applicable to the original ALIEN and THE THING.

  • John Squires

    Well I’ve already seen a lot of people bashing Covenant for being too similar to Alien and what we’ve seen before from the franchise. Which must be so frustrating for Scott cause he tried, with Prometheus, to do something totally different – and many fans rejected that too. No-win situation!

    • moebius2249

      What some directors don’t understand about long running franchises is that most people don’t want a lot of change with these properties.

      Looks like Ridley split the difference this time around, but he could have avoided the whole mess by making an original science fiction film that had nothing to do with the Alien franchise.

  • moebius2249

    Boy does this film have an ardent fan base. Not large enough to boost its domestic box office though – which is why we now have “Covenant”. Hopefully, it will gross more in the domestic market (very likely) so that we can turn the page on “Prometheus”.

  • Golic

    Still trash, fuck this movie.

    • HappyClappy

      Such a well thought out and considered comment..smh
      How old are you? 12.

      • Creepshow

        He considered being considerate. Then he reconsidered.

        • Golic

          I tried…well I tried to try.

          • Creepshow

            Trying to try, is the first step in trying.
            Haha! I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about.

  • Firedog909

    this is all you need to know.

    • Firedog909

      Really, just watch it. It will bring your memory of the movie back much faster. All the stupidity, ridiculousness, plot holes, bad acting, etc. Thanks for the revisit!

    • Russell Reball

      Just watched it. What more can be said? It’s perfect.

      • Saturn

        It’s not.
        It is okay though, although highly flawed.

    • Rick-Taylor

      “God, please just stay away from Blade Runner”
      Oh well.

  • Karen B Vianna

    Hm, and what if I tell you that the first film from the franchise I watched was actually “Prometheus”, yet I found it terrible?

    My husband has a boxset with all the films, and I never had the courage to watch them before until recently. He recommended me to start watching the films in cronological order story-wise, not in order of release. So the only expectation I had was to be scared and disgusted (in the end, the films were so easy to watch, not nearly as scary or disgusting as I’d expected, just slightly tense).

    Yet I couldn’t enjoy “Prometheus”. I didn’t find the ideas and the questions so grandiose, smart or intriguing as the filmmakers seemed to think they were. Coming from a religious family (I’m not religious though) I found them to be quite obvious and even corny.

    When someone who’s never watched anything from the franchise before is able to guess what will happen next (“ooh I bet the mankind’s creators are a bunch of assholes who created us for the same reason mankind created androids, just because they could”, “ooh I bet the android will spike this guy’s drink with the black goo!”, “ooh I bet now the barren woman will get pregnant and will give birth to some weird creature”, “ooh I bet the engineer will not give any answer and will beat the crap out of them instead”), that probably means your film isn’t as intriguing as you’d think. It lacks subtlety and the symbolism is nearly Homer Simpson-level.

    Also the characters are so incompetent and unprofessional! Nothing they did made any sense. It became worse after I watched “Alien”. How come a bunch of scientists are the most irrational and careless crew in the franchise? The only rational person in that ship, Vickers, wasn’t even a scientist, and being rational made her seem like an android in comparison (honestly, the only surprise in this film for me was how silly was her death and how her first scene was rendered pretty much useless and empty…you don’t show a character as the only person to workout like a boss just after hypersleep just to not make her a complete badass).

    By the end of the movie I was angry, calling Shaw a dumb bitch for going after the engineers after everything that happened before. No one with a pair of neurons goes through all of that nightmare just to decide it wasn’t enough and that she wanted her ass kicked by not one but a whole planet of engineers (this time without her trilobite-child to save her ass). That’s not having an inquisitive mind, that’s being an even more careless, irresponsible, naïve and stubborn idiot than before.

    The other films had their fair share of either predictable, silly and/or infuriating stuff (such as the idea that xenomorphs are actually angry giant bugs…I really hate these parallels with trivial stuff we’ve seen before, there’s no creativity in comparing xenomorphs with termites, just as there isn’t any creativity in comparing engineers with gods, or creationism with building androids, it’s just as cheap and lazy as medieval-ish fantasy, where despite of all the magic, dragons and other silly, cliché and overdone stuff, sexism is ALWAYS historically accurate and realistic, for instance) or but none of them was nearly as frustrating, even for an overthinker like me.

    That said, I’m looking forward to “Covenant”. This time I’m watching just for the tension and the gore (watching it in 3D might help to shut down at least partially any part of my brain dedicated to logic and criticism, at least it helped when I watched “Kong – Skull Island”, I even had fun 😛 ), and I’m also somewhat intrigued by David’s further development as a character.

