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Bethesda Bringing ‘DOOM’ and ‘Wolfenstein II’ to the Switch!

Put this one in the “didn’t see this coming” category.

At the Nintendo Direct event late yesterday, Bethesda not only announced the release date for Skyrim, but also announced that 2016’s DOOM and the upcoming Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus would be headed to the Switch! DOOM will be released this holiday season, and include online multiplayer as well as the single-player campaign. Meanwhile, Wolfenstein II, while slated for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on October 24th, will release on the Switch in 2018.

The idea of taking DOOM on the road for multiplayer action is an awesome one, but with the limitations of the Switch (we’re still waiting to see if Capcom will be able to bring Resident Evil VII to the Switch), the execution is going to be a question. I guess we’ll find out come Christmas.

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  • Curious to see what Wolfenstein II will be like with all the references to nazis replaced with Care Bears and unicorns

    • Christopher Nickerson

      Yeah because there’s never been a mature rated title on a Nintendo system.

      Ninja Gaiden 3
      Eternal Darkness
      Resident Evil
      Binding of Isaac
      Mad World
      No More Heroes
      Mortal Kombat

      I could go on, but I’m guessing in your case it wouldn’t matter

      • Haha I know, sorry, it was funny in the N64 days but not so much now that they do actually have adult games on their systems. Just trying to be funny and failed 😛

        • MeeGhoulz

          Actually, it doesn’t hurt to have a sense of humor. Despite some good exclusives as ZombiU (at the time) and Bayonetta2 we see less and less mature games that justify owning a Nintendo console. If Bethesda succeeds in porting their games then maybe it can be different with the Switch…

      • MeeGhoulz

        RE0 and REmake back in the days, Geist on GC, Fatal Frame exclusives on Wii an WiiU are worth mentioning.

    • MeeGhoulz

      I would shoot the shit out of care bears and unicorns! Perhaps the PC version adds a mod for this…

    • gjk2012 .

      In all seriousness COD WW2 will be a lot worse with the removal of swastikas and with online female soldier characters. All part of the politically correct society we live in now.

  • boxcar182

    This is cool and all but now what Nintendo needs from these publishers and developers is to put these games on their system day and date as the rest of the consoles.

    I already played DOOM last year and I plan on playing Wolfenstein 2 on PS4. Now if the Wolfenstein 2 version for switch came out the same day as the others I would probably buy it on there.

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