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New ‘Visage’ Screens Show It’s Still Coming Along



SadSquare Studio, the makers of the upcoming psychological horror game Visage, shared a fresh batch of environmental screens and a quick update on the game’s progress, mostly to confirm there’s nary an obstacle in sight that might jeopardize its chances of being finished. This has everything to do with Allison Road — another horror game that attempted to pick up where P.T. left off — and its startling cancellation earlier this month.

“You probably all know this already, but sad news indeed: Allison Road has been cancelled. Some of you expressed your worries about how Visage is going. Well don’t you worry, we’re still here,” writes the developer in a post on Facebook. The whole house environment is pretty much done, and we’re working on optimization at the moment. Everything is going well.”

“We’ll try to post updates more frequently, but be aware that when we’re not posting updates, it means we’re working hard on the game.”


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