  • Harriet Burgess

    CBG19 did a great doc on why this film turned out such a clusterfuck

    • Rick-Taylor

      What is CBG19? I have seen so many videos on why the movie turned out so great, I feel I need to see the backstory and clusterfuck it became.

  • The chicken man

    It is one of the greatest movies ever made. If you don’t agree with me, I don’t want to know you.

  • jackstark211

    I loved Prometheus.

  • marklola12 .

    I liked Prometheus… its own movie but can not watch it and see it as a alien movie. also I would not watch it again

    the only decent 2 were the 1st and 2nd….I wont bother with the new movie because by all accounts its not that good

  • marklola12 .

    Lets face it Ridley is like a lot of other directors who made it big late 70s and into the 80s…..they lost all their talent as soon as the 90s hit. Same with Carpenter and the likes of George a. Romero

    • John Squires

      That happens to some directors, for sure, but Ridley Scott? He’s been nominated for 4 Academy Awards post-1990. One could argue that he’s only gotten better with age.

    • Mehliens

      Romero doesn’t play anywhere near Carpenter or Ridley Scott. Carpenter always hated the Hollywood system and simply stopped giving a fuck while Ridley suffered from many private tragedies. But technically Ridley is just as good/bad as he always was and he has a much wider range of cinematic language now than he had in the 80s

      • Creepshow

        Although not many of Ridley’s films floored me, I give the man credit. When you look at the “range” of the films he has made, it’s impressive.
        If I had to pick a favorite, it would be Gladiator. Not because of the awards. And not because of Russell Crowe. It’s because Joaquin Pheonix is such a convincing, sniveling fucking cock in it. He MADE us want to punch him in his dick, and then in his face.

        • Simon Allen

          Thank you for ringing the bell for Scott ….very few directors have had his prolonged success and diversity.
          I think this man really wants to make movies for people who enjoy movies and he has done it on a pretty regular basis .
          And I HATE sword and scandal stuff but Gladiator made it all seem new and exciting .

  • Avi

    I hadn’t hated watching a movie this much in theatres since Signs. If you wanted to torture someone you could force them to watch Prometheus on a continual loop. I’d break down probably 20 mins in lol.

    • Josh Evans

      Oddly enough, Signs was based on an early, discarded draft of a screenplay for Alien 3. Synergy.

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    I enjoyed parts of Prometheus, but ultimately, couldn’t get passed the way they dicked up the original script. Also didn’t like how humans had to be involved in the creatures creation. Why can’t anything cool just exist without some backstory involving stupid humans fucking everything up?

  • Brando

    I would rather the Engineers had created the Aliens a millennia before the events of Prometheus instead of humans/androids doing it only like 30 years before the original film. It seems to me like Ridley Scott is retconning stuff.

    From the wiki: “Ridley Scott states during the Director’s Commentary on the Alien home video releases that the eggs are the cargo of the Space Jockey’s ship with the ship being a sort-of war ship designed to carry these biological weapons, or perhaps a science vessel carrying the eggs as cargo for scientific study.”

    “When it was discovered by the Nostromo crew, only a single body, assumed to be that of Engineer, the pilot, remained on board. By this time, the body was fossilized inside the chair suit, indicating it had been dead for thousands if not millions of years, and was fused to the command chair in which it sat.”

    Thousands of years, not decades.

    • Agreed.

    • Saturn

      It’s possible that the scene of the (recording) Engineer’s running from something, and the body being found being 2 thousand (iirc – it could be 1 thousand) years old, could explain it – perhaps they escaped but one was already infected.
      It’s quite possible the Engineers had already created the Xenomorph long before “we” got to the planet in Prometheus, as of course there were already those snakey things and the black goo.

  • The_Gentleman

    Squires is right. It’s a good film with some dumb moments, but a good film overall. And it challenges you to think a bit. Not a big fan of Squires’ writing, but even a broken clock is right twice a day and he nailed this one. Well done.

    • John Squires

      lol… thanks?

      • Shane da Lucky

        Take it when you can get it! Good article.

  • Chance LeBoeuf

    It had a few decent ideas and is gorgeous to look at, but the movie is still fundamentally flawed and mostly just flat out pants-on-head retarded.

    So, nope. You’re not changing anyone’s mind.

