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Strange Adventures of H.P. Lovecraft Chapter 1 Review

I got in a preview copy of the highly anticipated Strange Adventures of H.P. Lovecraft comic. It is a crazy tale about the author and his writer’s blcok, but filled with demons, murder, and betrayal. While many comics write about his stories, this is the first to actually be about him. Hit the jump to see my full review of the first chapter.
Lovecraft1 Lovecraft1
The story takes place in 1920s Rhode Island, a struggling H.P. Lovecraft lives with his Aunts and is barely scrapping by selling his stories for a penny a word. He is a recluse in a care-free party generation, who just lost his girl and got mugged on the way home. Everything seems to be at there lowest point, until his writing and dreams start coming to life. Is this really happening or is just a feverish dream? That’s where chapter one has it’s cliffhanger…

The comic has a old cinema like feel to it. When I was reading it, it felt like an old Universal movie, from the initial seen in Sanaa showing an eerie warning from the past to the scenes in Chicago during the roaring twenties. The chapter did very well building the character and backstory for this series, although I felt it was a little Lovecraft light since it centered around other characters more.

Stange Adventures of H.P. Lovecraft is a timeless entertaining comic, if you like film noir but want more occult and demons, this is a MUST.

Strange Adventures of H.P. Lovecraft Chapter 1 comes out in April by Image Comics, 4.99.
Written by Mac Carter. Pencils and Ink by Tony Salmon. Cover Art and Color by Adam Bryne.



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