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WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 105 – ∑ Math / Mayhem



Today’s installment of World of Death focuses on the horrors of adolescence and formal education. In other words… High School. For some of us, is there anything more terrifying? If art is nothing more than a conduit for the artist to express the nature of his or her existence (something I undoubtedly learned in school) than what follows are two bona fide pieces of cinematic art, albeit a little bloodied up.

First up, hailing from the land down under (Jalisco, Mexico) we have “∑ Math” by Adrian G. de la Peña. “∑ Math” tells the not-so by the numbers tale of a young man and his complicated, yet deadly relationship with his statistics homework. Some of these equations are just brutal!! The irony of this short is that for non-Spanish speaking viewers you’re going to have to end up reading (subtitles) to understand it. So for a film that preaches the horror of homework, it requires a background in statistics, and either the mastery of a foreign language or English reading comprehension. Very tricky Mr. de la Peña! “∑ Math” gets an A+ for its use of practical effects as well. Nicely done.

Next, we have “Mayhem” by Rockford, Illinois’ own Travis Legge. Mayhem is exactly what we’re treated to when a horrific school shooting unfolds before our very eyes. Is it a high school? Is it a college? Did Travis Legge actually get permission to shoot something like this on school grounds or did they just wait till everyone left and film the whole thing after hours? Where are all the Cheap Trick shirts? Tragedies such as this always leave us with more questions than answers and “Mayhem” does a good job recreating the “WTF??” nature of mass shootings. It was also 100% staged. Those people in “Mayhem”… they’re just actors.

If you dig either of these films be sure to look their respective filmmakers up on Vimeo and IMDB, and you can follow Travis Legge on Twitter @TravisLegge. World of Death out!

– Pat O’Sullivan

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