[BD Review] ‘Curse of Chucky’ Returns ‘Child’s Play’ Franchise To Its Dark Roots

  • OldSchoolHorror

    Im really disappointed this wasn’t given a chance to run in theaters so im definitely looking forward to it on blu ray. Im not expecting it to be great though but hopefully at least better than Seed of Chucky. The fact that you actually liked that, makes me worry about this review.

  • KaiSan

    They’ve pretty much revealed their hand by casting Fiona Dourif. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that her character will likely be revealed to be a human “Seed of Chucky.”

  • Kwonkicker

    I was skeptical, but it seems like a good ride. I’ll be waiting for it when it drops soon!!

  • anthonyd1

    I usually avoid DTV movies at all costs but if they are playing this movie at movie festivals they have to have some confidence and I have been waiting for a chucky movie to be as good as the first one. This and Wrong Turn 2 are the only direct to disc films I will have in my collection

  • mav07

    I stopped reading after you stated “I really liked Seed of Chucky”

  • fersteen

    I’m sorry, but this review just reads like the gushing of a fanboy who would have liked this movie from the start. I’m gonna wait on more reviews so I can see how things are trending before I buy into any kind of hype for a straight to video release from a dying franchise.

    • Austin

      You know there are other reviews on other sites that gave a good review of the movie, if you go on Fiona dorif’s twitter she has posted at least two sites that gave the movie 4 out of 5, but I can see how you can be concerned, after bride and seed it was thought that the franchise would never be the same but I think this movie could save it, I personally can’t wait to see it!

      • fersteen

        I’ve read 3 reviews, which are the only ones I’ve seen online so far. There may be more. Two of them, including this one, were absolutely glowing…the other gave the movie a 7 out of 10. The reason I question the really glowing reviews though is that they both come from people who come across as fanboys and both of them also went out of their way to make it clear that they really liked Seed Of Chucky, which was in my opinion a complete piece of crap. I just have a hard time believing reviews that come from people who seem so over the top in their fandom for the series. Not that I’m making fun of them for being fans, by the way.

        • Austin

          Ya most people who gave the reviews are older and grew up with chucky from movie one but most horror movie fans now remember bride and seed as the first movie of the franchise that they saw so chucky is mostly adored by older audiences,me I’m a rare case I’m only 20 and I saw the first one when I was 5 and saw the rest in order so I am a fan and my opinion of bride and seed, I hated bride but seed had entertainment value, it wasn’t how I wanted the chucky movies to end which is as a comedy so that’s why I think this movie is getting so much praise because its going back to how it started which is scary and continuing the original story and that after almost 20 years they made a chucky movie the right way again.

  • snotboy21

    Ugh so much hate for Seed of Chucky. So undeserved but whatever. This review is getting me all sorts of riled! I am personally a fanboy and that fact makes me happy with this review all the more since it sounds a bit giddy inducing coming from you. Damn the haters, LONG LIVE CLR!

    • Austin

      I know I can’t wait to see this movie, I’ve done some research and the end of the movie is suppose to have a surprise cameo that any chucky fan will love, I looked on wiki and I’m not going to give anything away but it is long over due! Lol

  • HorrorNoir

    I’ve been catching up on the Chucky films, it’s one of those series that I never really got around to watching. Child’s Play was great and I am getting ready to watch the 2nd one on Netflix. Glad you enjoyed this one and it’s returning to it’s darker roots. This comes out on my birthday on VOD so I’ll check it out.

  • Mr. Melvo

    I just watched the movie last night. I liked it but I didn’t love it. A Lot of people have been saying it was awesome or the best of the sequels but I have to disagree.
    The first half of the film was pretty slow almost too slow. I enjoyed some of the kills but thought their wasn’t enough of them. I also couldn’t really make sense of Tiffany being in the film. I was under the impression that this film was to ignore the last 2 films but that clearly isn’t the case. I had pretty high hopes for this one but to me it was a bit of a letdown. I wanted more Chucky! More kills and more foul mouthed one liners! Also the thing that bothered me most was trying to use Brad Dorif in the flash back sequences they unconvincingly tried to make him look like a young Charles Lee Ray but failed miserably. You would think they could have used an actor who looked like him or CGI’d his face on a younger body but I wasn’t buying the terrible black wig. I will say that the ending of the film somewhat made up for the rest of the movie but really I wanted so much more from this film. Perhaps all the interest will put Chucky back where he belongs ON THE BIG SCREEN!

    Over all I give the movie a C+ not the worst thing I have seen from the franchise but certainly not the best. I would say this one is tied with part 3 for me, maybe even a little behind that but just a few notches above “Seed”

    • itsnickkarcher

      I’m pretty sure the Charles Lee Ray in “Child’s Play” is Brad Dourif. The only difference is now he’s older, a lot older, but still looks almost identical to 1988, or whenever CP was made.

  • JcBakerStonerSex

    I really liked the curse of Chucky it was pretty good, but I don’t get why they put Tiffany in it, because in the last movie she became Jeniffer Tilly , so wouldnt she still be going as that name ? Plus they (Chucky and Tiff) had two kids, where are Glen and Glenda ( I actually don’t give a flying about Glen/Glenda lol but still)? Other than that confusing bit I really enjoyed the movie and I guess I am pretty happy Jeniffer was in this movie cause well… she’s hot as fuck , ’nuff said