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Kotobukiya’s Toy Fair Offerings Include Freddy Statue and Sexy Pinhead

The last few years, Japanese company Kotobukiya has brought a handful of iconic horror characters into their line of “Bishoujo” (which translates to “beautiful girl”) statues. Yes, they’ve been turning male horror icons into sexy females, kicking off the line with Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees and even Chucky.

At Comic Con last year, the company provided concept art for a “Sexy Ash” statue, and they’re showing off a prototype at Toy Fair this year. Also on display at their booth is conceptual art for an upcoming “Sexy Pinhead” statue, and they’re teasing a “Sexy Michael Myers” statue as well.

Additionally, Kotobukiya has on display a truly awe-inspiring Freddy Krueger statue, and we’ve got images of all the aforementioned collectibles via ToyArk!



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