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Dust Off Your Wii U, There’s a New ‘Fatal Frame’ Incoming

Despite being out for close to two years now, the Wii U has a startling lack of quality games among its library. The problem is a lack of third party support, which has kept studios like EA and Ubisoft from bringing their games to Nintendo’s platform. Thankfully, we have at least one new game to look forward to, and it’s of the horror persuasion. Today, Tecmo Koei and Nintendo announced they’ll be bringing a new Fatal Frame to the Wii U.

The only problem is we don’t know whether or not the game will be arriving stateside, or leaving Japan at all. Fatal Frame IV didn’t.

And if this new Fatal Frame doesn’t leave Japan, we still have DreadOut.



  • Blackstones
  • ThunderDragoon

    Since we didn’t even get the fourth one after all this time, I doubt we’ll be getting this one. Maybe it’ll happen, though. Who knows.

    • Adam Dodd

      I doubt we will, but at least there’s some hope.

      • Link

        The 4th one was planned to come stateside after EU but the game was so buggy and the developers(Grasshopper) didn’t want to fix it Nintendo canned the localization because they didn’t want to ship a bugged game.

        The fact that they were willing to localize the Spirit Camera spinoff for 3DS gives hope for this ones loclization.

  • FlobotingIt

    We got Spirit Camera, so there’s a slight chance.

    And my bet is a Spirit Camera successor… But if this was an ACTUAL Fatal Frame game and it came stateside, I’d buy a Wii U.

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