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A Plea to Make the New “X-Files” Limited Series Amazing



Hi, my name is Trace and I have only seen one episode of The X-Files. I know that is terrible, but when I was growing up I wasn’t allowed to watch it. Though for some reason, my mother thought it would be fine to go see The X-Files Movie in theaters with the whole family (the reasoning behind that is a mystery to me). I digress. I like to consider myself on top of most things TV and movie related, but I am very sad to say that I never went back and watched all of The X-Files (and the thought of binge-watching 9 seasons is daunting to say the least). You can imagine how left out I felt when it was announced that FOX would be renewing the series for a 6-episode limited series. I felt that I needed to write a post to explain my conundrum.

As I mentioned above: I have only seen one episode of The X-Files. I have also seen both movies in theaters. The one episode I have seen is the second episode of the show’s fourth season: “Home.” Why have I seen that episode, you ask? Because that episode is always mentioned on “Greatest TV Episodes of All Time” lists of “Most Disturbing TV Episodes of All Time” lists, so I thought it only appropriate to at least watch that one.

I loved “Home.” A lot. I enjoyed the first movie, and I was kind of bored during the second movie. I fully realize that watching those three things do not make me an X-Files expert in the slightest, but since those are the only three pieces of The X-Files that I have ever seen, that is all I can go off of right now when I make a plea to the TV gods to please make this new limited series amazing. Make it more like “Home,” and less like The X-Files: I Want To Believe. Basically, I don’t want another Arrested Development Season 4.

I know some of you will cry foul: I’m bitching about something I know nothing about, but that’s really not what I’m  doing here. Presumably, I have seen The X-Files at it’s best (“Home”) and at its worst (the movie’s sequel). Bear in mind that I didn’t hate I Want To Believe like so many other people did, it was just kind of forgettable to me. All I’m asking is that for the sake of the show’s millions of fans, make the show’s 13-year hiatus worth it. I have faith, especially considering that original stars Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny will both be returning. Series creator Chris Carter will also be overseeing the new episodes, which does inspire confidence.

All of this being said, my goal this year is to watch all of The X-Files and be done by the time this new season airs so I can make a better judgment on its quality. What do you think? Do you think my request is a valid one? Or do I just need to shut up and let it happen? I can’t help but be both extremely excited and nervous about the quality of the new episodes we are going to get. I’m cautiously optimistic. TV gods, please, don’t f**k it up.