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Sabrina the Teenage Witch Getting Her Own Dark Horror Series on The CW

This will be nothing like the Melissa Joan Hart series, that’s for sure.

Thanks to the success of “Riverdale,” THR announces today that The CW is now developing a companion series centered on another Archie comics character, Sabrina.

It’s titled “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,” set to be an hourlong drama that reimagines the story of Sabrina the Teenage Witch as a dark coming-of-age tale that traffics in horror, the occult and witchcraft.

The new iteration is described as in the vein of Rosemary’s Baby and The Exorcist and finds Sabrina wrestling to reconcile her dual nature as a half-witch, half-mortal while fighting the evil forces that threaten her, her family and the daylight world humans inhabit.”

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (“Riverdale”) is penning the adaptation of the 2014 comic series, with the show potentially set to debut in the 2018-19 TV season.

Aguirre-Sacasa will exec produce with Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter, Jon Goldwater and Lee Toland Krieger, who will direct the pilot. Berlanti Productions will produce in association with Warner Bros. TV.



  • Khy

    I never watched the sitcom but this sounds interesting

    I love Riverdale

    • J Jett

      khy, i really enjoyed RIVERDALE too! the show is far better than it really should be. LOL.

      • Khy

        People like to trash it or whatever but it is good shit. I like shows that keep your attention and is about moving the plot along with quirky and interesting characters. Even if the writing isn’t good sometimes that makes it all the more fun lol.
        I’m right now watching Stephen King’s UNDER THE DOME TV show that aired of CBS(It can be streamed on Amazon) and despite the book being awesome, the show is really different and the writing is questionable, but damn you is it entertaining lol. Like just full on addicting, you HAVE to know what will happen next. Shows like Under The Dome, Riverdale, The Mist(You didn’t care for this one right?) and Salem will never garner Emmys but they are so much fun to watch and you know I love anything that I can have a good time with. THAT’s what “good TV” is to me.
        Though don’t get it twisted, I enjoy my quality shows as well. House Of Cards, Power, How To Get Away With Murder, The Killing, Grey’s Anatomy ect.

        • J Jett

          hell yes(!!!) SALEM is freaking awesome!! even though i’m gay i have a MAJOR crush on Janet Montgomery (Mary Sibley) and Tamzin Merchant (Anne Hale) who’s been on SUPERGIRL last season!
          i loved UNDER THE DOME’s first season and tried to enjoy the other 2(?) seasons (to varying success). it was so freaking weird when Marg Helgenberger (from CSI VEGAS!!) joined DOME. i like her but her role was ridiculous and you could tell she knew she was slumming it by taking that role. LOL.

          • Khy

            I’m watching her now lol. So cheesy and over the top. I would love if maybe in a few years they did another adaptation of the show but this time on a premium network like HBO or Showtime that’s closer to the source material. CBS turned it into a cheese fest haha But It’s still fun.

          • Sister Ruth

            Same. I like dudes (hello Seth Gabel) but Janet Montgomery was so crushworthy on Salem. I miss it SO MUCH. I’m so here for the whole witches as feminist figures thing going on. Had no idea Tamzin was on Supergirl. I loved her storyline on Salem and she played all the character turns so well.

  • venerablemonster

    The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina comic right now is solid (or at least as far as I’ve read, I’m a bit behind). Hopefully the show can channel what makes the comic work–being dark horror (while also having a more reliable release schedule).

    • Seriously those issues come out slowlyyyy

      • venerablemonster

        All the Archie Horror imprint are like that for some reason. I gave up picking up individual issues of Afterlife with Archie and am just waiting on trades now.

    • Amanda Rock

      I need to check those out!

  • The wife loves Riverdale. I’m not much for TV, but this’n sounds fun enough to give it a shot!

  • Amanda Rock

    This is great news! Thanks!

  • zombie84_41

    Sweetness. sounds rad.

  • DJV1985

    Okay but promise it won’t be like that terrible Riverdale trash that CW has put out. I mean wow was that horrible. I’m thinking I might be out of the target audience range (I’m 31 – show seems like it was aimed at preteens and early teens although I could be wrong) keep it dark and without the cliche America parent drama, boyfriend problems the mystery guy who shows up at school who she instantly falls for etc.

    • Wes Nichols

      Hate to say this, but you are in fact out of the target demo… lol nothing wrong with that though.
      I’m 25 and watched it with my GF, and while I thought the show was ok(as in watchable), she absolutely loved the show.

      • Batmanfanboy

        Uhh do you even know what the CW is bro? The show is extremely popular with its demographic.

      • J Jett

        i’m definitely out of the target demo (yes, i’m “old”. LOL) and i enjoyed RIVERDALE. i know the show SHOULD be horrible but for some reason it’s not. it actually kind of works imo.

      • DJV1985

        lol yh I was assuming as much lol

  • bossayed

    All the Archie Horror imprint are like that for some reason. I gave up picking up individual issues of Afterlife with Archie and am just waiting on trades now.

  • J Jett

    this sounds good! i’m in but i thought they were going to have Sabrina show up on RIVERDALE.

    • Khy

      They might. This season of Riverdale is supposed to be even darker. Actually, very horror-esque. I’m not surprised. Halloween is upon us after all.

    • DirkShadows

      I read that the Sabrina show will be a spin-off of Riverdale, so it seems likely they would introduce her there first. Pretty Little Liars did their own supernatural Ravenswood spin-off, without it impacting the feel of the parent show.

  • jasonlives1986

    Is dove cameran playing her like she’s rumored to be on Riverdale

  • CeCe Says Ugonlearntaday


  • Graham

    I’m intrigued. I enjoy all iterations of Sabrina, from the current Chilling Adventures comic series to the Melissa Joan Hart sitcom. I wonder how the series will play out, and worry that it might come across as another generic “chosen one” story – but then again, I thought Riverdale would be a generic teen drama and surprised myself by absolutely loving it.

  • Cool!

  • AdamX

    This feels like every Robot Chicken/Family Guy joke is coming true.

  • Deva Sturm

    Wow yes! What a visual orgasm. It could be really cool and could have all the glory and everything that AHS Coven could have been.

  • sam7447

    I can’t describe how much I despised The CW and Greg Berlanti. Another turd is coming our way!

  • HeteroFriendly

    So is this like 90210 with witches or something?
    Heard of it, never seen it.

  • Joe Boltonn

    Did the ownership of Archie/Sabrina change hands? When Melissa Joan Hart posed in her underwear in MAXIM magazine (cir 2002), the owners of Sabrina the Teenage Witch threatened to invoke a contractual morals clause…If this show is following Riverdale’s lead, this Sabrina will probably be like “Orange & Black is the New Black”

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