    • Mehliens

      My understanding of fundamentally flawed must be quite different from yours. I call bullshit on this hyberbole. Fundamentally Scott made all the right decisions only to fuck up in the particulars of some interaction and not setting the tonality more clearly. Fifield and the other dude were obviously his typical goofy character injection, so those don’t count. The only thing I wouldn’t argue about is that Lindlofs writing made things way too vague and complicated things that went nicely in Spaiths version. In a way Covenant is much of the Spaiths script reimagined.

  • Dirty Frank

    Prometheus is an abomination of a movie. I expect no less from Covenant.

    • Judging from the reviews its supposed to be marginally better than P, sadly.

      • Dirty Frank

        Which is not saying much. I’ve seen about 16 main reviews now, there’s a few positive, but most are saying it’s mediocre at best, more of the same, uninventive, with the same character and plot problems of Prometheus. Some reviews are outright bad. So it’s about what was expected. That he killed Blomkamp’s movie to then screw up yet again himself is a sick joke.

        • Simon Allen

          Shut up .

          • Dirty Frank

            Hmmmmm…let me think about that….how about, no..?

          • Simon Allen

            Oh well ….i tried .

          • Josh Evans

            Don’t make me turn this car around.

          • Simon Allen

            But HE started it !!!

  • dsxy

    If they did a proper director’s cut then maybe, otherwise it’s a fucking mess of a movie, bumbling from one stupid shit scene to another.

    Makes alien resurrection seem like a work of art.

  • Chris Genth

    Didn’t care for the movie at all

  • No. It was and still is garbage that made zero sense. I can’t stand the reviews that only focus on the first 5 minutes of a 2+ hour movie.

    This comes from someone whose favorite movie of all time is Aliens.

  • WOLF

    The movie had fatal dumb moments. You can’t have characters,who are too terrified to function, start playing with an alien cobra. There were many moments that were just stupid. Instead of running to the side to avoid being smashed, a character runs straight.
    But overall, we don’t need to know where the xenomorphs came from. Movies need to stop explaining origins.

  • Bloodspatta

    Prometheus isn’t a bad film, its the dumb actions of the characters that bring it down. I love the ideas that it presented and I hope to see these carry over into Covenant.

    • finally someone who gets it.

    • Härra Pärnits

      Every Alien movie is basically a Friday the 13th slasher movie where every character would be fine if they did the logical thing. In order for “Alien” to work the characters need to be dumb.

      • Simon Allen

        One reviewer actually called Covenent “Friday the 13th in space ” ….so count me in (i was in anyway) .
        Guess they never saw Jason X though ….

        • Rick-Taylor

          Yeah, seriously. Jason X was intentionally a mix of FT13 and the Alien franchise.

          • Simon Allen

            And what a hoot it was 🙂 .

    • Josh Evans

      Totally agree.

  • Colin Christian

    I love the movie and watch it once a month,in fact I might be making an 8 ft tall Engineer for a client,I could not be happier. I love high concept sci-fi,Scott had already done aliens in coridoors,he didn’t need to do it again.

    • mike reid

      you think you could make the ship id pay for it do you have a website

  • gantarat

    Engineer Create Human
    Human Create Android
    Android Create Alien/Xenomorph
    That sound … to me

    • Judge Satchmo

      Xenomorph eats man, woman inherits the earth.

  • Prometheus narrative, dialog and acting was just not good. The Biologist and Geologist trapped during the storm are the perfect example on why P is a joke of a movie. No one gave a shit about half of the crew cause you just didnt see more of them than by standers. And dumb dialog like “thats what I choose to believe” was so obviously cheap writing as only Damon Lindelof of LOST fame pull that off. If you like this movie, you simply have no bar for a good, decent narrative ie you are easily entertained. Prometheus surely looked beautiful and also sounded great but one thing it was def not and that was scary. I remember the promos on TV and scott saying “This movie will scare the shit out of you”. Right.

    • Bumper

      “If you like this movie, you simply have no bar for a good, decent narrative ie you are easily entertained”
      F**k off.

  • Ocelot006 .

    Prometheus’ biggest issue is that it’s much too short. It really needed I’d say an extra half hour. Throw those deleted scenes back plus more. Some movies need breathing room and this one didn’t have any.

    And maybe someone should have thrown Aaron Sorkin $1 million bucks to rewrite all the dialogue. There are spans of the movie that are nothing more than pure exposition in the most disgusting of ways. Characters basically narrating the movie.

    The elevator scene and then into the ship building factory scene between Cap and Nick Fury in Winter Soldier is the crown jewel of how modern blockbuster exposition needs to be done.

    • jacobia

      I wonder if we’ll ever get a Director’s Cut? I’d buy it.

