WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 113 - The Offering / Maleficent - Bloody Disgusting
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WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 113 – The Offering / Maleficent



Marriage, they say it is an awful lot of give and take and sacrifice. This found footage film The Offering is enough to make you never wanna tie the knot… ever! The offering tells the story of a vacationing couple who mistakenly accept a ride from a skateboarding stranger after promises of a good time. They quickly wish they hadn’t gotten into the car after being kidnapped by a gang of cult members who worship the mysterious God, A Cup. And no, despite the name, there is no giant titty god in this movie, frownie face. A cup demands one thing and one thing only, the flesh of a widowed woman. Married couple – male spouse = widowed woman. Sorry husband, it looks like you’re out of this equation now. A demon god feasting on human flesh may not be the most original storyline ever told, but what this movie lacks in originality, its style totally compensates for. The fresh young cast all brings their A game to their performances, and I want to particularly call attention to the psychopathic cult members. If you think they are freaky when they first show up hiding their faces, they get even more terrifying after the masks come off. And just when you think you’ve seen it all, one final surprise is sure to leave your heart proverbially skipping a beat.

Next up we have Maleficent, and no I’m not talking about the Disney villain. Even she would be quaking in her boots with this movie. A family gets more than they bargained for from the Hasbro board game after they conjure up an evil spirit on a Ouija Board. The daughter in the family apparently takes the worst of it for years on end, plagued by hallucinations and eerie paranormal events. Eventually, the spirit decides to set up shop and claim the young girl’s body as her own. In stark contrast to The Offering, this film relies solely on psychological horror to hold the viewers’ attention. With, no dialogue, the music in this one is what propels the story forward. Also, I can’t help but feel like director Kristine Knowlton drew heavy inspiration from the cursed video tape in the movie, The Ring. The short film’s overall style is just reminiscent of it. Filmed in black and white, the quick jump scares and disturbing images left me concerned that I was going to receive a phone call dooming me to certain death in a weeks’ time. Thankfully, the ghost in this film doesn’t do that sorta thing. If you’re looking for some good scares, maybe watch this movie with the lights on, and your cell phone turned off, just in case.
– Joey Horist

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