Twisted Music Video Of The Week Vol. 180: GWAR "Gor Gor"
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Twisted Music Video Of The Week Vol. 180: GWAR “Gor Gor”



When it comes to aliens taking over the universe, there may not be a more bumbling team than the ragtag scumdogs known as GWAR. Yes, they manage to cause untold amounts of carnage and destruction, but having a base of operations in Antarctica? A bit too cold for me and it’s definitely too remote to actually get anything of substance done. Also, they’ve been around for a few decades and they still haven’t taken over any country, principality, province… Hell, they haven’t captured a damn zip code.

But you know what they have? Tenacity and tons of it. It’s always exciting to see what theses monstrosities will do, even in the face of terrible adversity. That’s why they’re getting an honorable spot in our Twisted Music Video Of The Week series!

We’re going to showcase their video for “Gor Gor”, which introduced what I thought would be the ultimate weapon against the human race. Alas, Gor Gor hasn’t been able to do much more than eat the occasional GWAR lackey, but that doesn’t make him any less badass!

So, without further ado, face the terror that is Gor Gor!