  • Redsam6

    Excellent article! Prometheus does not deserve the hate it has gotten from some people.

    • EvilWhiteMale

      Yeah it does. It’s a terrible film.

      • Redsam6

        Your a terrible person.

  • Simon Allen

    Its a great movie ….yes it does have a few flaws but it really stands up to repeat viewings and there are some great performances and it’s really beautifully shot.
    Don’t hold it up against Alien/s for endless comparisons and you will probably enjoy it more.

    • Dirty Frank

      Yeah, turn your brain off and don’t hold it up to scrutiny against the original movie that it retcons into meaningless…and renders the very name “Alien” a joke due to explaining it all away to not be alien at all…brains off, everyone, then you may enjoy it….

      • Simon Allen

        Better than going to the movies with a bunch or preconceptions and having a shit time and being scarred for life and ending up bitter and twisted . Just saying .

        • Dirty Frank

          It’s really not….think you overestimate how much banter online actually affects people in real life. And in my entertainment I’d rather be getting a movie that wasn’t a slap in the face to the intelligence of the fans who loved the original movie…but hey, you wanna put up with mediocre and bad movies and you don’t mind that the director doesn’t give a toss about making them make sense, you feel free…

          • Simon Allen

            I do …i don’t….and i will .
            Thanks .

  • SecretaryofBalloonDoggies

    Seems to me that the biggest flaw with Prometheus is that it’s meant to be part of the Alien universe. Had it not been so wildly hyped as the prequel to Alien it probably would not get nearly half the hate it does. It would also have helped if the movie had been good.

  • disqus_k39rnaVe8B

    It sucked 5 years ago and it sucks now. It is just a bad film. People don’t hate Prometheus because it is not an “Alien” film. People hate it because its a stupid film that treats the audience like complete idiots.

  • Josh Evans

    It is certainly flawed, but then I’m probably one of five people on the planet who really enjoyed it! I have yet to see the new one, but so far I only consider Prometheus, Alien, and Aliens to be movies in the series. The rest I ignore. XD

    • Harley Mitchel Dirk

      My goes Alien, Aliens, and Alien 3. I treat the others as “what if” stories.

      • Rick-Taylor

        You and I are the only ones that feel this way, apparently.

  • Buddy Repperton

    The average BD comment poster: “I hated Prometheus all twelve times I watched it”, “I’ve read every Alien: Covenant spoiler that BD has posted and just have to say that all these spoilers have ruined the plot of the film for me”, “You’re picking on me!”(even though you inserted yourself into their comment thread with a snide comment). Seriously though, people didn’t like Prometheus because they expected an Alien movie and didn’t get it. It’s main flaw was that it wasn’t the film you expected.

  • Silhouetters

    It’s just a shit movie.
    Like, there’s almost nothing good about it.
    ’nuff said.

    • madchilli

      No, just because you find it shit, it doesn’t mean other people did. Lets face it, that film made more money than you!

    • Bumper

      Lets ignore the phenomenal casting and the insane DIY Caesaran (however you spell it) scene!

  • deepdark

    I’ve been meaning to rewatch Prometheus for like a year now. I realized as soon as I finished the first watch that I’d gone into it with the wrong expectations and that seriously soured the experience. I’m hoping I’ll like it more this time, since I know what I’m actually in for.

  • madchilli

    If people are dumb enough to base Everything on a review rather than seeing it themselves, they really need to get out more often.!

  • DrewHamster

    Strangely this article actually helped me understand the questions people said the film left unanswered. I was always under the impression that it explained everything well, but I guess that’s because I felt it explained everything it needed to well and the questions left unanswered never bothered me. If that makes sense…

  • Harley Mitchel Dirk

    I thouhht the go struggled to be both an Alien prequel and it’s own entity and didn’t fully accomplish either. It’s a good movie with some good moments, but it’s not great. As a side note as an Alien fan, I’m not very happy with how the mythology was expanded. The Engineers being albino bodybuilders in suits is a disappointing reveal.

    • Rick-Taylor

      I am with you. I don’t think hair is a mutation, lol. Also, atleast in my opinion, the xenomorphs are creatures from a distant galaxy. Not a bio-weapon created by these engineers. Added to that, there is no “proto-“, “neo-“, or whatever-morph. The xenos are birthed with DNA from their hosts, so their appearance is directly attributed to whatever they bursted from. Acidic blood, elongated head, inner jaws, thin frame, reproductive cycles, spiked tail and protrusions are the traits from the Xeno side.

