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5 Bands That I Wish Were Still Together



We all know that sinking feeling of disappointment, despair, and sadness when a film that we’re looking forward to is put in developmental hell or is shoved to the side with an unknown release date. After all, it took years for Trick ‘r Treat to be released and look what we’d been missing that whole time! This wouldn’t be a problem had we simply not known about the movie being made in the first place, am I right? But then, to quote the great Bob Ross, “Gotta have opposites dark and light… It’s like in life. Gotta have a little sadness once in a while so you know when the good times come.” I’d rather know about films that are planned on being made and then never see them than not know about them at all. It makes me appreciate what I do have all the more.

It’s the same with music and bands. Having had them, I find myself always wanting more and more, especially from artists whose music is fascinating and takes you on a journey. Alas, just like any project, things can simply come to an end and we, the consumers, are left with what exists and a dream of what could be.

Below are five bands that I desperately miss. After checking them out (and hopefully really giving their discography a shot), let me know some of the bands that you miss and wish would come back to release new music!

People in Planes

If you’ve never heard of this Welsh alt-rock band, I won’t blame you. They weren’t huge but MAN did they create some stellar and exciting music. Their album As Far As The Eye Can See is one of my favorite albums and is one that I can put on and not skip a single track. The band officially broke up in 2013 but they hadn’t released any new material since 2009, so their loss reaches further back.

A Perfect Circle

We’ve been gifted one new song in 2013 and that’s it since the two new tracks offered on 2004’s eMOTIVe. The last real album that they’ve released was 2003’s Thirteenth Step, which was simply incredible. There have been talks that the band is working on new material but that’s been the rumor for a while now. Until something solid comes out, I’m not holding my breath. I’ll simply dream of a day when it comes true.

Speaking of APC, if guitarist Billy Howerdel could also release another Ashes Divide album, I wouldn’t object.

The Haunted

Okay, so this one technically isn’t fair because they’re still a band. However, the current formation is nowhere close to what it used to be. And personally – god, I’m so ready to catch a ton of flack for this – I prefer the Peter Dolving-era over anything that Marco Aro offered. Yeah, it’s heavier and more vicious with Aro but with Dolving it was far more interesting and complex. It was the kind of metal that I could play for people who don’t like that style of music and yet they’d appreciate it and want to know more.

Porcupine Tree

Again, I’m slightly cheating here because they never said that they’ve broken up. However, it’s been over six years since The Incident, which is twice as long as the longest time between two of their albums. With that kind of distance and seeing each member going off and doing their own thing – drummer Gavin Harrison is working with King Crimson, bassist Colin Edwin has several projects, including O.R.k. and Metallic Taste of Blood, Richard Barbieri recently reissued his Jansen & Barbieri album Stone to Flesh, and guitarist/vocalist Steven Wilson has several solo albums under his belt – it’s hard to imagine them all forming together to create something new. That’s a shame because many of their tracks are absolute masterpieces and even their mediocre work is leaps and bounds above most music released today.

Rage Against The Machine

In times such as these, I think that a new RATM would be more relevant than ever. I may not agree with their views and politics on every matter but they brought a lot of issues to light and created discussions where none were being had. That alone is something that makes me crave their presence.

Considering it’s been just over 16 years since The Battle of Los Angeles, their last album with original music, and taking into account that seemingly none of the band have any interest in getting back together, any hope for something to come from the LA-based rap metal group is pretty much wasted. But that doesn’t mean we can’t wish upon a shooting star every once in a while.