'Halloween' (1978) vs. 'Halloween' (2007) - Bloody Disgusting
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‘Halloween’ (1978) vs. ‘Halloween’ (2007)



Halloween Vs. Halloween


If there is one thing Zombie knows how to do, it’s gore. The original Halloween was a mostly bloodless affair, which made it all the more impressive that it could be so scary. Still, one can’t deny that Zombie gets the gore right in his remake (though it is surprisingly less bloody than House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects). It is a brutal film, and he doesn’t shy away from showing the wounds in extreme close-up shots. While I don’t exactly think that gore should be a factor in determining the quality of a horror film (plenty of great horror films don’t feature any gore), I had to give Zombie’s film at least one win.

Winner: Halloween (2007)

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