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10 Horror Movies With Great Sequel Teases!



Jason Goes to Hell Ending

Horror movies are notorious for releasing countless sequels in order to milk the franchises for all they’re worth. More often than not, they produce diminishing returns with each passing film. Still, it’s easy to get excited (or annoyed, depending on how you feel about sequels) when a movie ends with a cliffhanger, thereby teasing the inevitable sequel. Here are a list of 10 movies that have great sequel teases! Some of them did lead to sequels, but others we are still waiting for sequels to be made. 

Teases That Led to a Sequel


Okay, okay, this wasn’t really a sequel tease. Carpenter didn’t intend to make a sequel to his classic slasher film, but it did set one up nicely. I missed the theatrical premiere of Halloween by about 11 years, but I can only imagine what it was like watching the film only to be left with the image of the lawn with a Michael Myers-shaped indentation left in the grass (not really, but you catch my drift).

Sequel Tease

Evil Dead II

It’s hard to believe Army of Darkness wasn’t released until five years after Evil Dead II came out. Imagine seeing Evil Dead II in theaters (and many of you probably did), only to suddenly find Ash in medieval times before the credits rolled. Having to wait five years to see what happened sounds torturous! Then of course you have the long wait between Army of Darkness and Ash Vs. Evil Dead (24 years!), which was practically unbearable, but I digress. Bringing Ash to medieval times was a great way to reinvigorate the franchise and put it in a setting that wasn’t just another cabin in the woods.

Evil Dead II Ending

Bride of Chucky

I’m showing my age here, but this is one of the first big sequel teases that I remember seeing as a kid. Both Chucky and Tiffany have died and she gives birth post-death to a vicious little doll baby with razor-sharp teeth. It paved the way for what could have been a really cool sequel, but instead we got Seed of Chucky. At least Curse of Chucky saved the franchise!

Bride of Chucky Ending

Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday

Everyone knows this one. It’s just a shame it came at the end of the worst Friday the 13th film. That being said, it is an absolutely epic sequel tease and was the least the filmmakers could have done to reward audiences for sitting through this garbage.

Jason Goes to Hell Ending

Piranha 3D

I wouldn’t necessarily call the ending to Alexandre Aja’s near-perfect Piranha 3D “great,” but it does foreshadow a sequel that could be tons of fun (too bad it turned out to be total shit). I’ve always thought that Aja’s Piranha felt like 2/3 of a movie. It ended right when the third act should have begun. Piranha 3DD had the opportunity to be a fantastic third act. Too bad it failed.

Sequels We Are Still Waiting On


Guardians of the Galaxy Schmardians of the SchmalaxySlither is James Gunn’s true masterpiece, and I’m still itching for the sequel that never happened because no one went to go see it in theaters back in 2006. If you did happen to see the film and stuck around after the credits, you would have seen a cat feeding on Grant Grant’s brains before becoming infected. Just imagine the possibilities! The sequel could have been called Meow.

Slither Ending

Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

It’s had to believe that Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon had its world premiere ten years ago and we still haven’t gotten a sequel out of it. The film is notable for its meta commentary on the slasher sub-genre, including utilizing the trope where the villain just won’t die. After getting his head crushed, Leslie’s corpse is sent to the morgue, only to rise up behind a poor morgue attendant during the closing credits. A sequel has been in the talks for some time but never came to fruition. I call shenanigans! Give us a sequel worthy of Leslie Vernon’s legacy!

Behind the Mask Ending

28 Weeks Later

While not a perfect film, 28 Weeks Later is still a solid follow-up to Danny Boyle’s masterful 28 Days Later (it also stars a pre-fame Rose Byrne and Jeremy Renner).  In the final moments of the sequel, we flash forward to 28 days after the events of the film (see what they did there?) and witness the outbreak making it to Paris. Where is 28 Months Later? In limbo, that’s where. By the time they get around to making a sequel they may need to title it 28 Years Later.

28 Weeks Later Ending

The Crazies

Often overlooked when discussions of horror remakes take place, Brett Eisner’s The Crazies is actually a pretty good film. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel in any way, but it spins that wheel remarkably well. The final moments of the film shows Judy (Radha Mitchell) and David (Timothy Olyphan) escaping Ogden March, Iowa and heading toward the uninfected city of Cedar Rapids. As they are doing this, a satellite image tracks them and initiates a new containment protocol, which means everything is about to happen all over again. During the credits, and infected citizen is shown on a Cedar Rapids newscast. Does The Crazies need a sequel? Not really, but I’d pay money to see one.

The Crazies Ending

Freddy Vs. Jason

You may have read my interview with Damian Shannon and Mark Swift,  the writers of Freddy Vs. Jason, a few weeks ago (and if you didn’t, you can do so here). In it, they confessed that they are completely open to a sequel (and have many ideas for it), but there just isn’t a need for it at the moment. That may be true, but I have a need for it at the moment! That cliffhanger ending of Freddy Vs. Jason (in which Freddy’s severed head winks as Jason carries it out of the lake) still irks me to this day!

Freddy Vs. Jason Ending

What are your favorite sequel teases in horror films? Let us know in the comments below!