  • I Am Colossus

    Only came to see if anyone would point out how stupid fans would be to go back and praise a movie theyve shit on for half a decade

  • Halloween_Vic

    I like Prometheus for the film that it is, honestly it just bummed me out that it didn’t answer the questions that were asked honestly that shit kinda pissed me off but whatever. I haven’t seen the film since 2012 so I’m definitely gonna watch it again before covenant comes out next week.

  • EvilWhiteMale

    Prometheus was a horribly written film. It should be a lesson in what NOT to do.

    • aFriendlyAgenda

      The problem with prometheus is the problem with lindelof
      (And ridley for his bad syewerdship and enabling him, but lindelof is the signature problem in this example) And his 3rd grade stoner level psuedo-philosophizing

      Allegedly prometheus’ big selling point is asking all these big questions
      But it doesn’t

      All he does as usual is a bunch of references to religiousy things off of wikipedia and he thinks he’s fooling everybody into thinking thats deep

      “Whaaa, did you see that Christmas tree!”

      “2000 years ago?!”

      “Look! A necklace with a crucifix on it!”

      “We created David, but who created us?”

      “What if god IS a bunch of goofballs who cant fly a space ship straight!
      Why do they want to drop goo on us?!”

      And thats supposed to be asking the big brave questions and real deep

  • trash

    glad to know I’m not the only one who thought Prometheus was great

    I saw it after Covenant had been announced, so I never went into it expecting a direct Alien prequel – so I wasn’t let down or disappointed

    also was lucky to see in 3D, so was also a little in awe at the cinematography – it was natively shot by Dariusz Wolski in 3D, not a half-hearted post-production conversion like so many films

  • Darren Knight

    I really like Prometheus personally i think its underrated even though it has flaws its still an enjoyable entry

  • moebius2249

    The movie permanently messed up the Space Jockey.

    • Rick-Taylor

      I agree 100%.

  • aFriendlyAgenda

    Go for it

    Personally I dissected and studied every aspect of that abomination after it was so bad that it hurt my soul and sent me on a desperate journey for closure to the violation of trust and personal trauma

    Its not a good movie

    It may in fact be an insidious work of satan himself unleashed to defile the good taste of innocent humanity But I faced it down, rebuked its power and emerged alive on the other side from the horror

    I’ll never fall for that one again if I can help it

    • aFriendlyAgenda

      “Get bolder. Get braver. Dare to talk about who made us. And who made them.” – Ridley Scott”

      What if we were made by a cheese sandwich?
      And then somebody ate the cheese sandwich!
      Would that be god?
      And why did he eat us?
      Are we delicious?

      You see how technically thats me theorizing about god,
      but its just stupid

      Thats prometheus daring to be braver and bolder

  • Rick-Taylor

    I just saw the workprint version, last night. Knowing all the things that went on behind the scenes of the first Alien movie, I feel that Prometheus is actually a reboot. If you read the Alan Dean Foster novel of Alien, it was also taken from the intended shooting script, and it has most of the things in Prometheus. The pyramid, the head that turns to a skull on top of the pyramid, the jars instead of eggs, the murals depicting what could happen with the jars, the giant head in the chamber room, the chamber room being a weapons stockade, the storm that separates the crews, the head of the fossilized creature, the derelict ship in another location, the squid monster, the room that has the floating images about the crews plans. All of these things were present in the script and original storyboards. Thankfully, it didn’t happen and we got the masterpiece we all love.

  • DeathApeDisco

    Way to completely misunderstand this pompous, lazy, dumb person’s version of a clever movie. Could the dialogue have been any worse, or any less intelligent or profound? Make no mistake – this was an INCREDIBLY stupid movie.

  • ke0vin

    The “lore” aspects were great, but the actual script and performances (minus Fassbender, who nailed it) were sub par to say the least.

    While it has some great ideas, those ideas weren’t expanded upon or highlighted well enough, the characters ended up being forgettable, and the storyline sophomoric.

    Big ideas underneath a run of the mill sub par storyline.

    I liked what the author liked about the movie, but thought it was a bad movie with good ideas underneath. More flawed than not, but interesting at least.

  • Rich Meacham

    I love Prometheus. The fact that it didn’t do what we expected is what made it a great movie for me.

  • Jada Maes

    I revisit Prometheus once in a while, mainly because Idris Elba creates one of the best damn characters in the franchise simply by being laid back 🙂

  • Darkhearst

    This article actually made the movie sound interesting. But it’s not.

  • Darkhearst

    There was only one interesting character in the whole movie (David). And the rest just kind of ruined or messed with our ideas of the aliens.

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