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The Best Moments From Each Episode of ‘Ash Vs. Evil Dead!’



Top 10 Moments from Ash Vs. Evil Dead

Starz’s Ash Vs. Evil Dead had an interesting first season. It started with a bang with the Sam Raimi directed premiere and sort of wavered in quality in the middle before hitting home runs with it’s final two or three episodes. Still, Evil Dead fans should be happy that we were finally able to get this third sequel in the franchise at all (and another one coming next year in the form of the show’s second season!). The roller coaster of quality aside, you can’t deny that it was still a helluva lot of fun to watch Bruce Campbell back as Ashley J. Williams. We here at Bloody Disgusting thought it would be fun to remember the 10 best moments of the season! Being an equal opportunist, I’ve opted to pick one moment from each episode. This turned out to be a lot more difficult than I thought, since some episodes had a lot of great moments and others didn’t have many at all. Nevertheless, here are the best moments from each episode of Season 1 of Ash Vs. Evil Dead!


Episode 1 – Trailer Brawl

The Sam Raimi-directed pilot featured one of the best (and funniest) Deadite brawls to date with Mrs. Johnson (Sian Davis) attacking Ash in his trailer. It is goofy, bloody and hilarious. Basically, it’s everything that an Evil Dead property should be!

Top 10 Moments from Ash Vs. Evil Dead

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