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“Rick and Morty” Spoof ‘Alien’, Survive Facehugger Attack!


One of the best shows on television right now is “Rick and Morty”, the animated series created by “Community’s” Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland. Roiland voices the eponymous main characters Rick, a scientist and alcoholic, and Morty, Rick’s grandson, as Rick proves himself to be a negative influence on Morty and his family. The duo travels through space and time, coming across all sorts of creatures in the battle for the universe.

While the torturous wait for the third season continues, Rick and Morty have found themselves on an Engineer ship, where the Queen’s eggs have hatched a facehugger that affixes itself to Rick’s face. It doesn’t last long as it’s revealed that his alcohol and drug abuse poisoned the creature, saving them both from going through the painful experience of expelling a chestburster. It’s a hilarious spoof that’s the perfect tie-in for next week’s release of Alien: Covenant.

And that’s the wayyy, the news goes!



  • NixEclips

    Brad, why the hell would you describe the entire clip, including the punchline?

    • Sykes

      You know why. 😉

      • NixEclips

        Is it drugs? It’d be better if it we’re drugs.

  • Dr. Acula

    rick and who? where do all these crappy hipster cartoons pop up from? bet the artist wears those lumber jacket shirts and either has a beard or moustach geld up at the tips

    • Mike Creep

      Are you serious, dude? This is one of the goddamn best shows on TV

      • Dr. Acula

        must be new, haven’t watched TV since the early 2000’s I don’t recall it.

        • Mike Creep

          it’s definitely new and i recommend you check it out. if you like scifi at all you’ll definitely dig it

        • Silhouetters

          You even say yourself why your argument is invalid.

          Are you an invalid too by any chance?

          • Dr. Acula

            Yeah.. the way the thread just says Rick and Morty without actually explaining what it is, like people should know. Usually a show builds up a reputation over time, my point was it just appeared and suddenly everyone is suppose to know it. This is my first time hearing about it. Then again I don’t live in the US I live in South Africa.

        • Josh Blitzenbrox Myers

          “haven’t watched TV since the early 2000’s”…Pretty obvious who the hipster is here

          • Dr. Acula

            uhm.. I don’t live in America, and our TV here is boring so there was no reason to invest in one? why do I want to see crappy Soap Operas about people with problems, bad reality TV shows, bad pop singer gossip, football, football, football, and shows about teenagers who are addicted to drugs? well that is all that was on our TV here, it has nothing to do with being a hipster, I don’t have any reason to invest in a TV because there was nothing decent on there, and we live in the day and age where we can go on the internet and find something that interests us rather than being forced to watch BS by a the schedule .

    • Jeremie Jayzik

      How the hell you gonna judge a cartoon clip so negatively if you haven’t watched TV in well over 10 years?

      • Dr. Acula

        because it looks like that ‘Adventure Time’ style animation that is done on a computer that the kids like nowadays, I prefer the days when animation was drawn by hand it looked much better to me.

        • Jeremie Jayzik

          So… your argument is that every cartoon that isn’t drawn by hand (which is every currently airing cartoon) is bad, just because they’re computer generated? Makes no sense, but I guess some of us are stuck in the past.

          • Dr. Acula

            I don’t like that new hipster adventure time garbage. End of discussion.

    • Saturn

      Ricky And Morty – great show – one of the best on tv at the moment, they even appeared in one of the better Simpsons couch gags of the last few years.

      It’s basically spoofing Back To The Future and Dr Who, with a genius drug/alcohol addict grandfather who drags his much dumber grandson around on his adventures through-out the multiverse.

      If you haven’t seen it, give it a go – you may be pleasantly surprised…..

      • Dr. Acula

        I’ve never seen Back to the Future lol! more of a horror guy.

        • Saturn

          I reckon that the vast majority of us have – but come on, it’s one of THE classic 80’s movies!
          You should check out the trilogy – depending on your age it can be quite the nostalgia trip (I’m 43 so remember it when released).

        • Evan3

          It’s steeped in horror as well. Lots of just brutal deaths. A whole spoof of the Purge. A great episode where the denizens of Earth are turned into hostile half-preying mantis’. It is also incredibly profound (I have never had so many emotions watching a cartoon).

  • AdamX

    “You don’t drink drugs”!

  • die hippie

    Ha ha who doesn’t love Rick and Morty.

  • MaryMaria

    I’m cautiously excited about Alien: Covenant, but all of these promos (this one, the Christine H. baking photoshoot- also, why haven’t you covered it? !) are good stuff.

  • American Atheist

    This is an actual Alien: Covenant trailer? Lol. I thought it was just a gag until the ending showed the Alien: Covenant title, rating and release date. Good shit. I can’t wait until Season 3.

  • Evan3

    I know people give Brad crap for over-selling movies, but he is DEAD-on about Rick and Morty being one of the best shows on TV. The humor here is good but pales in comparison to the greatness of the show. They also had a “Purge” episode that was waaaay better than all the Purge films combined.

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