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Capcom Rumoured to be Working on ‘Devil May Cry 5’

Okay, take this with a generous grain of salt, even if by all accounts it sounds like it could be true.

Accord to a leak on ResetEra (yeah, I know), Capcom is currently at work on Devil May Cry 5. In fact, the game’s been in development for a couple of years now. Capcom was ready to announce the game at the upcoming PlayStation Experience next month, but after the negative feedback Sony received from their E3 2017 showcase, they have reportedly decided to instead debut it at E3 2018. So, why announce it at a Sony event? Well, according to the leak, Sony is partially funding the game, with it set to be a PS4 exclusive, or have some sort of exclusivity.

There’s more. The game will pick up after Devil May Cry 4, with Hideaki Itsuno directing, and Rueben Langdon reprising his role as Dante. There will potentially be three playable characters including Dante, with DMC 4‘s Nero being one of them. DMC 5 will also have Dante at his most serious, but will still have his verbal jabs. The game will introduce a new dynamic camera system, an improved style system that will see enemies react differently depending upon which style you’re using, and dynamic environment destruction. It won’t be an open world game, but the levels will be more expansive, similar to Dragon’s Dogma. Bosses are also a major focus of the game, with one of the boss fights moving between multiple areas. The game will also run at 60fps.

While this all sounds fantastic, and certainly a welcome return to the original series after DmC (which wasn’t bad, but just wasn’t the same), these are all unconfirmed rumours at the point. But hey, it sounds like it’ll be better than DMC 4



  • Bart Crowe

    I’d rather have a new Onimusha game.

  • Zoe Kavanagh

    As a Devil May Cry fan I preferred the DmC reboot. It had a Stylish satirical story, a Sensational soundtrack that wasn’t repetitive during combat and a Sadistic combat system!
    I wish Ninja Thoery’s game had more love.

    1 and 3 are the only good games so far in the original series imo.

    • Biscoito18

      DmC combat is so good! One of my favorites PS3 games. I also love DMC 3: Dante’s Awakening but much more because of plot and style than by gameplay.

    • Vinnie Vincent’s Dead Dog

      I liked DmC. But overall the dialogue was total shit.

    • Nahuel Benvenuto

      i really liked the aesthetic style in DmC, the music (Even the Combichrist one) the satirical story, the gameplay -though a little too mainstream for my taste-, Dante personality, and i liked it al around more than the japanese game which i could not really connect

      • Zoe Kavanagh

        I agree, it worked in a They Live/Matrix type concept. The relationship with Dante and Virgil was fleshed out and I liked Kat as well.

  • Nahuel Benvenuto

    i would prefer a DmC sequel

  • Will Ft. The Roots

    Please be true. Devil May Cry 3 was awesome. And then 4 happened.

    Then DmC happened. The game play was good I just hated everything else about the game.

    Now bring back Onimusha

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