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Original “Scary Stories” Books Were Just Re-Released With Original Drawings Restored

These are the things that make us smile.

Anyone who ever read one of Alvin Schwartz’s controversial Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark books as a kid probably remembers being terrified both by the stories and equally so by the drawings, which were contributed by Stephen Gammell. Schwartz and Gammell collaborated on the three books in the series, released between 1981 and 1991.

In celebration of the 30th anniversary, however, Harper Collins re-released the three books with new artwork from artist Brett Helquist. That 2011 re-release drew the ire of fans, who were none too happy about Gammell’s iconic illustrations being removed from the books.

It was downright blasphemous, they felt.

Well, six years later, Harper Collins has made right on the flub by re-releasing the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark books with Gammell’s original illustrations put back into them! We tip our hats to Reddit for letting us know that the latest re-release of the three book collection was put up for grabs just this week.

And all is once again right with the world!

In the series, folklorist Alvin Schwartz offers up some of the most alarming tales of horror, dark revenge, and supernatural events of all time.




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