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Shameless Announces Another Sergio Martino Blu-ray for Release in the UK



Coming off the heels of their release of All the Colours of the Dark, Shameless Films has announced their next title coming to Blu-ray will be another from director Sergio Martino, this time in the form of The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh. The film is scheduled to be released on July 10th and it will be the world wide debut of the giallo on the format. You can pre-order your copy now from Shameless.


The titular Julie Wardh discovers that one of the men in her life – her husband, an ex-lover or her current lover – may be a vicious serial killer. Fearing that she might be next to face the ripper’s blade, she spirals into an uncontrollable emotional maelstrom where her deviant desires awaken in a welter of sex, sadism and slaughter! Martino’s hypnotic direction pulls no punches with a series of grisly murders and a stand-out performance from the stunning queen of Italian exploitation cinema: Edwige Fenech!


  • An interview with director Sergio Martino and star Edwige Fenech
  • An interview with Sergio Martino
  • An introduction from Sergio Martino
  • Commentary fact track by Justin Harries
  • Edwige Fenech bio presentation


  • Shameless numbered edition
  • 102 minutes
  • English and Italian audio

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