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Hideaki Itsuno Hints at ‘Devil May Cry 5’?

Remember that rumour regarding Devil May Cry 5? Well, here’s something to mess with your head.

Hideaki Itsuno dropped a nugget of interest on Twitter a few days ago regarding his “new project”, stating that the project is now “under climax”. I’m sure he means that it’s “under completion” or “close to completion” (though let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to say that their work is “under climax”?). For those who don’t know, Itsuno and his team previously worked on entries in the Devil May Cry series, as well as Dragon’s Dogma (which is rumoured to be an inspiration for DMC 5‘s levels).

This announcement echoes a similar tweet last June, where Itsuno apologized for his project no-showing E3 (but had stated in December 2016 would be announced that year). Of course, this could all be for something entirely not Devil May Cry 5, which would be disappointing. I guess we’ll find out later this year (hopefully).



  • Nahuel Benvenuto

    clickbait, and i want a sequel of the remake

  • Halloween_Vic

    I personally want a sequel to the remake I like that Dante better!

  • Doctor Dementor

    personally, i want a sequel with the only true badass dante , with a true difficulty, many combo technique ,a good level design ,more stylish creatures , memorable bosses, old school humor ,crazy and cheezy situations and a BLOODY SOUNDTRACK…. DMC was an average action game, but a bad devil may cry , all the charm gone for a……..”Dab generation” Dante ,easy progression and forgettable boss fight…….well at least the new game on smartphone looks cool and take things back to basics

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