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Watch the Opening Credits for “American Horror Story: Cult” Right Now!

The 11-episode Season 7 premieres September 5.

Creepy clowns, bees and political imagery abound in the opening credits sequence for this year’s “American Horror Story: Cult, which has just been revealed ahead of next month’s premiere. FX feels you’ve waited long enough, it seems.

Get your first taste below!

Evan Peters will be playing a character named Kai, while Sarah Paulson will also return as new character Ally. The two characters will have “a love story for the ages.”

The cast also includes Billy Eichner as Harrison Wilton; Alison Pill as Ivy Mayfair-Richards; Billie Lourd as Winter Anderson; Cheyenne Jackson as Dr. Rudy Vincent; and Colton Haynes as Detective Samuels. Frances Conroy, Lena Dunham, Emma Roberts, Adina Porter, Mare Winningham and Leslie Grossman also star.



  • Hayden Koutras

    Huh.. so the Donald Trump/Hillary Clinton masks are present so it indeed does tie into election night like originally stated. Once i seen all the clown stuff i assumed they abandoned the idea.

  • scream4ever

    Feels very different than past seasons, but I’m still excited!

  • Necro

    Twisted and creepy like usual

  • Seed

    That looks awesome.

  • The feel of this gives me hope that it’ll be better than the trash we got last season.


    I can’t watch the video at work, but the positive comments here give me hope.

    Then again, the opening credits are always great, so that doesn’t say too much.

  • Hmmm… not quite as random as they usually are. The cuts of the vignettes are usually edited together more quickly, this seems quite slow-paced.

    How long do with think it will take the clown that is The Donald to sue to have his likeness removed from the titles?

  • J Jett

    as I’ve said before, I detest Trump but I really don’t want a season of this show where it’s Trump/republican bashing again and again. I’m happy to see the Hilary mask included as well which means (I assume) that the show will skewer all political parties/candidates.
    even though I’m sick to death of politics, I am loving how PURGE-ish this season seems to be going for. oh and this musical opening (music-wise only) was pretty bad.

    • Zombie Trump

      Trump detests you right back, he told me. But he does deserve serious kudos for wiping that stupid smirk off of Rachel Maddow’s face on election night.

  • enemy

    Don’t know why they never stick to the original tune.

    • khail19

      The cello heavy one from Roanoke’s my favorite version.

      • enemy

        The murder house one was perfect they should just stick to that.

        • khail19

          You do you. One thing’s for sure for me though. Cult’s version’s my least favorite.

          • enemy

            Yeah maybe that and freakshow

  • Jay Bennett

    As someone who supported neither candiates, I really wished theyd leave the trump/hillary shit out of it, but other than that I’m down with this season!

    • Jay Bennett

      Enjoying how nice this comment section is! Usually most threads like this turn into politics arguments

  • Lady Bathory

    Looks promising. I wonder how much they emphasize the candidates’ cult-like followers, especially the white supremacists / alt-right Donald supporters. Hopefully, they’ll get what they deserve during the show.

    • Count Cuckula

      Do tell. What do they deserve, exactly?

      • Lady Bathory


  • EvilWhiteMale

    Last season was dog shit, so it’s gonna take a lot to get back to it, especially if there’s political bias to deal with.

  • Geno1987

    Bah. Was hoping their would be a demonic Uncle Sam on stilts somewhere.

  • Edwina Gein

    When they announced it was a politically themed season and titled it Cult, I was hoping it would go into conspiracy territory and be based on like Franklin and Boys Town but it doesn’t seem like it. Still AHS has surprised me with its references before

    • Edwina Gein

      Also, like… they’ve already done clowns. Unless Twisty comes back in some way (or they were hip enough to throw in ICP references), idk why they’d pull in imagery like that. You could say it’s a statement about politics being clownish but that’s just lazy tbh

      • AdamX

        People hate on AHS yet you want them to toss in Juggalo shout outs? Do you want them to get cancelled!

        Seriously though I can think of few things I’d want more from this than ICP…well there is one thing ICP would be better than…the Ten Commandments Killer’s acting.

        • Edwina Gein

          It’s not that I want them to, ICP is just politically relevant right now because they came out as anti neo-Confederate/neo-Nazi after Charlottesville and are planning to march on DC to counter protest a Trump rally

          Shit’s weird lately

          • AdamX

            Isn’t that their entire fanbase give or take?

          • Edwina Gein

            Given my personal experiences, yes. It’s an obvious publicity stunt and they’ve done the same in the past, e.g. announcing they’re pro-women despite loads of misogynistic lyrics (though you could argue rap as a whole has a sexism problem and at least they’re self-aware)

          • AdamX

            There is some good rap out there that isn’t about money and bitches etc but it is often buried for the flashier chingy’s of the world.

          • Edwina Gein

            True, but it doesn’t dismiss the rap that is that way

          • AdamX

            True but like all music you have to dig deep to find the non shit.

  • micrappoogle

    You judge people by his enemies. Who hate Trump? Actual occultist, abortionist, Hollywood, anti-American, spoil jobless college brat, hateful bitter snowflake SJW.

    • You sir are an idiot.

    • Lady Bathory

      xD Are you Alex Jones?

      • Calavera

        He sure sounds like him.

  • Count Cuckula
  • AdamX

    This music makes me think of Batman the Animated Series for some reason.

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